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july 26th 1997
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---------- SKY'S BIG PLANS
I've just got time to get this last report away before I'm off. Here ya

Well, Sky seems to be finally taking its viewers' advice. On September
1st, the Sci-Fi Channel, the History Channel and Sky Soap, three of
Sky's more popular channels, will move to Astra transponder 24, which up
until now has housed Sky's Channel Guide. Today a promo has been put on
this transponder advertising the change. After this, Sky Sports 2 will
begin to operate seven days a week. The question remains, what will
happen to CCE and Sky Travel?
With this in mind, let's not forget Sky's plans into instigate a new Box
Office transponder, extend Sky Scottish's hours, replace Talk TV with
Sports Club, commence Sky National Geographic, and replace Sky 2.
September 1st has always been Sky's "let's make as many changes as
possible" day - perhaps we should keep our eyes open...

Finally, I've added the text listings for Eutelsat II-F1 -
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/sats/text/eutel2f1.txt . Other satellites
will be added soon.

Certain people, who prefer not to use the web to browse these listings,
have requested that certain satellite listings be sent via the mailing
list every so often. If support for this is great enough, I shall
introduce this feature - please let me know.

Cya on the 4th!!!

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