Sat-UK #79: I'M BACK

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Report #79
july 22nd 1997
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And now the news:

(sources: alt.satellite.tv.europe , SATCODX, Sat-ND)
Well I'm back, earlier than expected. Here's what we missed:

TV Danmark and TV Norge have got off to a start as expected on their
Thor II transponders, 11,216 V and 11,421 H respectively. In addition,
the test card on 11,341 V which displaye Telenor UK-9 has now been
replaced by Kanal 5. Kanal 5 claims this is a temporary measure, and
will depart from Tele-X soon and Thor II when Sirius 2, its proper
destination, has launched.

On Intelsat 707, NRK 1 left as expected to be replaced by a digital
package. NRK 2 has not left yet, but is rumoured to do so on August 20
to be replaced by CNN International. Similarly, MTV Europe should leave
on August 26 and be replaced by BBC Prime. TV Norge should leave on
September 30 - all three of these dates have been taken from the
newsgroups, and so may not be reliable.

Eurotica has left its old frequency on Eutelsat II-F3 and now only
shares with RDV on RDV's old frequencies.

And finally, a joint venture by BSkyB and Channel 5 (UK), called Sky
Five, has been awarded the license to run the teletext service on both
Channel 5's terrestrial and satellite stations by the ITC for 1.5 UK
pounds. They hope to get the service up and running by June 30 1998 - a
deadline giving PLENTY of time to get the service started!

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