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Report #70
july 4th 1997
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And now the news:

Thor II is alive!!! Check it out! If your D2MAC receiver is working
fine, you should get loads of 'new' transmissions. 'New'? I use the
inverted commas because, whilst the transmissions are new, the channels
aren't. It seems a lot of Intelsat 707's channels are moving over:
The test card on 11,216 V now has a scrolling message, informing us that
TV Danmark will soon take this transponder. Meanwhile, NRK 2 has started
on 11,325 H and NRK 1 on 11,357 H. Alongside NRK 1 are the three radio
channals: NRK P1 - Norgeskanalen; NRK P2 - Kulturkanalen; NRK Petre. MTV
Europe is on 11,434 V with NRK Alltid Nyheter. All the channels are
exact duplicates of their Intelsat 707 counterparts.
So, when will they be leaving Intelsat? NRK has already given the dates
for its departure from Intelsat 707 as July 14th. As for MTV Europe,
we'll have to wait.
Presumably, these channels are leaving Intelsat 707 for Thor II because
the signal is slightly stronger. Besides, Intelsat 707 is perfect for
the Eastern Europe channels - why give it to Scandinavia if it doesn't
need it? We have seen this trend suggested by VTV's move.

---------- Sat-UK #69
I sent out Sat-UK 69 yesterday, but it appears it didn't get through
(second time this has happened!). Here's the only article therein:

MTV Europe has been replaced on Astra 1A by MTV UK. The change, which
has been expected for some time, aims to directly attend to the UK
market as part of Sky's Multi-Channels Package (since the channel
encrypted in videocrypt, it has been almost UK exclusive anyway!). Major
changes to the channel include new times stated in UK time not CET,
UK-orientated programming and UK contacts. The teletext service however
remains the same - a European-based service.

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