Sat-UK #68: TA-TA TDF, WELCOME 1 WEST [02.07.97]

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Report #68
july 2nd 1997
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And now the news:

---------- NO MORE TDF
Canal Plus France has finally left TDF 2. The transponder used by the
French channel is now empty, just like the rest of the satellite. TDF 2
now carries no more television channels. Perhaps the satellite will be
moved to a different orbital position for feeds, or put on an inclined
orbit. At the moment it is as dead as a dodo.
As a result, TDF 2 has been "removed" from the charts - there is no
longer a page for it. If regular feeds should resume, it will be added
Canal Plus France is now only available via Telecom 2A in
D2MAC/eurocrypt and SECAM/nagravision/syster.

---------- YES MORE THOR
A second D2MAC transmission has begun on Thor II. A 1w test card is
currently being shown on 11,216 V in D2MAC/clear. It is not yet known
which channel will take this slot, but it will be announced here when
one does.

---------- Addenda to Report #67
VTV is not Slovene, but Slovakian.
SuperSport has also ceased transmissions on Astra.

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