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Report #66

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And now the news:

---------- Tyson/Holyfield
As many of you may already know, Sky will be activating their Box Office
channel instead of Sky Sports 2 this Saturday to show the
Tyson/Holyfield fight. The fight will be pay-per-view and costs 12.95UKP
before midnight Friday.
The Tyson Holyfield fight will also be shown by TV2 Norway at 1 degree
west on Intelsat 707.

---------- Rendez-Vous TV
RDV - Rendez-Vous TV will be back soon - but not on the previous
satellite. It will be starting on Eutelsat HotBird 2, supposedly on
11,785 H. It will assume its former broadcasting hours of 23-04 UK Time.
*** Rendez-Vous TV is a proscribed channel in the United Kingdom -
possession of a viewing card is illegal ***

---------- Sat-UK Plus
Due to the lack of continuous need for the particular advantages of the
HTML Mailing List, Sat-UK Plus, the list is going to be closed down.
Reports for Sat-UK Plus simply ended up looking just like those of
Sat-UK, and just caused cluttered bandwidth. The mailing list will thus
be scrapped. To all of those who used the mailing list, I hope you
enjoyed it.

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