Sat-UK: Report #40 - 13.05.97

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Report #40


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And now the news:

---------- UPDATES
Thank you to everyone who sent replies concerning the mailing list! If
you haven't replied yet but would like to, please do so. I welcome all
The response was, predictably, mixed - most people liked the HTML
format, but some had reservations. I would like to stress to everyone
that this was ONLY A TEST. This format will NOT be replacing the current
Sat-UK reports for two reasons: not everyone can receive HTML formats
posts; and you must be 'on-line' to correctly read the mail. I shall be
setting up a new separate mailing list, which will begin on Monday,
called Sat-UK Plus. This will be a similar version of Sat-UK, but using
HTML format to illustrate graphics and other special features. This MAY
later become a pay-subscription service, but will certainly always be
FREE to all current and future Sat-UK subscribers - information should
come at no cost!
If you would like to be on the Sat-UK Plus Mailing List, please send me
your name and email address - remember, this will NOT be using the
familiar Majordomo servers. Also bear in mind that, if you want to
subscribe to Sat-UK Plus, your email client must be HTML compliant, or
be able to store the HTML attachment. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft
IE are both compatible. You must also be 'on-line' to read the mail.
Nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the inconveniences - the HTML
format allows better hyperlinks, tables, graphics and MUCH MORE.
People who have already signed up for the tests will automatically by
included on the mailing list - if any of these people would like to
withdraw, please email me.
Thanks again for your help...

Eutelsat II-F2: Haak TV has started on 11,163 H, 6.60 MHz.

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