Sat-UK: Report #W13 - Week ending 10.05.97

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Report #W13


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And now the news:

---------- WEEKLY ROUND UP
Sky Tests (5.5.97/10.5.97):
Sky have been conducting tests on Transponder 24 for their new
Scandinavian channels, Sky Entertainment (TV) and Sky News and
Documentaries. Both channels lasted only 24 hours and were inaccessible
to everyone.

Der KinderKanal and arte (6.5.97):
Der KinderKanal and arte have left Eutelsat II-F1 11,055 H. This was due
to the fact that all cable companies in Germany had retuned to Astra 1D,
leaving this transponder useless to the two channels.

Chinese Channel (6.5.97):
The Chinese Channel will apparently leave Astra 1D 10,788 V on May 31st.
It is not yet known if and where is will reappear.

Thor 2 (10.5.97):
Thor 2 will launch on May 17-18, 23.39-00.23 BST.

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