Sat-UK: Report #32a - 5.5.97

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Report #32a


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And now the news:

---------- TRANSPONDER 24
Transponder 24 seems not to have been taken by CMT Europe, but is
instead being tested vigorously by Sky. Test material has included
movies, promotionals, and other stuff, as well as CMT Europe.

---------- UPDATES
The following satellites have got the new layout:
- Astra 1E/1F
The following satellites are due for the new layout:
- DFS Kopernikus 2
- DFS Kopernikus 3

I hope everyone liked the new Sat-UK look - the old one seems a little
ugly and drab.
Next on the agenda - many people have emailed me asking about encrypted
channel within digital packages, as well as innumerable requests
regarding dish sizes for different areas, be it Manchester or Malta.
Hopefully, I shall soon be adding small changes to the new charts to
indicate which digital channels are encrypted and which are not, and
links to footprint images for as many satellites as are available.
Remember, if there is anything else you'd like to see on the Sat-UK
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