Sat-UK: Report #W12 - Week ending 3.5.97

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Report #W12


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And now the news:

I know the weekly update reports have been patchy of late, but I have
decided to adhere to the following regime from now on. Weekly update
reports will be dated for the Saturday at the end of the week, but sent
on the following Sunday (notice that this is dated for 3.5.97). This
way, ALL of the information for the week is given, and dated
appropriately. So, without further ado, here is this week's weekly

--- Thor 2 (31.5.97)
Thor 2 will launch on May 11 between 23.40 and 00.26 on a Delta launch
vehicle. If unsuccessful, there are two more launch windows at
01.11-01.12 and 01.53-02.47. All times BST.

Astra 1A: Evosonic FM has started on 11,391 H, 7,74:7,92 (tp13)
Eutelsat II-F1: The ABSat package on 12,521 H has restarted unencrypted
Eutelsat HotBird 1: Fashion and a test card have started in the digital
package on 11,304 H (tp5)
Eutelsat HotBird 2: Various changes have occurred in the TPS, ABSat and
RAI digital packages
Onyx has a teletext service called ONYX TV
CNN International has a homepage at http://www.cnn.com/CNNI/
Evosonic FM has a homepage at http://www.evosonic.de/
Granada TV has a hompage as http://www.granadatv.com/
NAK (Neue Apostolische Kirche) has a homepage at http://www.nak.org/
Polsat 2 has a homepage at http://www.tg.com.pl/polsat2/

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