Sat-UK: Report #24 - 19.4.97

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Report #24


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And now the news:

---------- CHANNEL 5
Channel 5 has officially confirmed that it will begin broadcasts next
week on Astra tp63. Apparently, (although I haven't had time to check)
this transponder is currently being occupied by a picture of the Chateau
de Betzdorf - SES' headquarters. Early indications suggest that Channel
5 will start on Monday but folks, don't hold your breath - Channel 5 has
already been falsely prophesized once...

Well, the response to the new layout has been superb. I have therefore,
implemented the new layout on the following satellites - Astra 1A-1D,
Sirius, Tele-X. Sirius and Tele-X now have their own pages. In the near
future I shall assimilate Thor (& Thor 2), TV-Sat 2 and Intelsat 707,
each with their own page.
As you may notice on the Astra 1D and Tele-X charts, I have slightly
changed the digital channels layout. Please let me know if this is not
satisfactory. Eventually, the Telecom and Eutelsat satellites shall also
be redone, and the "European Satellites" page revamped too. All for the
better I hope.
The weekly updates will follow on normally again now, starting from

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