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Report #W4


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And now the news:

---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP
Astra Promo (28.1.97):
Today Astra twice replaced their promotional on transponder 57 with
colour bars. Presumably this was due to a fault or problem.
The test card on Tlcom 2D tpR18 also disappeared today and was
replaced by an MPEG-2 transmission for some time. It is back now.

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UK DTT (1.2.97):
[Special report - full contents available to subscribers only via
mailing list]
Today, admissions for the rights to broadcast digital terrestrial
television in the UK were submitted. Two joint ventures applied: one a
consortium of S4C and CableTel, the other a consortium of Sky, BBC,
Granada and Carlton (!!!). Further details available in Sat-UK: Report
#11 from Sat-UK Web or TELE-Satellit.

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