Sat-UK: Report #W1 - Week ending 11.1.97

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Report #W1


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And now the news:

---------- ROUND UP
Sky Brings Back News:
Sky has recently brought back the occasional Sky News headlines service
to Sky 1. You can now see bulletins and headlines around 1pm GMT.

Channel 5 Tests:
Channel 5 tests are now underway throught out the UK in the UHF band. It
shouldn't be long before they start on Astra tp24.

Playboy TV:
Playboy TV has moved to Astra tp31. The remaining time on tp42 has been
filled by Bravo and HSN Direct.

Sky Guide:
The Sky Channel Guide often seen on Astra tps 3, 24, 58 and 59 has been
replaced by a Sky logo.

Sky Time Out:
Sky is now showing clips of its programmes on Sky 1, during long
commercial breaks, labelled Time Out.

Pro7 Anomaly:
Since yesterday, Pro7 Deutschland and Pro7 die Schweiz have been
slightly out of sync. Pro7 die Schweiz shows the same programmes as
Pro7D, but is about 30 seconds behind!!!

Sky News Scrapped?:
Rumours (and ONLY rumours) are going around that Sky News is to be
scrapped and replaced with FOX News, in order to contend directly with
CNN International... Could this be true? (I hope not!!!)

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