EUTELSAT satellites for 11.02.98 by Sat-UK-Tab

Sat-UK-Tab Frequency Listings
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Eutelsat II-F1/F2/F3/F4
HotBird 1/2/3

All contents copyright 1998 Dominic Sedghi
16,0 east: Eutelsat II-F3

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK (except Nile TV: 180cm)
10,972 V    RTM 1                         6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
10,986 H    HRT Satellite                 6,65              PAL         clear          Croatian
            . Hrvatski Radio 1            7,02              Panda       clear          Croatian
11,015 H    TV10/Fox Kids Nederland       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
11,041 V    Eylik Television              SR3556 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
            Eylik TV                      A0022L|A0034L     V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
            . Eylik FM                    A0022R|A0034R                 [clear]        Turkish
11,043 H    TMF - The Music Factory       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0460       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
11,048 V    E TV                          SR3100 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
11,051 H    TVN [feeds]                   SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1063|A4195       V1062|V4194
11,060 H    TVN South                     SR5296 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1063|A4195       V1062|V4194 [clear]        Polish
11,080 H    JSC                           6,60/7,50         PAL         clear          Arabic
11,095 V    Algerian TV                   6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            . Chaîne 1                    7,02              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 2                    7,20              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 3                    7,38              Panda       clear          French
            . Radio Culture               7,56              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 1                    7,74              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,131 H    Bosnian feeds                 SR3123 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      clear
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308 [clear]
11,146 V    Nile TV International         6,60              PAL         clear          Egyptian
11,154 H    Italian football feeds        SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]
11,163 H    BT Business TV                6,60              PAL/B-MAC   clear          English
            PARR                          6,60              PAL         clear          Polish
            Qa'im Channel                 6,60              PAL         clear
11,178 V    Egyptian Space Channel        6,60              PAL         clear          Egyptian
            . Sout El-Arab                7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Qahira El-Kobra             7,20              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Al-Shark El-Awsat           7,38              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Al-Bernameg El-Thany        7,56              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,550 H    . Jazz Radio                                    SCPC        clear          English
            . Radio Maria                                   SCPC        clear          Polish
            . Digimusic                                     SCPC        clear          Polish
            . QFM                                           SCPC        clear          Polish
11,556 H    ART Europe                    6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
11,575 V    Sat 7                         6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            Sima-yeh Moghavemat           6,60              PAL         clear          Farsi
            Miracle                       6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            Miracle                       7,20              PAL         clear          English
            TV Shqiptar                   6,50              PAL         clear          Albanian
            TV Romania International      6,60/7,20         PAL         clear          Romanian
            Eros TV                       stereo            D2-MAC      eurocrypt s2   French
            . Radio Tirana                7,20              Panda       clear          Albanian
11,596 H    Duna TV                       6,50              PAL         clear          Hungarian
            . Kossuth Radio AM            7,02              Panda       clear          Hungarian
            . Petofi Radio                7,38              Panda       clear          Hungarian
            . Kossuth Radio FM            7,74              Panda       clear          Hungarian
11,617 V    Jamahirya Satellite Channel   6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
11,658 V    TV7 Tunisie                   6,50              PAL         clear          Arabic
            . Radio Tunis International   7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Radio Tunis                 7,20              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,678 H    Hakk TV                       6,60/7,02         PAL         clear

12,521 H    SIS                           SR24760 FEC3/4    MPEG-1,5    clear
12,528 V    Enex [feeds]                  SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033
12,531 H    [occasional feeds]            SR5780 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,538 V    SIC (Portugal)                SR5233 FEC1/2     MPEG-2
                                          A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720                Portugue.
12,546 V    Sky News [feeds]              SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,556 V    Enex [feeds]                  SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033
12,557 H    WTN [feeds]                   SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,572 H    SNAI Diretta TV               SR11264 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            SNAI Diretta TV 1             A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160                Italian
            SNAI Diretta TV 2             A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260                Italian
            Magic TV                      A05BC|A1468       V05B4|V1460                Italian
            Utis Sat                        "  |  "           "  |  "                  Italian
12,584 H    [occasional feeds]            SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,600 V    [unknown]                                       MPEG-2

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
13,0 east: Eutelsat II-F1

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK
10,972 H    Viva 2                        6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
10,987 H    NBC Europe                    6,65/7,02         PAL         clear          English
            NBC Europe                    7,20              PAL         clear          German
            . WRN 2                       7,38              Panda       clear          English
            . Radio Sweden                7,56              Panda       clear          Swedish
11,006 H    Viva                          6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
            . Viva 2 [audio]              7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          German
11,020 V    NBC Europe                    SR6111 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        English
11,055 H    Fashion TV                    6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          French
            . Jam FM                      7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          German
            . Radio Melodie               7,74:7,92         Panda       clear          German
11,080 V    La Cinquième                  6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          French
            arte                          6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          French
11,095 H    RTL 2 Schweiz                 6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
            . Point of Sale 1             7,38              Panda       clear          English
            . Point of Sale 2             7,56              Panda       clear          English
            . Point of Sale 3             7,74              Panda       clear          English
            . Point of Sale 4             7,92              Panda       clear          English
            . Voice of America/RFE        8,10              Panda       clear          English
            . Point of Sale 5             8,28              Panda       clear          English
11,123 H    . Sky Radio                   11,1241           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Concert Radio               11,1248           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Radio 538                   11,1255           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Love Radio                  11,1263           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Radio Noordzee Nationaal    11,1271           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Radio 10 Gold               11,1278           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Radio 5                     11,1285           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . Arrow Classic Rock          11,1293           APT-X       clear          Dutch
            . De ConcertZender            11,1301           APT-X       clear          Dutch
11,146 H    Onyx                          6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
11,163 V    Deutsche Welle TV             6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
            . Deutsche Welle              7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          German
            . Deutsche Welle (E2)         7,74              Panda       clear          German
            . Deutsche Welle (E3)         7,92              Panda       clear          German
            . Radio Finland               8,10              Panda       clear          Finnish
            . Deutsche Welle Asien        8,28              Panda       clear          German
            . Deutsche Welle Afrika       8,46              Panda       clear          German
11,181 H    TRT International             6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
            . TRT FM                      7,02:7,20         Panda       clear          Turkish
11,554 H    mbc                           6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Arabic
            . MBC FM                      7,38/7,56         Panda       clear          Arabic
11,575 V    Euronews                      6,65              PAL         clear          German
            Euronews                      7,02              PAL         clear          English
            Euronews                      7,20              PAL         clear          Spanish
            Euronews                      7,38              PAL         clear          French
            Euronews                      7,56              PAL         clear          Italian
            Euronews                      7,74              PAL         clear          Arabic
            Super Shop                    7,02:7,20         PAL         clear          English
11,593 H    Vox                           6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          German
            . RTL Die Groessten Oldies    7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          German
            . Klassik Radio               7,74:7,92         Panda       clear          German
11,602 V    BBC Prime                                       MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0101|A0257       V0100|V0256 [enc]          English
11,610 H    RTL TV                        SR5998 FEC2/3     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        German
11,620 V    BBC World                     6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          English
            . BBC World Service Radio     7,74              Panda       clear          English
11,658 V    France Télécom Aubervilliers [test card] 6,60   PAL         clear
            BHT - Bosna i Hercegovine TV  6,60              PAL         clear          Bosnian
            Eurotica Rendez-Vous          stereo            D2-MAC      eurocrypt s2   English
11,678 H    ABSat                         SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess/mediaguard
            ABSat [promo]                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        French
            Onyx                          A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            AB Cartoons                   A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Encyclopédia                  A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Polar                         A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            Ciné Palace                   A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Romance                       A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            Rire                          A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          French
            Action                        A0070|A0112       V00A8|V0168 [enc]          French
            . Radio Libre                 A0065|A0101                   [enc]          French

12,521 H    ABSat                         SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess/mediaguard
            AB Channel 1                  A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            AB Sports                     A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Animaux                       A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Chasse et Pêche               A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Automobile                    A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            XXL                             "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          French
            Musique Classique             A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Escales                       A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            Histoire                      A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          French
            Viva la Vie                     "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          French
            Nostalgie la Télé             A0070|A0112       V00A8|V0168 [enc]          French
12,542 V    TPS                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Histoire                      A0082|A0130       V0078|V0120 [enc]          French
            France Courses                A00E6|A0230       V00DC|V0220 [enc]          French
            TV7 Tunisie                   A014A|A0330       V0140|V0320 [enc]          French
            RTM 1                         A01AE|A0430       V01A4|V0420 [enc]          Arabic
            SIC Portugal                  A0212|A0530       V0208|V0520 [enc]          Portugue.
            Canal Assemblée Nationale     A0276|A0630       V026C|V0620 [enc]          French
            CNN International             A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720 [enc]          English
            BBC Prime                     A033E|A0830       V0334|V0820 [enc]          English
            BBC World                     A03A2|A0930       V0398|V0920 [enc]          English
            TPS Bouquet                   A????|A????                   [enc]          French
            . RTL                         A040A|A1034                   [enc]          French
            . Frequence Libre             A0464|A1124                   [enc]          French
            . Radio Classique             A046A|A1130                   [enc]          French
            . TPS Testradio               A0AAA|A2730                   [enc]          French
12,549 H    APTV                          SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        English
12,558 H    WTN London                    SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
            [feeds]                       A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]
12,567 H    TVN Central                   SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1063|A4195       V1062|V4194 [clear]        Polish
12,576 H    Pro TV                        SR6100 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      powervu
                                          A????|A????       V????|V???? [enc]          Romanian
12,584 V    TPS                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            TF1                           A0082|A0130       V0078|V0120 [enc]          French
            France 2                      A00E6|A0230       V00DC|V0220 [enc]          French
            France 3                      A014A|A0330       V0140|V0320 [enc]          French
            La Cinquième                  A0212|A0430       V0208|V0420 [enc]          French
            arte                          A0212|A0530       V0208|V0520 [enc]          French
            M6                            A0276|A0630       V026C|V0620 [enc]          French
            Série Club                    A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720 [enc]          French
            RTL 9                         A03A2|A0930       V0398|V0920 [enc]          French

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
13,0 east: Eutelsat HotBird 1

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 70cm dish South UK
11,224 H    TVE Internacional             6,60              PAL         clear          Spanish
            . RNE Radio 1                 7,38              Panda       clear          Spanish
            . Radio Exterior de España    7,56              Panda       clear          Spanish
11,242 V    Viacom                                          MPEG-2      cryptoworks
            VH-1 Deutschland              A0500|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          German
            MTV Italia                    A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            Bloomberg Info TV UK          A0060|A0096       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          English
            Sci-Fi Channel (Scandinavia)  A0068|A0104       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Swedish
            MTV Deutschland               A0070|A0112       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          German
            MTV Europe                    A0078|A0120       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          English
            VH-1 Export                   A0080|A0128       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          English
            Sci-Fi Channel (UK)           A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          English
            . WRN 1                       A0061|A0097                   [enc]          English
11,248 H    Thai TV 5 Global Network      SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1062|A4194       V1065|V4197 [clear]        Thai
11,265 H    CNBC Europe                   6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          English
            . Radio Canada International  7,56              Panda       clear          English
11,283 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            [tests & promos]              various APIDs     various VPIDs
            BVN TV                        7,02:7,20         PAL         clear          Dutch
            . Radio Nederland             7,38              Panda       clear          Dutch
            . Radio Nederland             7,56              Panda       clear          Dutch
12,288 H    Discovery Channel             SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        English
11,304 H    Discovery Animal Planet       6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          English
            ScreenShop                    6,60/7,02         PAL         clear          English
            ScreenShop                    7,20              PAL         clear          German
11,322 V    TV5 Europe                    6,60              PAL         clear          French
            . Radio Monte Carlo           7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . France Info                 7,20              Panda       clear          French
            . France Inter                7,38              Panda       clear          French
            . France Culture Europe       7,56              Panda       clear          French
            . Swiss Radio International   7,74              Panda       clear          French
11,334 H    Nasza TV                      SR6110 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]          Polish
11,338 V    TV5                           SR???? FEC?/?     MPEG-2      fta
            TV5 Asie                      A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]        French
            RFI - Radio France International A0282|A0642                [clear]        French
            RFI - Radio France International A0283|A0643                [clear]        French
11,348 H    Polsat 2                      6,60              PAL         clear          Polish
            TV Bryza [feeds]                                PAL inverted clear
11,363 V    Rai Uno                       6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Italian
            . Rai Radio Uno               7,38              Panda       clear          Italian
            . Rai Radio Tre               7,56              Panda       clear          Italuab
11,369 H    Sisal TV                      SR3998 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [enc]          Italian
11,381 V    RAI [feeds]                   SR4298 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A????|A????       V1022|V0238 [clear]        Italian
11,390 H    EuroSport                     6,50/7,02         PAL         clear          German
            EuroSport                     7,20              PAL         clear          English
            EuroSport                     7,38              PAL         clear          Polish
            EuroSport                     7,56              PAL         clear          Spanish
            EuroSport                     7,74              PAL         clear          Hungarian
            EuroSport                     7,92              PAL         clear          Italian
            Quantum                       6,65/7,02         PAL         clear          German
            Quantum                       7,20/7,56         PAL         clear          English
11,408 V    Canal Plus Horizons           6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         nagravision/syster Fren.
            . Radio Italia                7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          Italian
            . Radio Maria                 7,74              Panda       clear          Italian
            . Radio Asia                  7,92              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,422 V    Worldnet/Voice of America     SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      powervu
            Worldnet                      A04C4L|A1220L     V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            . VoA Express                 A04C4R|A1220R                 [clear]        English
            . VoA Middle East 1           A04C6L|A1222L                 [clear]        English
            . VoA Middle East 2           A04C6R|A1222R                 [clear]        English
            . VoA Asia 1                  A04CEL|A1230L                 [clear]        English
            . VoA Asia 2                  A04CER|A1230R                 [clear]        English
            . VoA Asia/Pacific            A04D8L|A1240L                 [clear]        English
            . Voice of America            A04D8R|A1240R                 [clear]        English
11,431 H    Polsat                        6,60              PAL         clear          Polish
            . RMF FM                      7,02:7,20         Panda       clear          Polish
11,449 V    Rai Due                       6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Italian
            . Rai Radio Due               7,38              Panda       clear          Italian
            . Rai Radio International     7,56              Panda       clear          Italian
            . Rai Radio Parlamento        7,74              Panda       clear          Italian
11,457 H    Tylko Muzyka                  SR6110 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0FC1|A4033       V0FC0|V4032 [clear]        Polish
11,464 V    RAI                           SR4398 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      DMV
            Rai International             A028A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [enc]          Italian
            . Rai Radio International     A0294|A0660                   [enc]          Italian
11,474 H    TV Polonia                    6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Polish
            . Program 5 PR (Piatka)       7,38              Panda       clear          Polish
            . Program 1 PR (Jedynka)      7,56              Panda       clear          Polish
            . Program 3 PR (Trojka)       7,74              Panda       clear          Polish
            . Radio Maryja                7,92              Panda       clear          Polish
11,489 V    RTL 7                         6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Polish
11,516 H    Canal Plus Polska             6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         nagravision/syster Pol.
            . EuroSport (audio)           7,74              Panda       clear          Polish
11,531 V    Rai Tre                       6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Italian
. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
13,0 east: Eutelsat HotBird 2

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 60cm beam South UK
11,727 V    RTP Internacional             6,60              PAL         clear          Portugue.
            . RDP Internacional           7,02              Panda       clear          Portugue.
            . RDP Antena 1                7,20              Panda       clear          Portugue.
            . Radio Renascença Canal 1    7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          Portugue.
            . RFM Radio Lisboa Canal 2    7,56:7,74         Panda       clear          Portugue.
            . RDP Antena 2                8,10:8,28         Panda       clear          Portugue.
11,747 H    EDTV - Emirates Dubai TV      6,65              PAL         clear          Arabic
            . UAE Radio Dubai             7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,766 V    ANN - Arabic News Network     6,65/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Arabic
11,785 H    Canal 24 Horas International  6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         clear          Spanish
            . RNE Radio 1                 7,02              Panda       clear          Spanish
            . RNE Radio 5 Todonoticias    7,20              Panda       clear          Spanish
            . RNE Radio Clásica           7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          Spanish
            . RNE Radio 3 Pop             7,74              Panda       clear          Spanish
11,804 V    RAI                           SR27500 FEC2/3    MPEG-2      fta
            Rai Uno                       A028A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Italian
            Rai Due                       A028B|A0651       V0201|V0513 [clear]        Italian
            Rai Tre                       A028C|A0652       V0202|V0514 [clear]        Italian
            Telepace                      A028D|A0653       V0203|V0515 [clear]        Italian
            RAISat 1 Cultura e Spettacolo A028E|A0654       V0204|V0516 [clear]        Italian
            RAISat 2                      A028F|A0655       V0205|V0517 [clear]        Italian
            RAISat 3 Enciclopedia         A0290|A0656       V0206|V0518 [clear]        Italian
            RAINettuno [promo]            A0291|A0657       V0207|V0519 [clear]        Italian
            Sat2000                       A0292|A0658       V0208|V0520 [clear]        Italian
            . GR Parlamento               A0298|A0664                   [clear]        Italian
            . FD Auditorium               A0299|A0665                   [clear]        Italian
            . Blu Sat 2000                A029C|A0668                   [clear]        Italian
            . Rai Radio Uno               A029E|A0670                   [clear]        Italian
            . Rai Radio Due               A029F|A0671                   [clear]        Italian
            . Rai Radio Tre               A02A0|A0672                   [clear]        Italian
            . FD Leggera                  A02A1|A0673                   [clear]        Italian
11,823 H    MultiChoice Hellas            SR27500 FEC2/3    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Filmnet 1 Hellas              A028A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [enc]          Greek
            SuperSport/KTV Hellas         A0294|A0660       V0201|V0513 [enc]          Greek
            Mega Channel                  A029E|A0670       V0202|V0514 [enc]          Greek
            ANT 1                         A02A8|A0680       V0203|V0515 [enc]          Greek
            ET 1                          A02B2|A0690       V0204|V0516 [enc]          Greek
            Star Channel                  A02BC|A0700       V0205|V0517 [enc]          Greek
            CCTV                          A02C6|A0710       V0206|V0518 [clear]        Mandarin
11,843 V
11,862 H    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            + Inf                         A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            T 1                           A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            T 2                           A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            T 3                           A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            T 4                           A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Italian
            T 5                           A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Italian
            T 6                           A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Italian
11,881 V
11,900 H    D+ (Telepiú)                  SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            T 7                           A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            T 8                           A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            T 9                           A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            T 10                          A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            T 11                          A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Italian
            T 12                          A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Italian
            T 13                          A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Italian
11,919 V    Mediaset                      SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Canale 5                      A028A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Italian
            Rete 4                        A0294|A0660       V0201|V0513 [clear]        Italian
            Italia 1                      A029E|A0670       V0202|V0514 [clear]        Italian
            [occasional feeds]            A02A8|A0680       V0203|V0515 [clear]
            . RDMT                        A02A9|A0681                   [clear]        Italian
11,938 H    TPS                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Cinéstar 1                    A0082|A0130       V0078|V0120 [enc]          French
            Cinéstar 2                    A00E6|A0230       V00DC|V0220 [enc]          French
            Cinétoile                     A014A|A0330       V0140|V0320 [enc]          French
            Télétoon                      A014E|A0430       V01A4|V0420 [enc]          French
            Odyssée Histoire              A0212|A0530       V0208|V0520 [enc]          French
            Fun TV                        A0276|A0630       V026C|V0620 [enc]          French
            Téva                          A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720 [enc]          French
            France Supervision            A033E|A0830       V0334|V0820 [enc]          French
            Féstival                      A03A2|A0930       V0398|V0920 [enc]          French
            . Mousquetaires               A0277|A0631                   [enc]          French
11,958 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Promo+                        A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        Italian
            TMC                           A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            TMC 2                         A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            Cartoon Network Italia        A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            Cartoon Network Italia        A005D|A0093         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Promochannel                  A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Italian
            Planet                        A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Italian
            Discovery Channel Italia      A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Italian
            Discovery Channel Italia      A0069|A0105         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Marco Polo                    A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Italian
            . All Jazz                    A0284|A0644                   [enc]          Italian
            . Jazz Legendario             A0285|A0645                   [enc]          Italian
            . Jazz Festival               A0286|A0646                   [enc]          Italian
            . New Jazz                    A0287|A0647                   [enc]          Italian
11,977 H    Polonia 1                     6,60              PAL         clear          Polish
            SCT - Satisfaction Channel TV 6,60              PAL         ping-pong      Italian
11,996 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Match Music TV                A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            MTV Italia                    A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            Canal Jimmy                   A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            Hallmark Italia               A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            Il Canale Meteo [closure card]                  V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Italian
            Bloomberg Info TV Italia      A0064|A0104       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Italian
            CEI                           A0068|A0108       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Italian
            CEI                           A0069|A0109         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            CEI                           A0070|A0110         "  |  "   [enc]          French
            CEI                           A0071|A0111         "  |  "   [enc]          Spanish
            SNAI Dirette TV               A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Italian
            Cinemania 1                   A0070|A0110       V00A8|V0168 [enc]          Italian
12,015 H    TPS - Arabesque               SR27000 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            ART 1 Variety                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Arabic
            ART 2 Sports                  A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Arabic
            ART 3 Children                A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Arabic
            ART 4 Movies                    "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          Arabic
            ART 5 Music                   A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Arabic
            ART Europe                    A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Arabic
            LBC Europe                    A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Arabic
            ESC 2                         A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Arabic
            [test card]                   A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Arabic
            [colour bars]                 A0070|A0112       V00A8|V0168 [enc]
            [colour bars]                 A0074|A0116       V00A9|V0169 [enc]
12,034 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Tele + Blanco                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            Tele + Blanco                 A0051|A0081         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Tele + Nero                   A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            Tele + Nero                   A0055|A0085         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Tele + Grigio                 A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            Tele + Grigio                 A0059|A0089         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Rete 4                        A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            Canale 5                      A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Italian
            Italia 1                      A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Italian
            . Tutto Classica              A0284|A0644                   [enc]          Italian
            . Adagio                      A0285|A0645                   [enc]          Italian
            . Musica Sinfonio             A0287|A0647                   [enc]          Italian
            . Grande Opera                A0288|A0648                   [enc]          Italian
            . Musica de Camera            A028E|A0654                   [enc]          Italian
            . Fantasia Barocca            A028F|A0655                   [enc]          Italian
            . Musica Sacra                A0290|A0656                   [enc]          Italian
            . Musica Antica               A0291|A0657                   [enc]          Italian
            . Rock Forever                A0298|A0664                   [enc]          Italian
            . Rock Alternativo            A0299|A0665                   [enc]          Italian
            . Anni 60                     A029A|A0666                   [enc]          Italian
            . Maxi Dance                  A029B|A0667                   [enc]          Italian
            . Planeta Rap                 A02A2|A0674                   [enc]          Italian
            . Cactus Country              A02A3|A0675                   [enc]          Italian
            . Musica Etno                 A02A4|A0676                   [enc]          Italian
            . Cine Musica                 A02A5|A0677                   [enc]          Italian
            . Atmosfera                   A02A9|A0681                   [enc]          Italian
            . Cansoni della Francia       A02B2|A0691                   [enc]          Italian
            . Fisharmonica                A02BC|A0700                   [enc]          Italian
            . Black and Blues             A02BD|A0701                   [enc]          Italian
12,054 H    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            T 14                          A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            T 15                          A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            T 16                          A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            T 17                          A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Italian
            T 18                          A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Italian
            . Radio Italia                A0284|A0644                   [enc]          Italian
            . Radio Donna                 A0285|A0645                   [enc]          Italian
            . Radio 105                   A0286|A0646                   [enc]          Italian
            . Radio Monte Carlo           A0287|A0647                   [enc]          Italian
12,073 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Cine Cinemà 2                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Italian
            Cine Classics                 A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Italian
            Seasons                       A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            Classica                      A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          English
            CNN International             A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          English
            BBC World                     A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          English
            BET on Jazz                   A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Italian
            16:9                          A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Italian
            Vetrina +                     A0070|A0112       V00A8|V0168 [enc]          Italian
12,092 H    TPS                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Multivision 1                 A0082|A0130       V0078|V0120 [enc]          French
            Multivision 2                 A00E6|A0230       V00DC|V0220 [enc]          French
            Multivision 3                 A014A|A0330       V0140|V0320 [enc]          French
            Multivision 4                 A01AE|A0430       V01A4|V0420 [enc]          French
            Multivision 5                 A0212|A0530       V0208|V0520 [enc]          French
            Multivision 6                 A0276|A0630       V026C|V0620 [enc]          French
            Multivision Sport             A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720 [SEAGM]        French
            Multivision Cinéma            A033E|A0830       V0334|V0820 [SAGEM]        French
            Multivision Spectacle         A03A2|A0930       V0398|V0920 [SAGEM]        French
            . Europe 1                    A02DB|A0731                   [enc]          French
            . Europe 2                    A02DC|A0732                   [enc]          French
            . RFM                         A02DD|A0733                   [enc]          French
            . BFM                         A033F|A0831                   [enc]          French
            . RTL Radio                   A0340|A0832                   [enc]          French
            . Radio NRJ                   A0341|A0833                   [enc]          French
            . Radio Nostalgie             A????|A????                   [enc]          French

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
13,0 east: Eutelsat HotBird 3

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 60cm dish South UK
12,111 V    Telespazio                    SR27500 FEC2/3    MPEG-2      fta
            TVE                           A00C9|A0201       V00C8|V0200 [clear]        Spanish
            Canal 24 Horas                A00D3|A0211       V00D2|V0210 [clear]        Spanish
            Onyx                          A00DD|A0221       V00DC|V0220 [clear]        German
            RTBF [tests]                  A00E7|A0231       V00E6|V0230 [clear]
            [test card]                   A00F1|A0241       V00F0|V0240 [clear]
            [test card]                   A00FB|A0251       V00FA|V0250 [clear]
            [test card]                   A0105|A0261       V0104|V0260 [clear]
            [test card]                   A010F|A0271       V010E|V0270 [clear]
12,130 H    MTV 2 Hungary                 6,50              PAL         clear          Hungarian
12,149 V    TPS                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Canal Auto                    A0082|A0130       V0078|V0120 [enc]          French
            EuroSport France              A00E6|A0230       V00DC|V0220 [enc]          French
            M6 Musique                    A014A|A0330       V0140|V0320 [clear]        French
            TPS Promo                     A014E|A0430       V01A4|V0420 [enc]          French
            LCI - La Chaîne Info          A0212|A0530       V0208|V0520 [enc]          French
            TV5 Europe                    A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720 [enc]          French
            La Cinquième                  A033E|A0830       V0334|V0820 [enc]          French
12,169 H    MultiChoice Hellas            SR27500 FEC2/3    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Discovery Animal Planet       A008A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [enc]          English
            Travel                        A0094|A0660       V0201|V0513 [enc]          Greek
            BBC World                     A009E|A0670       V0202|V0514 [enc]          Greek
            Eurotica Rendez-Vous          A00A8|A0680       V0203|V0515 [enc]          English
            Star Channel (Hellas)         A00B2|A0690       V0204|V0516 [enc]          Greek
            ERT International             A00BC|A0700       V0205|V0517 [enc]          Greek
            MAD TV                        A00C6|A0710       V0206|V0518 [enc]          Greek
            SKAI                          A00D0|A0720       V0207|V0519 [enc]          Greek
            Canali 5                      A00DA|A0730       V0208|V0520 [enc]          Greek
12,188 V
12,207 H    Acasa TV                      SR5632 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        Romanian
12,226 V
12,245 H    French Package                SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            CFI Europe                    A0083|A0131       V0079|V0121 [enc]          French
            MCM Euromusique               A0084|A0132       V007A|V0122 [enc]          French
            Fashion                       A0085|A0133       V007B|V0123 [clear]        French
            Muzzik                        A0087|A0134       V007D|V0124 [enc]          French
            VRT - World Russian Channel   A0088|A0135       V007E|V0125 [enc]          Russian
            Tamil Oli (Radio Asia)        A0089|A0136       V007F|V0126 [enc]          Tamil
12,265 V    Deutsche Bank                 SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      clear
                                          A0528|A1410       V0550|V1360 [clear]        German
            Eurotica Rendez-Vous          stereo            D2-MAC      eurocrypt s2   English
12,284 H    ERT International             6,60              PAL         clear          Greek
12,303 V    HRT/TV Slovenija              SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Hrvatska TV 1                 A0065|A0101       V0064|V0100 [clear]        Croatian
            Hrvatska TV 2                 A0068|A0104       V0067|V0103 [clear]        Croatian
            Hrvatska TV 3                 A006A|A0106       V0069|V0105 [clear]        Croatian
            Mreza Sat                     A006C|A0108       V006B|V0107 [clear]        Croatian
            TV Slovenija 1                A00C9|A0201       V00C8|V0200 [clear]        Slovenian
            TV Slovenija 2                A00CC|A0204       V00CB|V0203 [clear]        Slovenian
            [test card]                   A00CE|A0206       V00CD|V0205 [clear]        Slovenian
            . Hrvatski Radio 1            A0096|A0150                   [clear]        Croatian
            . Radio Slovenija 1           A00FA|A0250                   [clear]        Slovenian
            . Radio Slovenija 2           A00FB|A0251                   [clear]        Slovenian
            . Radio Slovenija 3           A00FC|A0252                   [clear]        Slovenian
12,332 H
12,341 V
12,360 H
12,380 V    France Télécom Globecast      SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Kuwait TV                     A0BD7|A3031       V0BCD|V3021 [clear]        Arabic
            Serte 2 [colour bars]         A0BD8|A3032       V0BCE|V3022 [clear]
            Thai TV5 Global Network       A0BD9|A3033       V0BCF|V3023 [clear]        Thai
            Serte 4 [colour bars]         A0BDA|A3034       V0BD0|V3024 [clear]
            . Radio Italia                A0DBC|A3531                   [clear]        Italian
            . RTV Amistad                 A0DCC|A3532                   [clear]        Spanish
12,339 H    Swiss Package                 SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            SF 1                          A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          German
            TSR 1                         A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            TSI                           A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Italian
            SF 2                          A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          German
            TSR 2                         A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            SRG-SSR Sat Access Channel    A0062|A0098       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        German
            . Swiss Classic               A0063|A0099                   [enc]          German
            . SRI Italiano                A00C6|A0198                   [enc]          Italian
            . SRI Français                A00C7|A0199                   [enc]          French
12,418 V
12,437 H    Jaam-e-Jam TV Network         6,60              PAL         clear          Farsi
            . Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran 7,02    Panda       clear          Farsi
12,466 V
12,476 H

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
10,0 east: Eutelsat II-F2

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK
10,972 V    Med-TV                        6,60              PAL         clear          Kurdish
10,987 H    NTV (Turkey)                  6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
11,015 H    Olay TV                       SR3055 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
            Olay TV                       A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
11,024 V    Antena 1 (Romania)            SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      powervu
            Antena 1 TV                   A04BB|A1211       V0456|V1110 [clear]        Romanian
            . Radio Romania               A04BD|A1213                   [clear]        Romanian
11,025 H    Pop TV                        SR3055 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
            Pop TV                        A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
11,043 H    Europe by Satellite           SR7998 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]
11,075 H    Hakk TV                       6,60              PAL         clear
11,080 H    Europe by Satellite           6,60/7,02         PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc
            Europe by Satellite           7,20              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      English
            Europe by Satellite           7,38              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      French
            Europe by Satellite           7,56              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      German
11,095 V    TGRT                          6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
            . TGRT FM                     7,20:7,38         Panda       clear          Turkish
11,141 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,154 H    NAK - Neue Apost. Kirch       SR7911 FEC1/2     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A03E9|A1001       V03E8|V1000 [clear]        German
11,163 H    HBN - Herbalife               6,60              PAL         clear          English
            HBN - Herbalife               7,02              PAL         clear          German
            HBN - Herbalife               7,20              PAL         clear          French
            HBN - Herbalife               7,38              PAL         clear          Italian
            HBN - Herbalife               7,56              PAL         clear          Spanish
            HBN - Herbalife               7,74              PAL         clear          Russian
            HBN - Herbalife               7,92              PAL         clear          Czech
            HBN - Herbalife               8,10              PAL         clear          Polish
            Euro TransMed                 6,50              PAL         clear          English
            Juvekomerc                                      PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            Voice of America Yugoslavia   6,60              PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            SCT - Satisfaction Channel TV 6,60              PAL         ping-pong      Italian
            [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,172 V    AFN - Armed Forces Network    SR17180 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      powervu
            NewsSports/Brigh              A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [enc]          English
            AFN Europe/AFN Ba             A058C|A1420       V04B4|V1204 [enc]          English
            AFN Pacific/Gulf              A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            Spectrum Urban                A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [enc]          English
            AFN Europe/AFN                A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          English
            . Brigh                       A0462|A1122                   [enc]          English
            . ABC Pure Gold               A046A|A1230                   [enc]          English
            . Westwood 1 - Adult Rock/Roll A04CB|A1227                  [enc]          English
            . Westwood 1 - Country        A04CE|A1230                   [enc]          English
            . Urbs                        A052A|A1322                   [enc]          English
            . The Contingency Channel     A0532|A1330                   [enc]          English
            . NPR                         A0534|A1332                   [enc]          English
            . AFN Power Network           A058E|A1422                   [enc]          English
            . AFN Z-FM                    A0596|A1430                   [enc]          English
11,575 V    Bloomberg Info TV             SR17180 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Bloomberg Info TV France      A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        French
            Bloomberg Info TV Italia      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [clear]        Italian
            Bloomberg Info TV Espana      A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        Spanish
            [colour bars]                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]
            Bloomberg Info TV Nederland   A05F0|A1520       V0618|V1560 [clear]        Dutch
11,614 V    InterStar                     6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
            . Metro FM                    7,02:7,20         Panda       clear          Turkish
            . Kral FM                     7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          Turkish
            . Super FM                    8,10:8,28         Panda       clear          Turkish
11,631 V    Kral TV                       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Turkish
11,658 V    RTS Sat                       6,60/7,56         PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            Pink TV                       6,60/7,56         PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            [occasional feeds]                              PAL

12,715 H    [occasional feeds]                              PAL         clear

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
7,0 east: Eutelsat II-F4M

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK
10,972 V    EBU Channel A                 SiS               PAL         SiS
10,987 H    EBU Channel C                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,008 H    EBU Channel B                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,009 V    EBU Channel K                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0022 [enc]
11,018 V    EBU Channel L                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0022 [enc]
11,021 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel V                       SCPC        clear
11,027 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel Q                       SCPC        clear
            . EBU Euroradio Channel R                       SCPC        clear
11,040 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel S                       SCPC        clear
            . EBU Euroradio Channel T                       SCPC        clear
11,041 V    EBU Channel P                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,048 V    EBU Channel M                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,058 H    EBU Channel E                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,058 V    EBU Channel N                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,080 V    EBU Channel G                 SiS               PAL         SiS
            Rai Pico                                        PAL         clear           Italian
11,134 V    EBU Channel W                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,141 H    RIK - Cyprus Sat              6,60              PAL         clear           Greek
            . RIK 1                       7,20              Panda       clear           Greek
            . RIK 3                       7,80              Panda       clear           Greek
11,163 V    EBU Channel Z                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,181 H    EBU Channel Y                 SiS               PAL         SiS
12,252 H    . Program 1 PR (Jedynka)                        SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Program 5 PR (Piatka)                         SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Program 3 PR (Trojka)                         SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Polskie Radio Bis                             SCPC        clear           Polish
12,569 H    . VoA Express                                   SCPC        clear           English
            . Radio Österreich                              SCPC        clear           German

12,634 V    . RFI France                                    SCPC        clear           French
            . RFI Europe                                    SCPC        clear           French
            . RFI Afrique                                   SCPC        clear           French
            . Contact Radio                                 SCPC        clear           French
12,660 V    . BBC World Service                             MPEG-2      [cam]           English
12,724 V    Reuters Financial TV          SR1365 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]         English

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
13,0 east: Eutelsat HotBird 5

freq.       channels                      audio             standard   encryption     lng
=====       ========                      =====             ========   ==========     ===
10,992 V
11,013 H
11,037 V
11,054 H
11,075 V
11,096 H
11,117 V
11,158 H
11,179 V

11,566 H
11,585 V
11,604 H
11,623 V
11,642 H
11,662 V
11,681 H

12,520 V
12,539 H
12,558 V
12,577 H
12,583 V

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi

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