WEST of Telecom satellites for 07.02.98 by Sat-UK-Tab

Sat-UK-Tab Frequency Listings
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Intelsat 601 & 605
Hispasat 1A/1B
PanAmSat 1

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All contents copyright 1998 Dominic Sedghi
27.5 west: Intelsat 605

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm dish South UK
10,970 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Cine Cinemà 1                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        Italian
            Cine Cinemà 2                 A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [clear]        Italian
            Marco Polo                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Italian
            Cine Classics                 A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        Italian
            Seasons                       A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Italian
            Planete                       A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        Italian
            Canal Jimmy                   A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        Italian
10,995 H/V  [occasional feeds]                              PAL/NTSC/BMAC
11,012 H    British Telecom [feeds]                         PAL/NTSC/BMAC
11,058 V    UK TV                         SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            UK Arena                      A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        English
            UK Style                      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [clear]        English
            UK Horizons                   A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        English
            [colour bars]                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]
11,079 H    United Artists                SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-1,5    NTL System 2000
            Discovery Home & Leisure                                    [enc]          English
            Parliamentary Channel                                       [enc]          English
            L!ve TV                                                     [enc]          English
11,135 H    [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,170 V    CMT Europe                    6,60/7,02:7,20    PAL         macrovision    English
11,475 H    Canal Plus Vlaanderen         SR17981 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Canal Plus 1 Vlaanderen       A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
            Canal Plus 2 Vlaanderen       A0281|A0641       V0201|V0513 [clear]        Dutch
            Hallmark Vlaanderen           A0282|A0642       V0202|V0514 [clear]        Dutch
            Hallmark Vlaanderen           A0283|A0643       V0203|V0515 [clear]        Dutch
            Uplink                        A0284|A0644       V0204|V0516 [clear]        Dutch
11,494 H    DR 1                          SR4340 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0121|A0289       V0120|V0288 [clear]        Danish
11.500 H    TV2 Danmark                   SR4340 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0131|A0305       V0130|V0304 [clear]        Danish
11,517 H    TV Butiken                    SR15000 FEC7/8    MPEG-2      enc.
            TV Butiken Norge              A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [enc]          Norwegian
            TV Butiken Sverige            A0284|A0644       V0201|V0513 [enc]          Swedish
            TV Butiken Sumoi              A0288|A0648       V0202|V0514 [enc]          Finnish
11,555 V    Music Choice Europe                             AC1 DCR                    English
11,591 H    SIS Satellite Racing                            BMAC                       English
            . Radio Courses 2             7,92              BMAC                       French
            . Radio Courses 1             8,10              BMAC                       French
11,609 V    Music Choice Europe           SR7498 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      clear          English
11,615 V    Music Choice Europe                             AC1 DCR                    English
11,620 H    SMS - Satellite Media Services                  SEDAT
            . IRN - Independent Radio News                                             English
            . SMS Mono 2                                                               English
            . SMS Commercials Channel                                                  English
            . SMS Programmes Channel                                                   English
11,661 V    British Telecom               SR30494 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      powervu
            Discovery Channel Benelux     A0460|A1120       V0448|V1160 [enc]          Dutch
            [occasional feeds]            A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]
            Het Weerkanal [closure card]                    V0550|V1360 [enc]          Dutch
            Canal M                       A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          Swedish
            . Jazz FM                     A04C4|A1220                   [clear]        Dutch
11,668 H    British Telecom               SR30494 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      powervu
            Carlton Food Network          A0460|A1120       V0448|V1160 [enc]          English
            Carlton Select                  "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Rapture Sat                   A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            Quantum Channel               A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        English
            Quantum Channel                 "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        German
            Quantum Channel               A052A|A1322         "  |  "   [clear]        Dutch
            Quantum Channel                 "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        French
            TCC (Benelux)                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          Dutch
            Discovery Channel (Benelux)     "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          Dutch
            ScreenShop                      "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        Dutch
            The Weather Channel (UK) [closure card]         V0618|V1560 [clear]        English
            Het Weerkanal [closure card]                    V067C|V1660 [clear]        Dutch

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
30 west: Hispasat 1A/1B

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
(H/V Polarization) FSS BEAM - 120cm dish South UK
(L Polarization) DBS BEAM - 80cm dish South UK
11,517 H    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Andalucia TV                  A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Panda                   A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            BBC World                     A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          English
            BBC Prime                     A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          English
            Sol Musica                    A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Odisea                        A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Cine Hollywood                A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
            Medisat - Canal Médico        A????|A????       V????|V???? [enc]          Spanish
11,517 V    Retevisión [feeds]            SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
11,537 V    Multicanal                    SR19995 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            Canal Hollywood               A1011L|A4113L     V1010|V4112 [clear]        Spanish
            Canal Hollywood               A1011R|A4113R       "  |  "   [clear]        Portugue.
            Panda Club                    A1021L|A4129L     V1020|V4128 [clear]        Spanish
            Panda Club                    A1021R|A4129R       "  |  "   [clear]        Portugue.
            Sol Música                    A1031L|A4145L     V1030|V4144 [clear]        Spanish
            Sol Música                    A1031R|A4145R       "  |  "   [clear]        Portugue.
            Odisea                        A1041L|A4161L     V1040|V4160 [clear]        Spanish
            Odisea                        A1041R|A4161R       "  |  "   [clear]        Portugue.
11,575 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,659 V    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            TVG - TV de Galicia           A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Club Super 3                  A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Club Super 3                  A1022|A4130         "  |  "   [enc]          Catalán
            Club Colega                   A1021|A4129         "  |  "   [enc]          Spanish
            Club Colega                   A1022|A4130         "  |  "   [enc]          Catalán
            Cultura                       A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Todo Humor                    A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Teletiempo                    A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Cinemateca                    A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Cinema Palace                 A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
            Boulevard                     A1081|A4225       V1080|V4224 [enc]          Spanish
11,664 H    Canal Satélite Digital        Identical to Astra 1E: 11,973 V

12,149 L    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Canal Fútbol 1                A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 2                A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 3                A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 4                A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 16                      A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 10                      A1081|A4225       V1080|V4224 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 11                      A1091|A4241       V1090|V4240 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 9                       A1101|A4353       V1100|V4352 [enc]          Spanish
            . Radio España                A????|A????                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Cadena Top Radio            A????|A????                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Nuevo Country               A1A01|A6657                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Planeta Celta               A1A02|A6658                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Crisol Brasilena            A1A03|A6659                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Conexión Reggae             A1A04|A6660                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Puro Blues                  A1A05|A6661                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Magia Negra                 A1A06|A6662                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Todo es Jazz                A1A07|A6663                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Nueva Era                   A1A08|A6664                   [enc]          Spanish
            . www.mundo                   A1A09|A6664                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Nuestras Raices             A1A10|A6666                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Europa FM                   A1A16|A6678                   [enc]          Spanish
12,226 L    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      clear
            Palco 1                       A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 2                       A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 3                       A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 4                       A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 5                       A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 6                       A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 7                       A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
            Palco 8                       A1081|A4225       V1080|V4224 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 5                A1091|A4241       V1090|V4240 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 6                A1101|A4353       V1100|V4352 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 7                A1111|A4368       V1110|V4367 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Fútbol 8                A1121|A4384       V1120|V4383 [enc]          Spanish
12,303 L    CSD - Canal Satélite Digital  SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      clear
            Mosaico                       A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        Spanish
            Andalucia TV                  A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        Spanish
            TVC - Televisió de Catalunya  A0060|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [clear]        Catalán
            Canal 99                      A0070|A0112       V00A8|V0168 [clear]        Spanish
            Méteo                         A0074|A0116       V00A9|V0169 [clear]        Spanish
            Canal 24 Horas                A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [clear]        Spanish
            . PopRock                     A0065|A0101                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Los 40 Principales          A00E6|A0230                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Cadena Dial                 A00E7|A0231                   [clear]        Spanish
            . M-80                        A00E8|A0232                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Radiolé                     A00E9|A0233                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Sinfo Radio Antena 3        A00EA|A0234                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Andalucia Radio             A00EB|A0235                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Cadena SER                  A00F2|A0242                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Catalunya Ràdio             A00F4|A0244                   [clear]        Catalán
            . Catalunya Informació        A00F5|A0245                   [clear]        Catalán
            . Catalunya Musica            A00F6|A0246                   [clear]        Catalán
            . RAC 105                     A00F7|A0247                   [clear]        Catalán
12,380 L    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Mosaico                       A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [clear]        Spanish
            Promocanal                    A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [clear]        Spanish
            Mundovision                   A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Euskal Telebista              A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Basque
            TVC - Televisió de Catalunya  A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Catalán
            . Paisajes Sonoros            A1A01|A6657                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Música de Cine              A1A02|A6658                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Música Joven                A1A03|A6659                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Músicas Urbanas             A1A04|A6670                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Pista de Baile              A1A05|A6671                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Melodica Actual             A1A06|A6672                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Serie Oro                   A1A07|A6673                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Oldies Internacionales      A1A08|A6674                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Soft Rock                   A1A09|A6675                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Vivo Digital                A1A10|A6676                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Nuestros Grandes Exitos     A1A11|A6677                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Pop-Rock                    A1A12|A6678                   [enc]          Spanish
12,456 L    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Canal Campero                 A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [clear]        Spanish
            Tribunal TV                   A1101|A4353       V1100|V4352 [enc]          Spanish
            . Pasiajes Sonores            A1395|A5103                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Música de Cine              A1396|A5104                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Música Joven                A1397|A5105                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Música Urbanas              A1398|A5106                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Pista de Baile              A1399|A5107                   [enc]          Spanish

12,544 H    [occasional feeds]            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
12,544 V    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Canal Comunitat Valenciena    A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Valenc.
            Eco                           A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Conexión Financiera           A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Galavisión                    A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Telenovelas                   A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Telehit                       A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Ritmo Son                     A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
12,591 H    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Locomotion                    A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Outdoor Life                  A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Speedvision                   A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Landscape Channel             A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Bloomberg Info TV             A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            BET on Jazz                   A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            . Latino Suave                A1A01|A6657                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Nuestra Copla               A1A02|A6658                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Canal Clásico               A1A03|A6659                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Clásicos Populares          A1A04|A6660                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Opera y Musica Vocal        A1A05|A6661                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Canal Clásico               A1A06|A6662                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Country Clásico             A1A08|A6664                   [enc]          Spanish
            . RNE Radio 1                 A1A09|A6665                   [enc]          Spanish
            . RNE Radio Exterior de España A1A10|A6666                  [enc]          Spanish
            . Latino con Ritmo            A1A11|A6667                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Copya y Canción             A1A12|A6668                   [enc]          Spanish
12,591 V    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Gran Vía                      A1011|A4113       V1010       [enc]          Spanish
            Hallmark                      A1021|A4129       V1020       [enc]          Spanish
            Gran Vía 2                    A1031|A4145       V1030       [enc]          Spanish
            VH-1                          A1041|A4161       V1040       [enc]          Spanish
            MTV Europe                    A1051|A4177       V1050       [enc]          Spanish
            EuroSport                     A1061|A4193       V1060       [enc]          Spanish
            Millenium                     A1071|A4209       V1070       [clear]        Spanish
            . Hit Radio                   A1A08|A6664                   [enc]          Spanish
12,631 H    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Canal 24 Horas                A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Alucine                       A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Cine Paraiso                  A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            TeleDeporte                   A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Hispavisión                   A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Nostalgia               A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Clásico                 A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
12,631 V    Tele 5                        6,60              PAL         (videocrypt)   Spanish
12,671 H    Antena 3                      6,60              PAL         (videocrypt)   Spanish
12,671 V    [unknown package]             SR28116 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            TVE 1                         A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        Spanish
            TVE La 2                      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [clear]        Spanish
            Tele 5                        A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        Spanish
            Antena 3                      A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]        Spanish
            Canal 24 Horas                A05F0|A1520       V0618|V1560 [enc]          Spanish
            [occasional feeds]            A0654|A1620       V067C|V1660 [clear]
            . RNE Radio 1                 A0462|A1122                   [clear]        Spanish
            . RNE Radio 5 Todonoticias    A0462|A1122                   [clear]        Spanish
            . RNE Radio 3 Pop             A05F0|A1520                   [clear]        Spanish
            . RNE Radio Clásica           A05F2|A1522                   [clear]        Spanish
12,711 H    Canal Plus España             6,60              PAL         videocrypt/syster Span.
            . Cadena TOP Radio            7,20              Panda       clear          Spanish
            . COM Radio                   7,56              Panda       clear          Catalán
            . Onda CERO Radio             8,10              Panda       clear          Spanish
            . Radio Voz                   8,28              Panda       clear          Spanish
12,711 V    Vía Digital                   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      enc.
            Tele Madrid                   A1011|A4113       V1010|V4112 [enc]          Spanish
            Tele Noticias                 A1021|A4129       V1020|V4128 [enc]          Spanish
            Ella                          A1031|A4145       V1030|V4144 [enc]          Spanish
            Star                          A1041|A4161       V1040|V4160 [enc]          Spanish
            Travel (Viajes)               A1051|A4177       V1050|V4176 [enc]          Spanish
            Cine Palómitas                A1061|A4193       V1060|V4192 [enc]          Spanish
            Cine Cinemas                  A1071|A4209       V1070|V4208 [enc]          Spanish
            Cine 600                      A1081|A4225       V1080|V4224 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal Dieciocho               A1091|A4241       V1090|V4240 [enc]          Spanish

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
34.5 west: Intelsat 601

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 90cm dish South UK
10,972 V    Mediaset [feeds]                                PAL
11,012 V    Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           6,50              PAL         clear         Urdu
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,02              PAL         clear         English
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,20              PAL         clear         Arabic
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,38              PAL         clear         Bengali
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,56              PAL         clear         French
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,74              PAL         clear
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           7,92              PAL         clear         Indian
            Muslim TV Ahmadiyya           8,10              PAL         clear         Turkish
11,057 V    Orbit Network                                   MPEG        clear
            Orbit News                                      V0201|V0513 [enc]         English
            ESPN                                            V0202|V0514 [enc]         English
            [occasional feeds]                              V0203|V0515 [enc]         English
            C-SPAN                                          V0204|V0516 [enc]         English
11,093 V    Orbit Network                                   MPEG        clear
            Comedy Central                                  V0211|V0529 [enc]         English
            CNN International                               V0213|V0541 [enc]         English
            [occasional feeds]                                          [enc]         English
11,158 V    Tara                          SR3150 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      clear
                                          A0021             V0020|V0032 [clear]       Irish

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
45 west: PanAmSat 1
(european beam only)

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 1m dish South UK
11,515 H    Galavisión                    6,20:6,80         PAL         clear          Spanish
11,546 H    . Jazz Radio                                    SCPC        clear          Dutch
            . De Grouwe Ouwe Zender                         SCPC        clear          Dutch
            . Concertzender                                 SCPC        clear          Dutch
11,542 H    CBS Multiplex                 SR26470 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      powervu
            CBS New York [feeds]          A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [enc]
            WBIS - TV31/Dow Jones TV      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            EWTN - Eternal World TV Net.  A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [enc]          English
            Reuters [feeds]               A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]
            Reuters [feeds]               A05F0|A1520       V0610|V1560 [enc]
11,678 H    ESPN                          SR26470 FEC7/8    MPEG-2      powervu
            ESPN Latin America            A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [enc]          English
            ESPN Latin America            A0462|A1122         "  |  "   [enc]          Spanish
            ESPN Transatlantic            A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            ESPN 2                        A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [enc]          English
            ESPN Blackout                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          English

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi

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