TELECOM satellites for 09.01.98 by Sat-UK-Tab

Sat-UK-Tab Frequency Listings
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Télécom 2A/2B/2C/2D

Tele-X ceased all broadcasts yesterday; it has been removed from the
charts at Sat-UK-Web and will no longer be sent out in these mails.

I have recently been really inclined to add decimal PIDs to the text
charts. Reason is that I have recently got my Nokia 9600S set up and
working, but it only accepts decimal PIDs. Seeing as this will no doubt
be a popular receiver in the UK, it might be best to put both hex and
decimal PIDs on the charts. Let me know what you think - I won't start
until the weekend. It will of course in no way affect the length of the
mails (but it will increase the size of each file by about a K or so

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