[SAT-UK-CLUB]: Sat-UK Server Change

Dear Sat-UK subscribers,

As from this Monday, 3rd August, Sat-UK will change servers from
Sat-Net's Majordomo server to FindMail's MakeList server. Most of you
will not notice any change or interruption to the service at all.
However, those of you who subscribed to any of the three Sat-UK lists
AFTER SATURDAY, 25TH JULY, may experience a slight hiccup. If you did
subscribe to any of the lists after this date, you will need to
subscribe yourself to the new list using the method outlined below.
Don't worry - it's much easier! All those of you who have been
subscribed to the new servers should have received a new welcome
message. Take note of it, and save it on your PC. You may need it again

Sat-UK-News will operate as normal. To unsubscribe from this list now,
all you need to do is send an email to
sat-uk-news-unsubscribe@makelist.com. If that doesn't work, mail me and
I'll manually unsubscribe you. Similarly, to subscribe (again), send
mail to sat-uk-news-subscribe@makelist.com.

Sat-UK-Tab will also go on as before, using the new format which is
currently in progress (remember, no mails on Sunday!). To unsubscribe,
send mail to sat-uk-tab-unsubscribe@makelist.com. To subscribe (again),
send mail to sat-uk-tab-subscribe@makelist.com.

Sat-UK-Club is slightly different. Like the other two lists, to
subscribe you send mail to sat-uk-club-subscribe@makelist.com, and to
unsubscribe send mail to sat-uk-club-unsubscribe@makelist.com. However,
to send a message to the list, use the new address:
sat-uk-club@makelist.com. If you do not use this list starting Monday,
chances are that your mail will not go through. Remember, you have to be
a member of the list to send mail to it! This list is already operative,
so UNTIL MONDAY, you can send mails to either address.

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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