On Fri, 24 Jul 1998 sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net wrote:

:)Sorry folks,
:)    Just noticed that SKY are claiming 'Sky Movies great NEW channels" but it is just the old channels being renamed, to kid on we are actually getting something for our money
:)- - - - - - - - 
:)Visit TVP for award winning sites
:)More Sites are launching soon

They have already tried the same stunt before !!

They changed 'SkyMovies' to 'Screen 1'
and 'Movie Chan' to 'Screen 2'

suddenly now they are renaming them agian !!

Perhaps they should fire a few people for 'scre*ing' up !!!

Or perhaps they think most people who watch SKY are stupid ?

Sadly at the mo. I'm one of them :(

What about all the chans. that have disappeared ?



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