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Dear Sat-UK-News, Sat-UK-Tab and Sat-UK-Club subscribers,

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 The frequency charts (HTML) at Sat-UK-Web are undergoing yet another
change, this time involving the logotypes. Previously, any logotypes
were used in the logo box, but sometimes these did not reflect the logos
used on screen or were inappropriate. Therefore, all of the logotypes
are being replaced with screenshots from the actual featuring the
logotype. This way, it is possible to tell EXACTLY what the channel logo
is like and thus easier to identify the channel.

 However, I am not able to capture logotypes from all channels; there
are some for to which I do not have access, such as some subscription
channels and channels on Sirius 1, for example. I am thus asking for
anyone who is willing to help and who has access to a TV card and
satellite receiver to send logotypes to me to display at the website. If
you would like to, please make sure that they include the satellite
channel's logo and are of the right size. More details can be found at
http://www.sat-uk.com/sats/logotypes.txt . Here you can also find a list
of channels which we need logos for. Please don't send any logotypes for
channels not listed. Certain channels have already been dealt with - see
the Astra 1A chart where RTL 2, Sky News, Sky One and Kabel 1 have been

 Certain channels already had screenshot logotypes, like Quantum and
Sell-a-Vision, and these will be kept until a newer logotype has been
acquired. What I could really use is logotypes of digital-only channels
like Cinedom or Kiosque. It is possible that the logotypes will also be
used in further enterprises depending on the quality, etc... If you
would like more information on the kind of thing required, please feel
free to email me at one of the addresses below.

Your friendly SATCO DX'er,


Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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