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>I need to replace my unrepairable Astra decoder and am looking for
>In the local shop I said I was interested in also getting a steerable
>aerial in order to get the sats in addition to Astra. I was told that it
>would be a good idea to just get a basic decoder for Astra at the moment
>because by the end of the year it will be possible for me to be able to
>get 4 sats on my fixed aerial [ with 4 LNBs].
>Is this correct?

I would have thought the cost of 4lnb's the extra cableing (or remote
Swtich box) + LNB Holder is getting close to the cost of a simple multi
sat setup!
Ask around!
Look at the ads, Talk to Tony Hiscox (Status sat) one example of a
'good' trader!


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