>A new channel was launched on Sky called  .TV the brand new channel
>which launched on Sunday 1st March, and broadcasts from 6 - 8pm seven
>days a week. is located on Channel Frequency GHz): 10.847 polarity: V 
>The channel is dedicated to Computing and the Internet.  it appears that
>this new channel has replaced "The Computer Channel" and is part of the
>Sky Multi-Channels package. 

Wow! You mean to say they aren't going to increase the sub for this
exciting new development.

At least its looks as if they may have started to get the message.

<> Sky Television have confirmed that they won't be   showing    the
>WWF's 'Mayhem in Manchester' show at the Nynex Arena, Manchester  on
>April 4 on Pay Per View. Considering the recent surge in    the   UK
>television ratings for the WWF, it's surprising that the WWF or  Sky
>have cancelled plans to make 'Mayhem in Manchester' the  WWF's   2nd
>UK PPV (Mike Ward reporting to TBR).

Am I correct in thinking they never released the number of buys for the
Birmingham PPV?



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