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>Hi there..I have an echostar 8700 VC/Mac and a universal LNB..no matter what
>settings I try I cannot get it to tune above 12650..even though I know the
>LNB works fine above those..(right up to 12722 in digital) and also works
>fine on a pace receiver..anyone have any clues as to what I could be doing
>wrong..or do I need new software ?

I may be wrong here, but I think the Echostar is the problem. It has
something to do with the fact that it cannot tune to above 12.650   I
have had the same problem (fathers sat) and after asking someone in the
know they informed me it was the receiver.

I will try and find out the full answer.

My father is using a wideband LNB and I was going to fit a universal LNB
and this then lead to the topic of the Echostar tuner.

Hope this helps,

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