Re: [SAT-UK-CLUB]: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?ASTRA at 28,2 =B0 EAST ??=

This is true if you want any info on it go to the astra website at
There has been a bitter battle between Eutelsat and Astra as Eutelsat have
claimed the slot at 29E for a previous (now abolished) project.
But Astra (apparantly) have come to a deal to replace the Kopernikus
satellite at 28.5E
Hope this helps

At 07:12 AM 1/5/98 EST, you wrote:
>Hi to everyone out there,
>i recently heard about rumours,saying that
Astra would intend to install a
>Satellite -
>system at 28,2  East.What i
want to know is : Is it just a joke or is it
>really true ?
>If it should
be true,who knows anything about it - details ??
>Thanx for your


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