[SAT-UK-CLUB]: Echostar DSB9800 Digital receiver

Does anybody know if Echostar are going to be launching the DSB 9800 
digital receiver in the UK?

The following article appeared in What Satellite magazine in December 

"Echostar will take its first steps into the UK digital market this 
month when it unveils the DSB-9800, an MPEG-2 receiver equipped with an 
Irdeto conditional access module.  Available from mid December at 
499.00, it will have three scart sockets, an optional internal modem 
and automatic C-band detection.  The onscreen display will feature four 
languages (plus English) and full EPG access". 

However, I sent an e-mail to Echostar (SERVICE@ECHOSTAR.COM) recently 
and they told me that the DSB9800 is designed for the Dutch and Italian 
markets.   Depending on who BSkyB choose as manufacturer, they will go 
into the UK market (or not).

Is the DSB 9800 "SCPC" compatible?

So it would be interesting to know what they really plan to do.  It 
would seem strange if they do not launch a digital box in the UK, as 
they are a fairly large player in the analogue market.
Andrew Smith

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