Sat-Russ Info (final)

Hello Sat-Russ readers.

Yesterday, Russian channel NTV began broadcasting from HOT BIRD 2. NTV 
International comes from 11,938 Ghz, Vertical in MPEG-2/DVB, SR 20000,
FEC 3/4. There is a test card also in addition to it as a second 
channel in the package.

So people from Western Europe (Ukraine is also in Western Europe if
you can imagine exact map of whole Europe from Canary Islands until
Ural) can now watch it clear until approximately 15th September.

And it's unbelievable: Italian RAI channels give football World Cup
games without their usual stupid Discret scrambling. So this is a gift
for everyone here in Russia who doesn't watch World Cup games after
more than a day from the time then the game were played (I mean stupid
policy of RTR channel for many Russian regions except Moscow and

Thank you very much to all Sat-Russ readers for support. This is final
sat-russ message because Tele-Satellite International refused to support
this mailing list more than year ago. (If you disagree send your comments
to the Editor of Tele-Satellite International awiese@TELE-satellite.com)

Don't forget you still can subscribe to many other (some of them are still 
alive) Tele-Satellite mailing lists from TSI page 

Hold on !

With best regards
Serghey Kolosha

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