Sat Nordic vol. 18 97.06.07 Eng

Sat Nordic vol. 18 97.06.07 Eng

Kinnevik (owner of TV-channels like TV 3,TV 6, ZTV and TV 1000) will 
lease capacity on Thor III. Thor III will be launced in 1998 and be 
places with the other Telenor operated satellites at 1 degree west.

The Sci-Fi Channel will return on TV Sat 2 on tuesday 10th of june. 
This is possible after splitting transponder 10 (11,900 LHCP) into two 
frequencies (11,888 and 11,912) Sci-Fi will us the frequency 11,912 
and TV 1000 Cinema which currently are using the "main" frequency on 
this transponder will channge frequency to 11,888. These changes will 
be made between 8.00 and 9.00 CET on this day.

TV 8 will be lauced digital in MPEG 2 on Sirius 2 in October. TV 8 
will be encrypted, probably in Viacess but this has not yet been 
desided. It will also be distributed in PAL on the Tele-X satellite. 
The PAL-transmisions will continue until the end of the year.

YLE´s satellite channel, "TV Finland" will start testtransmissions in 
MPEG 2 on Thor II on June 15. Regular transmissions are expected to 
start on September 1. 

Swedish Public television, SVT has given Norwegian Telenor a ultimatum 
-To scrambel the SVT transmissions.
The background is that Telenor for some months have been distributing 
SVT 1 and 2 digital on Intelsat 707 unencrypted. SVT now gives Telenor 
3 weeks to encrypt the two channels. Otherwise SVT will sue Telenor 
for "breach of an agreement".
(source: Arbetet Nyheterna 970605)

Thor II that will start its services during june will use the 
following frequencys:
(01) 11.215 Horisontal
(02) 11.228 Vertikal
(03) 11.246 Horisontal
(04) 11.260 Vertikal
(05) 11.278 Horisontal
(06) 11.293 Vertikal
(07) 11.309 Horisontal
(08) 11.325 Vertikal 
(09) 11.342 Horisontal
(10) 11.357 Vertikal
(11) 11.372 Horisontal
(12) 11.389 Vertikal
(13) 11.403 Horisontal
(14) 11.421 Vertikal 
(15) 11.434 Horisontal  

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