Sat Nordic vol. 15 97.04.14 - Eng

Sat Nordic vol. 15 97.04.14 - Eng [Ed. Richard Karlsson]

The Sci-Fi Channel had to discontinue their broadcasts from TV-Sat 2 
this due to a transponderfailure. For the moment the Sci-Fi channel 
can only be watched in some of the cable networks that receive the 
signal digital from Hotbird 1. Itīs still not clear when Sci-Fi 
returns since there are no free capacity available on the satellites 
at the nordic positions.
BTW: Sci-Fi channel will have a free weekend in Telia Kabel-TVīs net 
between 25th and 27th of april. At this occation Sci-Fi will present 
their swedish EARTHSCAN-tour. The EARTHSCAN-tour has been recorded 
during the past week and will document UFO observations made in 

Due to the launch of the new Danish sportchannel TVS-Sportskanalen at 
12,637 LHCP. on Tele-X, finnish horseracing broadcaster Totoline has 
changed its frequency on Tele-X to 12,600 LHCP. 
Totoline has a homepage at: http://www.hippos.fi/pelit.htm 

According to Resumé, [a swedish paper] will Eurosport soon be offering 
comercial adverts to companies in the Nordic region. The comercial 
will only be only be available on the nordic version which is 
available from the Thor satellite  which here is a part of the 
CTV-package. The adverts will handled from Stockholm and the prices 
are said to be good.

SVT 1, 2 and TV 2 Denmark which is a part of the Telenor digital 
package at 10,974 H at Intelsat 707 has been broadcasted in clear MPEG 
2 this past month. To receive these channels youīll need a DVB/MPEG 2 
receiver and folloing values SR 25776 FEC 2/3. 

Finnish broadcaster YLE will start digital broadcastsin DVB/MPEG 2 
from Intelsat 707 sometime in May. It will be one TV-channel and two 
radiostations. The TV-channel will be a mix of YLE TV 1, 2 and MTV 3. 
The channels will be encrypted so youīll need a subscription to 
receive it (They will probably be using the Irdeto or the Conax 
encryption system).

Less than two weeks ago Telia research presented the possiblity to 
send HDTV by using the normal telephoneline.  This is possible by 
using a new modemtechnique [donīt ask me how it works]. Telia are 
expecting the new "system" to be in operation in 1998. By using the 
digital technique it will be possible to receive up to eight HDTV  
channels on a single telephone connection. This meen that it will be 
possible for a family to watch several diffrent channels at the same 

It is still unclear whether the cable company Stjern-TV will be sold 
or not. Netcom said last year that they had a deal with Stjern-TVs 
owner Singapore Telecom. A deal has apperanly not been made since 
another company EQT partners claims that they have a deal with ST. I 
expect to get an answer at the end of April. 
Stjern-TV sais that the digital audio broadcast (DAB) from the Nacka 
sender is jamming channel 14 in their cable network. 

Filmet is expected to be changing their name to.. yes thatīs right, 
Canal +. When this namechange will occur is currently not known . I 
can see why Canal + will be available all over europe but I donīt see 
any good reason to change name on a well known company, for exaple 
Nokia didnīt drop the old swedish traditional name Luxor when they 
took over the whole company. 

Well thatīs about it for this time. The next issue will be out soon I 
hope. I still have some months to catch up.

Richard Karlsson
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