Sat Nordic vol. 12 97.02.16 - Eng

Sat Nordic vol. 12 97.02.16 - English version.

The 24 th. of january was the premiere date for per per view in Scandinavia. The first program being broadcasted 
in this way was the boxinmg match between Brian Nielsen and Larry Holmes. The price was set at 250 SEK (around UK 
£ 22)  for TV 1000 subscribers, if not the price increased around £ 10. 

Radio Sweden which since new year are broadcasting from Eutelsat II-F1 (10,987 V 7,56) will discontinue their 
broadcasts from Astra 1C and Tele-X (probably also from sirius) sometime in the end of March.

The launch of Thor IIA that was scheduled to take place february 22 has been delayed due to an explosion of a 
delta II rocket the 17th of january. The new date has not been announced yet but it can be delayed up to 6 months 
(Satco DX http://www.satcodx.com). 

SBS (Scandinavian broadcasting System) have plans to start a danish entertainment channel. The channel is 
scheduled to be broadcasting from Thor IIA when it has been launched.
Speaking of SBS, TV Norge is now broadcasting their programs at two audio subcarriers (besides 6,50) 7,02/7,20. 
According to a TV-freak I´ve talked to are the broadcasts sent out in real Stereo.

Multichoice in Denmark will handle all Subscription of the danish cable-TV company Tele Danmark(This will also 
concern the coming digital channels). In return will Tele Danmark get all the decoders previosly owned by 
Multichoice and the exclusive right of distributing Filmnet 1,2, Supersport and Hallmark Nordic in Denmark 
(DTH-market excluded).

According to Satco DX has Cartoon Network and TNT styarted their seperate 24 hour services digital in MPEG 2 from 
Tele-X tranponder 32 (12,322 LHCP). I have not been able to find this yet with my recenly bought Nokia 
mediamaster 9500S, but I will be so sure... Anyway if you need some more information about settings, like SR 
(Symbol Rate) and FEC (Frequency Error Correction) take a look at http://www.satcodx.com/sirius.html there you 
will find the information needed.

Swedish Public radio SR (Sveriges Radio) need to cut further 5 percent in their alrady cut-down budget. This is 
due to the introduction of the Digital terrestrial radio DAB. DAB will also be offered to comercial companies 
applications from  these companies are being processed.

The new Swedish business-news channel, TV 8 has signed a contract with Telenor about distributing the channel 
from 1 degree west. The channel will be lauched in September and are also ment to be offered to Cable TV viewers. 
TV 8 will besides news show alot of documentaries  concerning subjects like: socity, politics, nature, technics 
and science. A youth entertainment show is also supposed to be broadcasted. 

The three comercial TV station TV 3 TV 4 and Kanal 5 has jointly formed a foundation called ²Stiftelsen 
TV-institutet². This foundation will look after the common interest like making it easier to reach out to the 
advertising customers.

Tidnings AB Marieberg bought the shares from SPP in TV 4 AB. Marieberg has also boght a block of shares some the 
Swedish bank ²Foreningsbanken². This makes Marieberg to third owner in TV 4 after Kinnevik and Investor. 
Marieberg also owns a cople of newspapers among them Expressen and Kvallsposten. Find out more at Mareibergs Web 
Page at: http://www.marieberg.se/eng/hem_e.html

On January 7, was the french TV 5 moved from the Basic-package into the Euro-mix package in Telia Kabel Tv´s net. 
The reason this this said to be low ratings an a need to get more capacity (by moving a channel?) to the coming 
digital service. Telia expects to be able to broadcast between four and eight channels per frequency now used for 
one analogue TV-channel. Regular viewers to TV 5 therefore needs to rent a decoder for £ 6/ month an subscribe to 
euromix-package for antother £ 6. The Euromix package also includes channels like TVE, RTL and a RAI. WWW-site 
for Telia Kabel-TV: http://www.kabeltv.telia.se

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