Frequenzliste Eutelsat II-F3, TV + Radio (26.5.97)

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Transponder line-up EUTELSAT II-F3, 16 degrees E -TV- 
(up-date 26/5/97)							
Programm	Genre	Zeit	Sprache	Video	QRG	Audio	Note
HRT Television	Vollpro	17-1h	kroat	PAL	10.987H	6,65	S,V,R
Rendez-Vous(*)	Trailer	1-5h	franz	PAL	10.987H	6,60	S
JSC [TV Qatar]	Vollp	24h    	arab	PAL	11.080H	6,60	S,R
TV 10 Gold    	Unterh	24h    	holl  	MPEG2	11.015H	digital	S
Music Factory 	Musik	Musik	holl  	MPEG2	11.024H	digital	S
Wizla Television	Unterh	24h    	poln 	MPEG2	11.060H	digital	S
Occasi. News	Feed	sporad	mehrsp	PAL	11.163H	6,60	S
Thaiwave      	Vollp	variab	thai  	PAL	11.163H	6,60	S
Qa`im Channel 	Vollp	fr-so	arab  	PAL   	11.163H	6,60	S
TV Eurotica(*)	Erotik	2-6.3h	engl	PAL	11.163H	7,02-7,20	S
ART Europe  	Vollp	24h  	arab 	PAL	11.555H	6,60	S
Duna Television	Unterh	24h    	ungar	PAL	11.596H	6,60	W,V,R
HOT DirecPC  	Service	24h    	no   	no   	11.638H	digital	S
Occasi. News	Feed 	sporad	mehrsp	PAL  	11.678H	6,60	S
RTM Morocco	Unterh	24h    	maroc	PAL	10.972V	6,60	W,R
ART Europe 	Unterh	24h    	arab	PAL	11.096V	6,60	W
Nile TV        	Unterh	24h  	fr/eng	PAL	11.145V	6,60	W
ESC           	Unterh	24h    	arab	PAL	11.177V	6,60	W,R
QTTVQuantum	Shop.	do mitt	engl	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
SAT 7          	Relig.	fr mitt	arab	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
AG Vision      	Auktion	do nach	engl	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
Kanal Ukraina  	Vollp	mi/s/s	russ	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
CTV  Ecclessia	Religi.	abends	ital   	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
RTSH Albanien	Unterh	abends	alban	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S,V,R
RTVi  Romania	Unterh	20.3-0	rumaen	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
CTV Vaticano	Religi.	vorm	ital   	PAL	11.576V	6,60	S
Newlife/Miracle	Bildung	fr-sa	ara/eng	PAL	11.576V	6,60/7,02	S
Libya Television	Vollp	24h    	arab 	PAL	11.617V	6,60	W
TV7 Tunesien	Unterh	24h    	arab	PAL	11.658V	6,60	W,V,R
ENEX Feeds  	diverse	sporad	mehrsp	MPEG2	diverse	digital	
*  codiert/encrypted							
(*)  codiert, zeitweise clear windows/encrypted, partly clear windows				
V   teletext							
R  radio							
W  widebeam-transponder							
S   superbeam-transponder							
Transponder line-up EUTELSAT II-F3, 16 degrees E - Radio - 
(up-date 26/5/97)							
Programm	Sparte	Sprache	bei TV	Tv-QRG	Audio	Note	Zeit
Rad. Qatar  	Vollp	arab	JSC	11.080H	7,00	S	14-10h
Hrvatska Radyo	Vollp	kroat	HRT	10.987H	7,02	S	17-0.3h
Kossuth Radio  	Infos	ungar	DunaTV	11.596H	7,02	W	
Petoefi        	Kultur	ungar	DunaTV	11.596H	7,38	W	
Eurosport Ung.	TV-Ton	ungar	DunaTV	11.596H	7,74	W	
RTM            	Infos	arab	RTM	10.972V	7,02	W	
RTM Int/Rabat	Infos	arab	RTM	10.972V	7,38	W	
RTM (Berber)	Vollp	arab	RTM 	10.972V	7,56	W	
Radio 1        	Vollp	arab	TV Alg.	11.095V	7,02	S	
Radio 2        	Vollp	arab	TV Alg.	11.095V	7,20	S	
La Chaine 3  	Vollp	ara/fra	TV Alg.	11.095V	7,38	S	
Ra. Al. Culture	Kultur	arab	TV Alg.	11.095V	7,56	S	
unknown radio	diverse	diverse	TV Alg.	11.095V	7,74	S	
Voi. of Arabs	Vollp	arab	ESC	11.178V	7,02	W	
Gr. Cairo Rad.	Vollp	arab	ESC	11.178V	7,20	W	
Midd. Ea. Stat.	Folkl.	arab	ESC	11.178V	7,38	W	
ERTU Culture	Kultur	arab	ESC	11.178V	7,56	W	
Radio Tirana	Unterh	alban	TVSH 	11.576V	7,20	S	18.3-20.3h
RTT Internat.	Infos	mehrsp	TV7 Tu.	11.658V	7,02	W	
RTT Tunesia	Unterh	arab	TV7 Tu.	11.658V	7,20	W	

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