Transponder NEWS Charts 18-19/97 (12.5.97)

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Transponder NEWS Charts Ausgabe 18-19/97 - Stand 12.5.1997
Programm	Bemerkung	Date	QRG	Video	Audio
TURKSAT 1 B, 31 Grad Ost E					
TRT Internat.	has started  	24h   	11.008V	PAL    	6,60/no
ARABSAT 2 B, 30 Grad Ost E					
BAZTAB TV  	has started   	mi-so	4.085r	PAL    	6,60
KOPERNIKUS DFS 2 FM2, 28,5 Grad Ost E					
Formula 1 Feeds	live-transmi.	occas	12.692H	MPEG2	digital
Formula 1 Feeds	live-transmi.	occas	12.658V	MPEG2	digital
ASTRA 1 A-F, 19,2 Grad Ost E					
Channel 5 (s*)	has started   	23.04.	10.921H	PAL   	7,02-7,2
Adult Chann(*)	has started   	02.04.	11.362H	PAL    	7,02-7,20
evosonic fm   	has started   	01.05.	11.391H	RADIO	7,02-7,20
Phoenix      	teletext on-air	24h  	10.892H	PAL    	7,02-7,20
empty carrier	has started   	24h  	10.964H	ADR  	6,84
EUTELSAT II-F3, 16 Grad Ost E					
TMF TV 9     	will cease      	???? 	11.024H	MPEG2	digital
Euro 7         	will start       	???? 	11.024H	MPEG2	digital
Erotic-movies	owner unknown	1-5h	10.987H	PAL   	6,60
RendezVous(*)	has ceased  	1-5h	10.987H	D2MAC	digital
Libyen TV   	has started  	24h    	11.617V	PAL    	6,60
Occasi. News	transmissions	occas	12.540H	MPEG2	digital
EUTELSAT II-F1/Hot Bird 1+2, 13 Grad Ost E					
Kinderkanal 	abgeschaltet 	6-19h	11.055H	PAL   	7,02-7,20
arte [dt/franz]	abgeschaltet 	19-3h	11.055H	PAL   	7,02-7,20
VoA Radios  	has started  	24h    	11.422V	MPEG2	digital
Radio Asia  	test-transmiss.	occas	11.305H	MPEG2	digital
Fashion TV  	test-transmiss.	24h    	11.305H	MPEG2	digital
EUTELSAT II-F2, 10 Grad Ost E					
Maks Top    	occasionally 	sa/so	11.658V	PAL   	6,60
Pink Television	new times: su	10-18h	11.658V	PAL   	6,60
RTS SAT    	new times:  	17-0h	11.658V	PAL   	6,60
Occasi. News	transmissions	occas	11.658V	PAL   	6,60
AMOS 1, 4 Grad West W					
Babylon Blue 	has started  	23-2h	11.345H	PAL   	6,60
HBO Package*	full encrypted	24h  	11.224H	MPEG2	digital
Occasi. News	transmissions 	occas	11.138H	PAL   	6,60
TELECOM 2 B/D, 5 Grad West W					
Fra. Package	has started  	24h   	11.492V	MPEG2	digital
INTELSAT 601, 27,5 Grad West W					
MCE Package	comes parallel	24h   	11.587V	MPEG2	digital
TV Festival  	from Cannes 97	occas	11.012H	PAL    	6,60
HISPASAT 1 A+B, 30 Grad West W					
Antena 3 TV  	test-transmis.	10-14h	12.456l	PAL   	6,60
Telefonica Pak.	back again   	24h   	12.631H	MPEG2	digital
Telefonica Pak.	back again  	24h   	12.592H	MPEG2	digital
ORION 1, 37,5 Grad West W					
BAZTAB TV  	has started   	19-20h	12.686H	PAL   	6,60

*  codiert/encrypted
(*) teilweise codiert/partly encrypted

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