Transponder NEWS Chart 3/97 (19.1.97)

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Transponder NEWS Charts Ausgabe 3/97 - Stand 19.1.1997					
Programm	Bemerkung	Date	QRG	Video	Audio
KOPERNIKUS DFS 2 FM2, 28,5 Grad Ost E					
Czech digitalp.	test-transmis.	night	11.475H	MPEG2	digital
KOPERNIKUS DFS 1 FM3, 23,5 Grad Ost E					
VOX/DCTP    	abgeschaltet 	13.01.	11.601V	PAL    	7,02-7,20
RTL Radio-Old	abgeschaltet	13.01.	11.601V	RADIO	7,38-7,56
Deutschlfunk	abgeschaltet	13.01.	11.601V	RADIO	7,74-7,92
arte/Kinderkan.	Abschaltung	31.01.	11.549V	PAL   	7,02-7,20
ASTRA 1 A-F, 19,2 Grad Ost E					
Sogecable    	new line-up  	24h   	12.363V	MPEG2	digital
QVC Germany	Teletext back	24h   	10.759V	PAL   	7,02-7,20
TV Vandaag  	on Test1-chann.	24h   	12.441V	MPEG2	digital
RTL Austria   	in the clear  	24h   	11.915H	MPEG2	digital
EUTELSAT II-F3, 16 Grad Ost E					
SNAI TV       	is back again	occas	11.163H	PAL   	6,60
Euro 7         	has ceased  	13.01.	11.555H	PAL  	6,60
Euro 7         	new times:  	10-14h	11.080H	PAL  	6,60
ART Europe 	new times:  	24h   	11.555H	PAL	6,60
VoA Serbia   	has ceased  	23-23.3	11.555H	PAL	6,60
ART Europe	will cease    	20.01.	11.095V	PAL   	6,60
Qa`im Channel	now daily      	0-2h	11.163H	PAL   	7,02-7,20
TV Algerien  	will switch tp.	20.01.	11.095V	PAL   	6,60
TV Eurotica * 	new times:   	2-6.3h	11.163H	PAL	7,02-7,20
EUTELSAT II-F1/Hot Bird 1+2, 13 Grad Ost E					
Kinderkanal 	has started   	13.01.	11.055H	PAL  	7,02-7,20
MCM Euromu.	will be encryp.	3/97	11.308H	PAL  	7,02-7,20
free channel	(ex Telepiu)  	24h   	12.542V	no   	no   
Telepiu pack(*)	new line-up  	14.01.	diverse	MPEG2	digital
Telepiu pack.	will cease    	15.02.	HB 1   	MPEG2	digital
BBC World R.	will cease soon	24h   	11.620V	RADIO	diverse
AB Sat Promo	has started  	17.01.	11.766V	PAL  	6,60
ART Digitalpa.	will start soon	24h   	12.015H	MPEG2	digital
RAI Digital    	has ceased     	17.01.	11.766V	MPEG2	digital
EUTELSAT II-F2, 10 Grad Ost E					
Genc TV      	has started  	24h   	12.715H	MPEG2	digital
RTP Internati.	will cease    	soon 	11.658V	PAL   	6,60
TV SAT 2, 0,6 Grad West W					
Sci-Fi-Chann	encrypted     	24h   	12.054l	D2MAC	digital
3 + Danmark	encrypted     	24h   	11.977l	D2MAC	digital
INTELSAT 601, 27,5 Grad West W					
Radio Courses	has started  	daily	11.592H	RADIO	8,10
Rad.Courses2	has started   	daily	11.592H	RADIO 	7,92
HISPASAT 1 A+B, 30 Grad West W					
Canal Classico	with teletext 	24h   	12.226l	PAL   	7,02-7,20
Telefonica pa.	new line-up  	24h   	12.592H	MPEG2	digital
Telefonica pa.	new line-up  	24h   	12.632H	MPEG2	digital
VH 1 UK     	has started  	24h   	12.456l	MPEG2	digital
ORION 1, 37,5 Grad West W					
BBC Feed   	has started  	19-20h	12.604V	MPEG2	digital
MED TV       	has started  	night	11.605V	MPEG2	digital

* codiert/encrypted
(*) codiert, mit "clear windows"/encrypted, with "clear windows"

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