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Sorry, folks. The part of the world where Sat-ND news usually come from
is once more performing a strange, atavistic ritual by the name of
Easter. Ridiculously enough, it not only involves boiling eggs and
painting them, it also demands buying plastic eggs and placing them in
trees or bushes. At last in Germany, where an estimated gazillion of
those plastic eggs have been sold (and blown away by the Easter storms
once deployed.) Christians -- I'm not one, by the way -- can be pathetic
sometimes, can't they?

The bottom line, however, is this: don't expect anything from Sat-ND
until next Wednesday or so because satellite operators, launch providers
and even Rupert Murdoch will take a break from business.

Should you do the same, maybe you can do me a favour and answer a simple
question. Do you really need Sat-ND delivered to your mailbox?

There are almost as many mail clients in use as plastic eggs in German
bushes. As it turned out, half of those mail clients are not really
compatible with what I send out, no matter what I try. Over the years, I
received complaints about crippled messages, broken-up lines, texts
without any line breaks, strange symbols like =20 inserted, empty
messages, and of course lots of Emails from morons who keep sending *me*
Majordomo commands such as "unsubscribe".  Let alone those auto-responder
messages saying that Alfred E. Neumann is out of office right now because
he's on a three-months trip to the Canary Islands but will undoubdtedly
read my message later. 

Frankly, I'm fed up with all that -- it's just a waste of bandwidth and
disk space.

The way in which Sat-ND is distributed obviously seems to trouble many of
you as well as me in the end. I would like to hit everybody who reads
this to hit their Reply button *right now*. Simply answer this question:
Should Sat-ND continue to be delivered via Email in the future, or should
I set up a plain-vanilla WWW page which is updated more or less on a
daily basis, which carries the same content as usual, but would by the
way will look much better than that plain text you get right now?
(Although it would contain no frames, no whistles, no bells, I promise.
Just standard HTML everybody should be able to read. Maybe even with Lynx
under Linux :-)

Your reply may contain whatever you want; detailed comments or just the
word "Email" or "Web." Or just type "E" or "W." 

Whatever you send, though, should have the subject line "Re: Sat-ND,
28.3.97" because it will be filtered out and put into a special folder.

Thank you very much for your co-operation. Of course, I will keep you
updated on the outcome of this survey.

Cheers -- PC Klanowski

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