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Looking for a specific satellite...
...and its current position? Just have a look at our revamped list of
geostationary satellites. It is best viewed with web browsers capable of
displaying frames (Netscape Navigator 2.0 or higher, Oracle Power Browser
1.0 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 alpha). A no-frames version
is displayed when you access the list with other browsers, but they should
at least know how to cope with tables. 
In either case, you will be able to have a world-wide look at the
so-called Clarke belt, ordered by position. From there, you can access the
satellites' positions as measured by NASA during the last 30 days.
Besides, the launch date is shown as well as the country or organisation
from where the satellite originated. This data is extracted from NASA's
monthly satellite situation reports. As this service is still in an
experimental stage, the calculated results such as position, drift, etc.
may be accurate or not (but they are believed to be usable for practical
means.) And anyway, suggestions are very welcome.

Rock the Net
For the first time, a rock concert will be staged exclusively for the
Internet next Thursday. It features the Finnish band CMX, which style has
been described as a blend of punk, heavy metal and pop. Although there
have been live transmissions of similar events on the Net before, they
have also been available on other media outlets. This time, it will be
different. Telecom Finland, actively researching online multimedia, will
present the concert using Xing Technology's Streamworks technology. The
happening can be watched live on June 30, 1400 UTC. From 1900 UTC, the
concert will be repeated continuously for 24 hours. 
Live: http:/www.mtv3.fi/
Repeat: http:/www.music.helsinki.fi/cmx/

Inter... vot?
Germans are Internet illiterates. According to a survey published by
German magazine "PC-Welt", more than three quarters of the country's
population have never heard of the Internet before. However, this is not a
European problem. In the Netherlands, more than 50 percent know about the
Internet, and in Sweden the rate is even higher: 75 percent.

I noticed Indy 500 in NTSC on 11.635 GHz at PAS-3R (45W) live for CANAL+
and Sky. During transmission the signal faded, and when only sparkles were
left on my 1.2m dish CANAL+ still produced a - noisy - picture. But only
for some time, then they also had to give in. My French is non-existing,
but I think the commentator said something about 'météo' - weather
problems I suppose. Signal was restored after about 20 minutes or so.
(Mogens Poulsen)

Thaiwave (EUTELSAT II-F3, 16E) today announced that scrambling now was
immanent. Neither the exact date nor the encryption system were given.
However, from recent statements it was obvious that Nagravision (also
known as Syster) will probably be used. Thaiwave can be seen on 11.163 GHz
h from 1800 to 0000 UTC (1330 to 0000 UTC on Saturday and Sunday.) (Stefan

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