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                                                    July, 14

  IRIDIUM Successfully Launches Five Additional Satellites
  Norsat Appointed Distributor
  MGM Restructures MGM Worldwide
  British Telecom Buy Of MCI Cleared By Justice Department
  Seven Network Buys Asian Satellite Service
  Guy Lanni named vice president at  Columbia
  CRTC aprroves four new services
  Egypt to Launch First Satellite in November
  XIPS-power satellite launch marking era
  Russia to use RS-20s for commercial satellite launches
  Vyvx, Inc. 'Backhauls' Major League Baseball
  HNS to Supply Satellite Equipment
  Upcoming Launches
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  In Brief

  IRIDIUM Successfully Launches Five Additional Satellites

     A McDonnell Douglas Delta II rocket blasted into space
carrying five additional IRIDIUM system satellites to low-
Earth orbit.  The launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in
California was the second in a planned series of eight Delta
II launches that will place in orbit a total of forty out of
sixty-six operational IRIDIUM satellites that comprise the
IRIDIUM system.
     The first five IRIDIUM satellites were launched on May
5, 1997 on a Delta II rocket.  Another seven IRIDIUM
satellites were launched on June 18 aboard a Proton rocket,
manufactured by Iridium LLC investor Khrunichev Enterprise.
The balance of the 66-satellite network is scheduled to be
deployed throughout 1997 and into early 1998, with Worldwide
commercial service introduction planned for late 1998.
Iridium LLC has a $3.45 billion fixed-price contract with
Motorola, Inc. to manufacture, launch, and operate the
IRIDIUM satellite network, as well as to construct various
ground control facilities to manage the orbiting satellite
constellation.  In addition, Iridium LLC has executed a
$2.88 billion follow-on Operations and Maintenance contract
with Motorola for ongoing maintenance of the IRIDIUM
network, including additional satellite manufacture and
launches for replenishment of the satellite constellation
through 2002.  Iridium LLC has an option to extend the
Operations and Maintenance contract by two years.
     The Delta II rocket lifted off the launch pad at 6:04
a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).  Successful separation of
the five satellites occurred 85 minutes after lift-off.  The
five satellites will be manoeuvred into their respective
positions within the third orbital plane of satellites,
enabling significant testing of various aspects of the space
system ranging from intersatellite links to communications
with subscriber equipment.
                Norsat Appointed Distributor

     Norsat International Inc. reports its Canadian consumer
satellite distribution division, Aurora Distributing, has
been appointed an authorised equipment distributor for the
Star Choice Television Network, a Canadian direct-to-home
(DTH) satellite television provider.
     Under an agreement with Star Choice Marketing Inc.,
Aurora will distribute, through its nine branch offices, the
General Instrument model 921 satellite system for the
reception of Star Choice programming.  In addition, Aurora
will share in programming revenues generated by subscriber
contracts authorised through its dealer network.

                MGM Restructures MGM Worldwide

        Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. will restructure its
television organisation and rename it the MGM Worldwide
Television Group.
     John P. Symes has been named president of the Group,
and assumed additional responsibilities for international
pay and free television operations, including distribution,
channel ownership, television co-production and co-
     Symes will also oversee the expansion of MGM Gold, the
studio's first satellite-delivered branded Hollywood
entertainment channel.  In addition to MGM Gold, the MGM
Worldwide Television Group also has international channel
investments in Australia's Movie Vision, Japan's Star
Channel, Latin America's CineCanal and Brazil's Telecine.
  British Telecom Buy Of MCI Cleared By Justice Department

        The Justice Department approved  with conditions the
$24 billion acquisition of MCI Communications Corp. by
British Telecommunications PLC.  This merger would be the
largest-ever foreign acquisition of a U.S. company.
     The transaction was approved by European regulators in
May but must still win approval from the Federal
Communications Commission and state regulatory agencies.
While no new roadblocks are expected, the FCC could impose
added requirements to ensure future competition.
     MCI's DBS license could be a stumbling block. The FCC
has to consider whether BT is a qualified owner under FCC
rules. Currently, foreign companies can not own more than
25% of an FCC licensee without a waiver.
         Seven Network Buys Asian Satellite Service

     Seven Network Ltd has acquired Asian satellite service
Australia Television from the Australian government-owned
Australian Broadcasting Corp. for an undisclosed sum.
`Australia Television - formed by the Australian
Broadcasting Corp. four years ago - provides a free-to-air
English language satellite television service which covers
most of the Asia Pacific region, reaching as far north as
Beijing, as far east as Western Samoa and as far west as

       ExpressVu Inc.  has revealed the price of the
ExpressVu DISH Network set-top box and dish that will be
available later this summer.Three digital set-top boxes_The
3500, 4500 and 5000 models_with a remote control and a 60 cm
(24'') dish, will be priced from $599 to $999.
     The 3500 model ($599 ) includes basic system features
such as: MPEG-2/DVB compliance, interconnection with digital
videodisc players, VCRs and data communication networks; a
high-speed data port; system software upgradeable via
     The 4500 model ($749) includes the basic system
features and a UHF universal remote
     The 5000 ($999) features a local link which allows the
Electronic Program Guide to include local programming
listings and switching between satellite TV and local

     ExpressVu also has signed retail agreements with
another four of Canada's leading retailers_Future Shop, The
North West Company, Sears and Wal-Mart Canada.
     In May, the company announced retail partnerships with
Aventure Electronique, The Bay, Bell Mobility, Kmart, London
Drugs, Real Canadian Superstores and True Value Hardware
Stores to sell the ExpressVu DISH Network system.
 Guy Lanni named vice president at  Columbia Communications

     Guy J. Lanni has been appointed vice president at
Columbia Communications Corporation.
     Most recently, Lanni has been a telecommunications
consultant to several firms.  He also served as vice
president of PanAmSat's Digital Network Division.  Prior to
PanAmSat, he held a key sales management position at MCI.
     Columbia Communications markets its SkyWay family of
domestic, international and maritime telecommunications via
the COLUMBIA/TDRSS Satellite System with two spacecraft over
the AOR (Atlantic Ocean Region) and one stationed over the
POR (Pacific Ocean Region).
               CRTC aprroves four new services

Canal Indigo

     Canal Indigo has received approval for a new  nation
video-on-demand service. The Commission approved the
application for a broadcasting licence for a national,
digital, French-language video-on-demand (VOD) programming
undertaking. The service will be delivered, via satellite or
other links, to affiliated terrestrial distribution
undertakings, and onwards to individual subscribers.
     Canal Indigo S.E.N.C. (Canal Indigo) is a general
partnership of four Canadian  broadcasting groups: the
Partners of Viewer's Choice Canada (VCC), having a 40%
partnership interest; and Cogeco Radio-Television inc.
(Cogeco), Reseau de Television Quatre Saisons inc. (Quatre
Saisons), and Tele-Metropole inc. (Tele-Metropole), each
with a 20% partnership interest. The partners currently hold
licences to carry on a national pay-per-view (PPV) and a
national direct-to-home (DTH) PPV undertaking, both
operating in the French language.
Viewer's Choice Canada

     Viewer's Choice Canada, has been approved for a new
national video-on-demand service. The Commission approved
the application for a broadcasting licence for a national,
digital, English-language video-on-demand (VOD) programming
     Following a Public Hearing in the National Capital
Region beginning on 17 March 1997, the Commission has
approved the application for a broadcasting licence for a
national, digital, English- and French-language video-on-
demand (VOD) programming undertaking. The applicant is to be
operated as a General Partnership between Alliance
Communications Corporation (Alliance) and Shaw
Communications Inc. (Shaw), each having a 50% interest.
Alliance is Canada's largest independent film and television
production and distribution company. Its current broadcast
holdings include controlling interests in two specialty
television programming undertakings.

     Allarcom Pay Television Limited also received
permission for a new national video-on-demand service The
application was for a broadcasting licence for a national,
digital, English- and French-language video-on-demand (VOD)
programming undertaking.
     Allarcom Pay Television Limited (Allarcom) is the
licensee of two English-language pay television programming
undertakings (SuperChannel and MOVIEMAX), and of a pay-per-
view (PPV) and a direct-to-home PPV programming undertaking,
all of which are licensed to serve Western Canada.
         Egypt to Launch First Satellite in November

     Egypt's first satellite NILESAT will be launched in
November. The French-made satellite, will have 12
transponders each airing six digital programs. Ground
facilities necessary for the operation of the 158-million-
dollar satellite have been completed at the October 6 City
in southern Cairo. The lifespan of the NILESAT is estimated
at a minimum of 12 years.
           XIPS-power satellite launch marking era

     Aerospace experts are counting down to a new era for
commercial satellites with the approaching launch of
PanAmSat Corp.'s PAS-5 satellite. It is equipped with
revolutionary thrusters and is set for launch next month.
(ZIHPS) thrusters powered by ionized xenon gas, should keep
it on orbit five years longer than the average 15-year,
liquid-propellant satellite.

   Russia to use RS-20s for commercial satellite launches

     Russia's decommissioned ballistic missiles SS-18 (RS-
20), will be used to launch commercial satellites. The
missiles will be used at the Russian launch centre Plesetsk,
Arkhangelsk region as Rokot boosters. The Russian government
has ordered to adapt Plesetsk's launch-pad of Kosmos rockets
for the Rokot.  The first launch is planned in early 1998.
After the Plesetsk launch-pads are remade, some six Rokot
boosters will lift off yearly with commercial satellites.
        Vyvx, Inc. 'Backhauls' Major League Baseball

     Complete broadcast coverage of the 1997 All-Star Game
in Cleveland, Ohio,  was transmitted across the U.S. for
uplinking to 204 countries by fibre-optic.
     Vyvx transmitted the All-Star Game from Jacobs Field in
Cleveland to various teleports on the east and west coasts
for uplinking to Asia, Europe, Central and South America.
This is the second year in a row that Vyvx has furnished the
major fibre feed for the All-Star Game.  In addition, Vyvx
is providing MLBI with leased satellite space segment to

              HNS to Supply Satellite Equipment

     Hughes Network Systems, Inc. will supply Sistemas
Tecnicos de Loterias del Estado (STL) with Spain's first
VSAT-based lottery network. The contract, which is valued at
approximately $10 million, will provide on-line lottery
services nation-wide.  HNS will deliver its Integrated
Satellite Business Network consisting of Ku-Band earth
stations, fully redundant satellite and baseband equipment.
     The network, which will use the HISPASAT 1A satellite,
is scheduled to be operational in early September of this
year.  A total of 2,400 VSATs will be commissioned and in
service by that time.

     Next Ariane Launch          Next Atlas/Delta Launch
   PAS 6 --August 7, 1997      SuperBird C-- July 25, 1997
         Flight 98
Satellite          PAS -6
Manufacturer    Space Systems
Type               FS 1300
Stabilisation      3-axis
Payload          36 Ku Band
Coverage        Argentina and
Orbital            43 East
Mission          DBS Service
                          In Brief

"    Classic Sports Network is exploring a possible sale to
 either the Walt Disney Co. or FOX. Classic Sports has nearly
 11 million subscribers nationally including cable and
 satellite delivery.

"    A federal appeals court has upheld a preliminary
 injunction won by Time Warner Inc. that is keeping Rupert
 Murdoch's Fox News and Bloomberg Informational Television
 off a municipal cable television channel.

"    Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp. has signed a letter
 of intent to purchase Salgotarjan Cable TV Ltd.

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