SAT-NA April 21, 1997

                                                 Volume Five
                                                   April, 21

                This week in Sat-na
  Arianespace Flight 95
  PBS Selects GE Americom For National Distribution
  Jacor buys NSN Network Services
  JVC To Expanded Echostar's Distribution
  AlphaStar Expansion Of Canadian Distribution Network
  CBS Selects Harris Corporation For Digital Television
  Orbital Set to Launch Spain's Minisat Satellite
  Portugal Telecom and Telefonica Sign Agreement
  DIRECTV  Signs Three Channels
  U.S.-Japanese Begin Tests of New High Definition Video
  INTELSAT Assembly of Parties Makes Significant Progress
  PanAmSat-Hughes Communications Galaxy Merger Receives
  Final U.S. Approval
  Skytel To Expand In Chile
  National Geographic Channel To Launch
  California Microwave Supplies Satellite Earth Station
  Meeting of Arianespace Board of Directors
  Spice Continues European Growth With French License
  Upcoming Launches
  In Brief

                    Arianespace Flight 95

     Arianespace successfully launched Thailand's third
telecommunications satellite, Thaicom 3, and the Japanese
direct-broadcast satellite BSAT-1a.
     Flight 95 was carried out by an Ariane 44LP, the
version of the European launcher with two solid-propellant
and two liquid-propellant strap-on boosters.  This was the
66th Ariane 4 launcher from a total of 96 ordered from the
European space industry.
     Lift-off from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French
Guiana, took place on Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at  8:08
p.m. local time in Kourou
     Provisional parameters at third stage injection into
geostationary transfer orbit were:
"    Perigee:  199.0 km for 199.2 (+/- 3) km intended,
"    Apogee:  35,936 km for 35,959(+/- 150) km intended,
"    Inclination:  6.99 degrees for 7.00 degrees (+/- 0.05
 degrees) intended.

     Thaicom 3, the third Thai satellite  was commissioned
by the private company Shinawatra Satellite, within the
scope of a contract with Aerospatiale, it was built at
Aerospatiale's Cannes manufacturing facility in southern
France.  Thaicom 3 weighed 2,650 kg (5,830 lb.) at lift-off,
and is equipped with 39 C- and Ku-band transponders.  It
will complete Thailand's national satellite
telecommunications system, along with Thaicom 1 and 2,
launched respectively on Flight 62 on December 17, 1993, and
Flight 68, on October 7, 1984.
     BSAT-1a is the 10th Japanese satellite to be launched
from Kourou, out of the 12 launch service contracts
Arianespace has signed to date in Japan.  It was built and
delivered in orbit by Hughes Space & Communications
International of El Segundo, California.

     The satellite will be stationed at 110 degrees East
longitude, replacing BS-3 spacecraft currently being used
for DBS services, including Hi-Vision broadcasts, by Japan
Broadcasting Corp.'s NHK, Japan Satellite Broadcasting
Inc.'s WOWOW, and others.  The satellite has more than 12.5
years of propellant life.
     BSAT-1a carries four active and four spare high-power
transponders in Ku-band, using 106-watt travelling-wave tube
amplifiers.  EIRP coverage over Japan will be equivalent to
those of the current BS-3 spacecraft.
     The next launch, Flight 96, is scheduled for May 13.
An Ariane 44P launch vehicle will be used to place into
orbit the PAS-6 direct television broadcast satellite for
PanAmSat. PAS-6 will cover the South American DTH Market.
      PBS Selects GE Americom For National Distribution

     PBS and GE Americom signed an agreement to provide PBS
with satellite distribution services using GE Americom's
next generation satellite fleet.  PBS will use the new
satellite system to transmit its array of national
programming and educational services to public television
stations and audiences nation-wide.
     The multi-transponder, long-term agreement makes PBS a
major user of GE's Ku-band and C-band capacity on GE
Americom's GE-3 and GE-1 satellites.  The service is
expected to begin in late 1997.  The contract provides PBS
with transponder space for new digital television services,
and ensures long-term capacity for growth in PBS's
educational resources for Americans of all ages.
     PBS is the nation's largest provider of lifelong
satellite-delivered learning services to the public.  The
PBS Educational Neighbourhood includes PBS's Ready to Learn
Service for children, instructional programming for K-12,
the PBS Adult Learning Service for college students, Going
the Distance college degree program for at-home learners,
teacher training in math and science, and Business Channel
courses sent directly to the workplace.  GE-3 and GE-1 will
also transmit PBS's National Program Service, the complete
schedule of children's, prime time and weekend programs PBS
distributes to its member stations.  In addition, the
satellite will be used for the distribution of public
television's regional and station services.

               Jacor buys NSN Network Services

     Jacor Communications, Inc. has purchased the assets of
NSN Network Services, Ltd., a leading provider of satellite
and network services for the radio and Internet industry.
     NSN will provide Jacor with back-office backbone,
Internet and other capabilities that will allow cost-
efficient operations of the expanding radio company. In
addition, Jacor intends to use these capabilities to pursue
state-of-the-art program delivery for its growing
syndication business.
     NSN will also remain a provider of networking services
for other radio broadcasting companies, and will continue
its business designing and  installing satellite systems for
paging, private and remote office telephone and data links,
and world-wide Internet services
     Jacor paid $11 million for NSN's assets, of which $1.65
million is Jacor common stock. Jacor said NSN's management
will remain associated with the company.

           JVC To Expanded Echostar's Distribution

     EchoStar plans to enter a strategic alliance with JVC
Company of America.
     JVC will private label and distribute the DISH Network
satellite television system through the JVC national retail
network.  The program is scheduled to begin in May.
     The following three digital set-top boxes will carry
the JVC brand name when distributed through the JVC national
retail network:

          Model TU3500SU

"    Infrared Universal Remote Control
"    High Speed Data Port
"    On-screen Program Guide - complete program listings
"    Program Browse - allows channel surfing of schedule
while watching current program
"    V-chip for Parental Control of child programming access
 based on ratings and content

          Model TU4500DU

"    UHF Universal Remote Control
"    High Speed Data Port
"    Event Timers
"    IR blaster - controls VCR to record programmed shows
"    On-screen Program Guide - complete program listings
"    Program Browse - allows channel surfing of schedule
while watching current program
"    V-chip for Parental Control of child programming access
 based on ratings and content

          Model TU5500DU

"    UHF Universal Remote Control
"    Seamless Off-Air channel interface (Local TV Link)
"    Caller ID
"    High Speed Data Port
"    Event Timers
"    Local link - Seamless Program Guide includes local
programming listings and switching between satellite TV and
local programming
"    Auxiliary input - Allows you to easily view your
 laserdisc or VCR directly through your satellite TV system

    AlphaStar Expansion Of Canadian Distribution Network

     AlphaStar Canada Inc. has signed sales agency and
retail distribution agreements with four major players in
the Canadian consumer electronics marketplace. AlphaStar
Canada's new distribution partners are:

"    CANTREX, Canada's largest consumer electronics buying
 group with 1,100 member stores. The company provides bulk-
 discount buying of consumer electronics products on behalf
 of its members.
"    Jonic International, a premier sales agency of ten
years which assists in the distribution of consumer
electronics products to 700 independent stores across
"    Le Clef de Sol, the largest independent chain (100
stores) of consumer electronics stores in the Province of
"    Visions, a 21-store consumer electronics retailer with
 a strong emphasis on customer service. The group offers zero
 percent financing and a ``points'' program for purchasers.

    CBS Selects Harris Corporation For Digital Television

      Harris has entered into an agreement to provide
analogue and digital television (DTV) transmitter equipment
for the 14 CBS-owned television stations.  The exclusive
master purchase agreement also allows CBS-affiliated
stations to participate.
     CBS owns 14 television stations in many of the nation's
largest markets including: WCBS-TV, New York; KCBS-TV, Los
Angeles; WBBM-TV, Chicago; KYW-TV, Philadelphia; KPIX-TV,
San Francisco; WBZ-TV, Boston; WWJ-TV, Detroit; WCCO-TV,
Minneapolis;  WFOR-TV, Miami; KCNC-TV, Denver; KDKA-TV,
Pittsburgh; WJZ-TV, Baltimore; KUTV-TV, Salt Lake City, and
WFRV-TV, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

       Orbital Set to Launch Spain's Minisat Satellite

     Orbital Sciences Corporation is planning to launch
Spain's first scientific satellite, MiniSat, into low-Earth
orbit on Monday, April 21, 1997.
     The Spanish-built satellite will be boosted into orbit
by Orbital's air-launched Pegasus XL rocket.  Proceeding
with the April 21 launch is contingent upon final
preparations and testing, as well as acceptable weather
conditions.  A small secondary payload from Celestis, Inc.
will also fly on the mission.
     This mission will be the first-ever satellite launch to
originate and be controlled from Western Europe. Pegasus
will deliver MiniSat into its planned circular orbit at an
altitude of 587 kilometres inclined at 151 degrees.  The
launch is set for 1200 G.M.T., with an available time window
that extends from 1152 to 1208 G.M.T.
     The 195 kilogram MiniSat satellite is designed to
perform several scientific missions, including the study of
background radiation in the extreme ultraviolet range, the
behaviour of liquid bridges in micro-gravity conditions and
the investigation of low-energy gamma radiation.

       Portugal Telecom and Telefonica Sign Agreement

            Portugal Telecom  and  Telefonica of Spain
signed a Co-operative Agreement which is aimed at maximising
benefits to both companies from the globalisation and
convergence in technology and services in the
telecommunications sector.  The main focus of the co-
operation will be in the areas of international expansion,
and the development of quality of service.

     As part of the agreement, the two companies have agreed
to cross equity stakes, with Telefonica acquiring 3.5% of
Portugal Telecom's share capital during the next phase of
its privatisation expected later this year, and Portugal
Telecom acquiring 1% of Telefonica's share capital.
     Within the Agreement, the companies will work to
achieve common objectives in the Brazilian market
     Portugal Telecom and Telefonica intend to jointly
participate in the various privatisations that are expected
to occur in Brazil, on an equal and balanced basis with
Portugal Telecom assuming the lead in some transactions_both
in terms of equity contributions and responsibilities_and
Telefonica in others.  The two companies will decide jointly
on the inclusion of other Brazilian or international
investors in each of the privatisations considered. In
addition Portugal Telecom may take a minority stake in
CRT(Companhia Riograndense do Sul de Telecomunicacoes) a
Brazilian fixed line telephone network operator, in which a
consortium including Telefonica recently acquired 35% of the
voting shares.

                DIRECTV  Signs Three Channels

     DIRECTV International, Inc. has signed a memorandum of
understanding  with NBC Asia and BET International as a
consignor for DIRECTV JAPAN, the digital, direct-to-home
service scheduled to launch this fall.
     NBC Asia's agreement with DTVI would mark NBC's first
entry into the Japanese market.  NBC is currently the most
popular and highest-rated broadcast network in the United
     When the agreement is finalised with DTVI, NBC will
move forward with its plan to create a special channel for
the Japanese market, combining programming from NBC in the
U.S. and its cable networks CNBC and MSNBC.  This 24-hour
channel will combine news programs from Asia and the United
States, arts and documentary programming, popular U.S.
sports, television dramas, talk shows and children's
programming.  Japanese viewers can expect to see some of
NBC's premiere programming, including the network's news and
talk shows such as Best of the Today Show, NBC Nightly News
Live, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Dateline.  In
addition, hot-ticket sports events will be part of the line-
up, including World Cup of Golf, Breeders' Cup and Notre
Dame Football.  This new channel will be available for the
first time nation-wide in Japan when DIRECTV JAPAN launches
its nearly-100 channel service.
     Black Entertainment Television has also agreed in
principle to join DIRECTV JAPAN's programming line-up.  BET
International will be creating a new channel for the
Japanese market, BET on Jazz International.  BET on Jazz
International will embrace all forms of jazz and is designed
to entertain the jazz aficionado as well as the novice with
music performances, international and national jazz
festivals, music videos, interviews with the world's leading
jazz artists, concerts and biographical features.  The
channel will also include programs from BET's  U.S. cable
channel, which delivers an exciting mix of entertainment,
sports, music, news and public affairs.
     "DTVI looks forward to concluding these deals on behalf
of DIRECTV JAPAN," said Henry Watson, director of
international programming, DIRECTV JAPAN.  "We believe the
Japanese market will embrace these popular international
networks as part of DIRECTV JAPAN's premiere programming

MCM International signed a memorandum of understanding with
DTVI also.  The agreement in principle would position MCM
Asia on DIRECTV JAPAN as the first French channel to be
broadcast on a Japanese television platform.  When a final
agreement has been reached with DTVI, MCM International
would provide exclusive basic DTH carriage rights for the
DIRECTV JAPAN platform.  MCM Asia, the French-speaking
musical channel launched in August 1996 in the European
bouquet on Asiasat 2, is broadcast in most Asian and
Oceanian countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China
and India.

   U.S.-Japanese Begin Tests of New High Definition Video

     Government and industry teams in the United States and
Japan have begun a series of experiments to test the
transmission of high definition video, computer data, high
resolution images and video signals over the Pacific Ocean
via an combination of satellite links and fibre optic cable.
      A number of these tests, including an experiment
currently under way, are planned for coming years to develop
techniques, standards, and protocols for the satellite
transmission of high data rate images and scientific data,
which until now have been transmitted solely via fibre optic
     The first experiment, currently being conducted, tests
the ability of satellites to carry high-definition video
signals from Tokyo to California, for such potential
applications as transcontinental editing of movies and
television programs shot on HDV and transmission of HDV
features directly to movie theatres.  Specific goals include
sending and receiving images back and forth across the ocean
in real time using a moderate amount of compression, and
sending master tapes back and forth in slightly less than
real time without any compression.
     For this experiment, a Sony Research Laboratory
facility in Tokyo is now linked via fibre optic cable to an
Earth station in Otemachi, then to the GTE Hawaiian Tel
Earth station in Hawaii via an Intelsat satellite, from
there to an Earth station at the Tripler Army Medical Centre
in Hawaii via fibre optic cable, from Hawaii to a downlink
at JPL's Woodbury Supercomputer Centre in Altadena, CA, via
NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)
and, finally, via fibre optic cable to the Sony Pictures
High Definition Centre in Culver City, CA.

   INTELSAT Assembly of Parties Makes Significant Progress
     The 21st meeting of the INTELSAT Assembly of Parties
made significant progress in the restructuring of the
INTELSAT Organisation and established a new Working Party to
continue the forward momentum.  Specifically, the Assembly
affirmed its intention to authorise the establishment of a
commercial affiliate (INC) and decided to select The
Netherlands as its jurisdiction of incorporation.
     The Assembly also affirmed its intention to transfer to
INC between three and six satellites as well as the INTELSAT
K-TV satellite currently under procurement for deployment at
the 95 degrees E location, provided specific outstanding
issues are resolved.
     The Assembly also decided to establish a new Working
Party to study, in co-operation with the Board of Governors,
specific outstanding issues needing further development
and/or resolution prior to the establishment of INC.  The
Assembly decided that this new Working Party must complete
its work and offer final restructuring recommendations in
time for consideration by an Extraordinary Assembly of
Parties to be held in early 1998 in Brazil.

 PanAmSat-Hughes Communications Galaxy Merger Receives Final
                        U.S. Approval

     PanAmSat  will mail to its shareholders of record as of
April 8, 1997, the proxy statement detailing the planned
merger between PanAmSat and the Galaxy satellite services
business of Hughes Communications, Inc.  Dissemination of
the merger proxy follows review by the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission of the new company's
registration statement.  The final step necessary to
conclude the merger, the vote by PanAmSat shareholders, is
expected to occur on May 8, 1997, now that the SEC has
declared the registration statement effective.
     While more complete information is available in the
proxy statement, the following financial information was

"    Total revenues for 1996 of $482.8 million.
"    Earnings before net interest expense, income tax
expense, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $303.2
"    At December 31, 1996, backlog of future cash payments
 totalling approximately $3.4 billion of which approximately
 $359.2 million (representing the net present value of future
 cash payments from sales-type leases) had previously been
 recognised by Galaxy as revenue.

"    Total revenues for 1996 of $246.9 million.
"    EBITDA of $170.1 million.
"    At December 31, 1996, backlog of future cash payments
 totalling approximately $3.7 billion.

Unaudited Pro Forma Combined Businesses
"    Combined revenues for 1996 of $726.9 million.
"    Combined assets in excess of $6.2 billion.

                    Skytel To Expand In Chile

     Cable television provider Skytel will expand
programming services to Chile and Argentina. Skytel is a
consortium of companies providing satellite television
programs in Mexico and Brazil. The consortium hopes to
provide 24 hours of digital television services throughout
Latin America and the Caribbean. Skytel will announce its
expansion plans for Latin America in the coming months but
Skytel programming will reach Chile and Argentina at the end
of 1997.
            National Geographic Channel To Launch

     The National Geographic Channel and BSkyB have entered
into an agreement to form a new company to launch the
National Geographic Channel in the United Kingdom and the
Republic of Ireland in the Summer of 1997 on BSkyB's multi-
channel platform.
     The National Geographic Channel features new National
Geographic programs as well as various programs from the
extensive National Geographic library.  It will also access
premium programming from independents around the world.

     In the United Kingdom, the National Geographic Channel
will be offered to subscribers as part of Sky's Multi-
Channels package and will also be advertiser-supported.  It
will be available initially for 6 hours each day, from 7
p.m. to 1 a.m.  Plans call for the Channel to be rolled out
on BSkyB's digital platform, at which time its programming
schedule will be expanded to at least 12 hours each day from
1 p.m. to 1 a.m.
     California Microwave Supplies Satellite Earth Station

     California Microwave Inc's. Satellite Transmission
Systems division has won a $2.4 million contract from
AlphaStar. STS will supply an earth station uplink facility
for direct-to-home video broadcast service from the
AlphaStar facility located in Oxford, Conn.
     STS' computerised Graphical Monitor and Control System
will simplify operation of the new Tee-Comm's uplink
station.  The uplink station will include 700W TWT
amplifiers and a filter-combining network which will enable
simultaneous transmission of up to 24 satellite transponders
of video programming.
          Meeting of Arianespace Board of Directors

     The Board of Directors of Arianespace has  proposed its
choice of Jean-Marie Luton, currently Director General of
the European Space Agency, as the future Chairman of
Arianespace Participation with responsibility for defining
and applying European space transportation strategy.
     The Board of Directors postponed the nomination of the
future Chairman of Arianespace SA until late May.
Arianespace SA is the industrial and commercial operating
company for Ariane launch systems.  The Board acknowledged
that Francis Avanzi, currently Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer of Arianespace, is very well-suited
to this position.
A Working Group comprised of the main shareholders and
chaired by Jean-Marie Luton has been charged with preparing
a report for the next Board meeting at the end of May.

     Spice Continues European Growth With French License

     Spice International  has received a broadcasting
license from France's Conseil Superior de L'Audiovisuel
(CSA) to provide "The Adult Channel" on French satellite and
cable television systems.  It is the only foreign adult
television service with such authorisation. The CSA license
also allows Spice programming to be re-uplinked on digital
platforms for the direct-to-home (DTH) market in France.
     Philips DVS will deliver a complete digital video
compression and satellite uplink system for NileSat, which
is expected to begin broadcasts to Northern Africa and the
Middle East in early November from its position at 7 degrees
West. NileSat, a consortium of Egyptian companies, provides
services to the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU).

     The system will initially provide 42 video services
transmitted over six transponders. It may later extended to
all 12 Ku-band transponders.
     The NileSat system will also use DVB Subtitling. The
subtitles are converted to bitmaps at the uplink site and
are transmitted with the video stream. The receiver then
outputs the bitmaps as graphics on the TV set, enabling
subtitles in any language and styling. Multiple subtitle
streams can accompany a video service, with the viewer
making the language selection via the remote control.
                      Upcoming Launches


      Next Atlas Launch             Next Ariane Launch
   GOES-K  April 24 , 1997         PAS-6 --May 13, 1997
     1:56am - 3:19 am ET

                          In Brief

"    StarSight Telecast Inc. has signed a non-exclusive
 License Agreement with Thomson Consumer Electronics for a
 PC/TV product. Under the agreement, StarSight Telecast gives
 Thomson the use of its IPG intellectual property for the
 initial release of the product resulting from the PC/TV
 project which was jointly developed by Thomson and Compaq
 Computer Corp.

"    The government of the Republic of Cyprus has concluded
 an agreement with GE Americom for satellite transmission
 service on the new Sirius 2 satellite, to be located at 5
 degrees East.  Cyprus will use GE's pan-European service to
 deliver programming throughout Europe, as well as to deliver
 programming channels to viewers within the island republic.

"    The Nokia Mediamaster DVB 9200S is bringing free access
 to Italian-language digital TV and radio channels in the UK.
 Digital stations currently broadcasting include RAI Uno, Due
 and Tre; Radio Uno, Due and Tre; Mediaset Italia 1, Rete 4
 and Canale 5; and Telepace.

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and produced by Satellite Journal International

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