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Playboy coming to GLA
Major League Baseball International
Turner will use Scientific-Atlanta
The Golf Channel "puts" it signal on PAS-2
Hughes Electronics third quarter earnings
DigitalXpress Establishes Strategic Alliances
Ortel provides satellite technology solutions to Hughes
WTN to Launch Full Time News Service
Arianespace Sets up Arianespace Finance
Teleglobe Granted U.S. Facilities-Based License
Paramount Television signs long-term agreements
Orion Network Systems and Internet-Way
Light Intertainment, Rockwell, Sisu and Xing
TV5 introduces Portuguese sub titles
World's Smallest Satellite Antenna
Radio Canada International On The World Wide Web
MTV: Music Television returns to Australia
SportSouth Network Ltd. Via GE-1
Newstalk is all talked out
Wegener Selected By Ascent Network Services
DirecPC at  CompUSA
Digital Music Express Tunes Up For Launch
Canadians And Russians Sign Deal
Hungarian Broadcasting Corp. Now  24 Hours Per Day

                             WORLD NEWS

Playboy coming to GLA

     Playboy Enterprises, Inc. are joining forces with the
Cisneros Television Group, a division of the Cisneros Group
of Companies, to launch two new television networks:
Playboy TV/Latin America and AdulTVision/Latin America.
Both services will be part of a new venture called Playboy
TV Latin America L.L.C.  The announcement was made by
Christie Hefner, chairman and chief executive officer of
PEI, and Carlos Cisneros, managing director, Cisneros Group
of Companies.
     The Cisneros Group of Companies, which owns and
operates television stations throughout Latin America and is
a leading producer of television programming, holds an 81%
interest in the new venture.  Playboy holds the remaining
19%, with an option to buy up to an additional 30%
ownership.  PEI also will receive license fees for its
programming and royalty fees for the use of the Playboy
brand name for pay television.
     Playboy and AdulTVision will be offered initially on an
exclusive basis by Galaxy Latin America. Like their U.S.
counterparts, Playboy TV will be offered as either a monthly
subscription or pay-per-view service, and AdulTVision will
be offered only as a pay-per-view service.  The new venture
expects to expand Latin American  distribution of both
channels to cable within a year, and then to other pay TV
delivery systems.
     Jose Antonio Rios, president and chief executive
officer of  Galaxy Latin America said: "As we decided that
adult entertainment would be part of our 100 channel
bouquet, we quickly concluded we very much wanted to carry
Playboy.  Accordingly, Playboy TV/Latin America and
AdulTVision/Latin America are the only adult networks Galaxy
Latin America will carry.  These two services are among 19
that we are planning to add to Galaxy Latin America's
offerings before the end of the year."
Major League Baseball International
     Major League Baseball International will produce a live
world-wide television feed of the League Championship Series
and World Series to 200 countries around the world.
     Major League Baseball International will begin its
coverage by broadcasting the American League Championship
Series to its conclusion.  On site coverage then will switch
to any remaining National League Championship Series games
being played.  Early NLCS games will be available via

     The LCS and World Series coverage will also mark the
first time Major League Baseball International will
broadcast these games in English with a separate
international sound track.  In addition, the World Series
will be broadcast live from the sites in five different
languages by six different international rightsholders.
Covering the World Series will be NHK Japan in Japanese,
Televisa and Prime Deportiva in Spanish, TVIS Taiwan in
Mandarin, and Supersport Benelux in Dutch.
     Former Major League catcher Rick Cerone and veteran
commentator Gary Thorne will call the action for Major
League Baseball International's world feed.
Turner will use Scientific-Atlanta
     Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS) has selected a
PowerVu MPEG-2/DVB digital video compression system from
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. for delivery of programming to its
Latin American affiliates.
     Plans call for Cartoon Network and TNT Latin America to
be delivered digitally to the southern hemisphere before the
end of 1996.  TBS is making the transition from Scientific-
Atlanta B-MAC analogue technology to PowerVu digital video
compression for more economical use of its PAS 3 transponder
     In addition to the PowerVu digital encoders,
multiplexers, and satellite receivers, TBS is also
implementing the PowerVu Command Centre 2000.
     Turner Broadcasting's selection of PowerVu digital
video compression for its Latin America operation follows
recent PowerVu installations by several major broadcasters
in Brazil and by the addition of a PowerVu digital video
compression system in Latin America by PanAmSat, completing
the satellite service provider's world-wide implementation
of Scientific-Atlanta digital technology.
The Golf Channel "puts" it signal on PAS-2

     The Golf Channel is now using PanAmSat's PAS-2
satellite for full-time program distribution in the Asia-
Pacific Region.  The Golf Channel commenced the service in
Asia on October 1 with distribution to television viewers in
Japan.  The new PanAmSat service marks The Golf Channel's
first foray outside of the domestic U.S. television market.
     The Golf Channel is transmitted in digital form using
the PAS-2 C-band Pacific Rim Beam via PanAmSat's temporary
earth station in Sylmar, Calif.  In December, the digital
transmissions will be transferred to PanAmSat's permanent
Pacific Ocean Region teleport under construction in Napa,
     The PAS-2 satellite currently transmits more than 20
television channels throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  In
addition to The Golf Channel, other digital channels
transmitted from PanAmSat's California teleport include
Country Music Television, BBC Worldwide Television and
Bloomberg Television.
     The Golf Channel offers a variety of golf-related
programming such as how-to programs, interviews and
extensive tournament coverage.

Hughes Electronics third quarter earnings

     Hughes Electronics Corporation have reported their
third quarter earnings. C. Michael Armstrong, Hughes
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said that "each of
Hughes' three business segments contributed to the increased
revenues. The Telecommunications and Space segment accounted
for the majority of the growth due to increased commercial
satellite manufacturing sales and continued DirecTv
subscriber growth."
     Revenues for the Telecommunications and Space segment
were $1,001.8 million, an increase of 31.4% over revenues of
$762.6 million reported in the prior year's third quarter.
DirecTv subscribers at September 1996 month-end totalled
     Operating profit in the third quarter decreased 5.6% to
$62.0 million compared with $65.7 million reported in the
same period in 1995.  This decline was primarily the result
of operating losses related to the start of DirecTv service
in Latin America and increased DirecTv marketing expenses in
the United States which were partially offset by profits on
higher commercial satellite manufacturing sales.  As a
result, third quarter operating profit margin was 6.2%
compared with 8.9% in 1995.

DigitalXpress Establishes Strategic Alliances

     DigitalXpress has formed strategic agreements with
Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. and News Digital Systems
for products to be used in the company's satellite video and
data services.  Thomson will supply the IRD which is used
for the reception and decoding of  DigitalXpress satellite
transmissions.  News Digital Systems'  subsidiary, News
Datacom, will supply the conditional access system.
Ortel provides satellite technology solutions to Hughes

     Supplementing an original order placed by Hughes
Communications Inc. (HCI) in February 1996, Ortel Corp.
announced that the company is providing HCI with additional
satellite communications products.
     HCI will utilise Ortel's fibreoptic interfacility links
to enhance their existing network monitoring capabilities at
the company's new facilities in Long Beach, Calif.
     Ortel is providing its low cost 3100/4100 L-Band
fibreoptic interfacility links to enhance network operations
monitoring capabilities for the entire HCI fleet of
satellites, including the Galaxy and SBS series spacecraft.

WTN to Launch Full Time News Service

     Worldwide Television News has launched a full time news
service for broadcasters in Latin America and Africa, the
first such service ever to be introduced by a television
news agency.
     The service introduced on October 1, 1996, utilises two
full time Intelsat circuits originating at WTN's New York
Broadcast Centre. Clients across Latin America and Africa
have immediate access to the full range of WTN's global
news, sports, entertainment and feature news coverage 24
hours a day, seven days a week.

     The service is fully integrated with WTN's existing
full time satellites news services spanning Europe, Asia and
across the Atlantic, permitting WTN subscribers in virtually
any location in the world immediate access to WTN coverage
for their own news programming.
     Subscribers to the service will receive a full slate of
regularly scheduled satellite feeds spread across the day,
timed to meet local news broadcast deadlines.  These feeds
include coverage of all the day's major news events,
regardless of location.  Pictures will come from WTN's own
crews working out of more than 125 bureaus on six
continents, as well as from the global news resources of ABC
News and the BBC.
     In addition to breaking news coverage, the 24 hour a
day service will include WTN's Sports and Entertainment News
Services, providing subscribers with the latest in
international sports competition, show business and
     Finally, the full time news circuit will include
significant periods which are reserved for use by WTN
subscribers for their own unilateral news feeds. WTN clients
will be able to use WTN's world-wide satellite resources to
move their own pictures from the four corners of the globe
to their local viewers quickly and efficiently.
     One of the two satellite circuits will be used for
international distribution of programming to Latin America
and Africa, including WTN's own non-fiction offerings as
well as programming produced by independent producers.
     According to Mr. O'Reilly, breakthroughs in digital
technology played a large role in WTN's decision to move
forward with the new service.  "We will use state of the art
digital compression to assure our customers the best quality
pictures.  We'll also be using a new, fully addressable
security system to eliminate piracy, and assure that our
customers enjoy a competitive advantage with every service
they take."

Arianespace Sets up Arianespace Finance
     To meet growing market demand, at the end of June 1996,
Arianespace initiated a new personalised service extension:
Arianespace Finance.  This finance company will provide
Arianespace customers with partial financing for their
Ariane launches.
     Arianespace Finance, which is incorporated in
Luxembourg, will provide up to $400 million in loans to
Arianespace customers, allowing simultaneous financing for
eight to ten customers.
     The loans are principally for customers who do not yet
have access to bank financing because their projects are new
and because they wish to finance their projects based on
revenues generated by the satellite.
     This financial instrument, designed to foster the
development of new projects using the Ariane launcher, is
available from the moment the launch services contract is
signed.  Coming into effect from the outset of the project,
it gives customers fast, flexible assistance in structuring
their overall financing plan.
     These loans are subject to standard project financing
conditions and represent long term commitments, providing
financing for three to ten years after in-orbit acceptance
of the satellite.  The loan will be confirmed before the
launch, once certain pre-established conditions are
satisfied.  These include proper management of the project
in terms of its regulatory and economic environment, its
market position and business plan.  Customers will retain a
large degree of flexibility in structuring their final long
term financing sources.

Teleglobe Granted U.S. Facilities-Based License

     Teleglobe USA Inc. has received a global facilities-
based license from the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC).  The Section 214 authorisation significantly expands
the scope of Teleglobe USA's activities by making Teleglobe
a full-fledged telecommunications carrier in the U.S.
market, the largest telecommunications market in the world.
     The FCC action permits Teleglobe USA to own and operate
international cable and satellite transmission facilities
between the United States and virtually every country world-
wide, other than Canada, and to establish direct
correspondent agreements with overseas carriers for the
exchange of traffic. Additional authority for service to and
via Canada is being dealt with in separate applications
currently pending before the FCC.  This new authorisation
augments Section 214 authority for international resale
services, including to Canada and beyond, that Teleglobe USA
previously received from the FCC in July 1996.

Paramount Television signs long-term agreements

          In the largest programming deal ever in the French
television market, the Paramount Television Group signed a
multi-faceted, long-term agreement with Television Par
Satellite (TPS) and TCM Droit Audiovisuels (TCM).  TPS is
comprised of the European media and telecommunications
companies TF-1, CLT, M6, Lyonnaise Des Eaux, France
Television and France Telecom, which will launch a
multichannel digital television platform; and TCM Droit
Audiovisuels is a joint venture of TF-1, M6 and CLT.

     Under the wide ranging agreements, Paramount will
license its current motion picture product on an output
basis for TPS and TCM's pay-TV, free television, basic cable
and pay-per-view services.  TPS and TCM will also have
access to Paramount's extensive library of motion picture
and television product for their terrestrial, cable and
satellite channels.  In addition, the agreements provide for
the carriage of various Viacom/Paramount cable channels on
TPS's future digital platform.  Paramount will also have
options to acquire equity in TPS's movie channel and pay-per-
view platforms.

Orion Network Systems and Internet-Way

     Orion Network Systems and French Internet service
provider Internet-Way SA announced  at the Networld+Interop
trade show that affiliate Orion Atlantic and Internet-Way
are introducing a new satellite-based Internet service, to
be called "NetCast," that promises dramatic improvements in
performance and response time for World Wide Web users in
Europe. The Orion satellite network will provide the high-
speed transmission of Internet traffic from the United
States to European users of NetCast.

Light Intertainment, Rockwell, Sisu and Xing

      Light Interntainment, Rockwell, Sisu and Xing
Technology Corporation demonstrated a portable satellite
system for live broadcasting from remote locations directly
to the Internet at the World Media Expo

     The broadcasting kit contains all of the components to
send a high-quality audio and video feeds from anywhere in
the world without the need for a satellite truck or multiple
cases of equipment. The kit is approximately the size of two
pieces of carry-on luggage enabling broadcasters to journey
to locations where trucks cannot travel or where ISDN lines
are not accessible.
     The broadcasting kit works by compressing a video
stream generated by a digital camera, uplinking to a
satellite, beaming the feed to a downlink station and
serving it to the Internet.  The solution utilises
Rockwell's Data*Sat terminals to connect to Inmarsat
satellites.  While these satellites are generally used for
voice and text transmissions, Xing's StreamWorks enables the
transmission of audio and video.  StreamWorks uses state-of-
the- art compression and playback technology to deliver the
industry's highest quality audio and video over the
Internet.  Viewers can watch the broadcast from their
computers by using the StreamWorks Player, which can be
downloaded free of charge from Xing's Website
  Components of the kit include:
    Laptop computer
   u    Xing StreamWorks
u    2 Sisu-specified routers/muxes (SisuSTATS)
    2 transportable Rockwell satellite earth
    Integration/support services

TV5 introduces Portuguese sub titles

     The French television channel TV5 will offer 30% of
its program with sub titles in Portuguese, from March 1997
onwards, and will introduce programs focused to the Latin
American market. TV5 is watched by 800,000 households in
Brazil, a figure to raise to 2 million over the short term.
It is also negotiating to distribute its programs via the
satellite television systems Sky (Globo) and Direct TV

World's Smallest Satellite Antenna

     The new galaxis Future 1 Planar Satellite Antenna, the
world's smallest satellite antenna is now available in the
US. Developed by galaxis Holding GmbH of Lubeck, Germany, it
will be marketed in the US by its recently formed wholly-
owned subsidiary galaxis USA ltd.
     Like the pizza sized satellite systems available to
consumers today, the Future 1 can receive over 100
television and radio stations.  But the antenna's flat,
compact design means it's less obtrusive than traditional
dishes.  Its 15 " x 8 " x 1 " in. size means both easier and
more inconspicuous mounting and ideal for both home and
mobile installations, like RVs and boats.
     Some future products from this company include a
converter that can receive signals from two or more orbital
positions and a two-way, bidirectional antenna that can
support local loop networks.  galaxis plans to introduce
interactive satellite applications, such as high speed
Internet access, VSAT and other digital solutions in the
near future.

 Radio Canada International On The World Wide Web

     Radio Canada International, now in its 51st year, is
going full force on its new internet website in all of its
seven broadcast languages. The site can be reached at
     The new RCI website allows users to access both
RealAudio 24 hours a day, a continuous LiveAudio service,
plus a text service of English and French newscasts that is
updated regularly.
     RCI is also available on satellite. Throughout Eastern
and Western Europe on Eutelsat F-2 ``Hotbird'' , Africa on
Intelsat 707 and the Asia-Pacific region on AsiaSat 2.

 MTV: Music Television returns to Australia

     Through a multi-year licensing agreement with ARC Music
Television - a joint venture between Austereo, Village
Roadshow and Optus Vision - MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION will be
available on the Optus Vision cable platform starting in the
first quarter of next year and, after July 1, 1997, via its
satellite service.
     MTV Australia will be tailored to the musical tastes,
lifestyle and sensibilities of 12-34 year olds throughout
the country.  One-hundred percent of the music playlists
will be determined locally, and the programming featured on
the channel will be specifically catered to an Australian
     At launch, MTV:  MUSIC TELEVISION will provide viewers
with a mix of locally-produced music programming along with
signature MTV programming from its global library. Hosted by
Australian VJs, more than 30 hours of original weekly
programming will be produced locally at Optus Vision's
Sydney-based studio.
     The carriage of MTV on Optus Vision signals MTV's
return to Australia after a four-year absence.  Previously
available via terrestrial network Channel 9, MTV programming
blocks aired from 1987 through 1993.  The music video
channel currently seen on Optus, ARC MUSIC TV, will be
relaunched as MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION.
     Optus Vision's pay television service currently offers
23 channels and also re-transmits the five free-to-air
channels.  The number of channels it offers has nearly
doubled since the service was launched in September 1995,
with more to be announced in the coming months.

US and Canadian News
SportSouth Network Ltd. Via GE-1

     SportSouth Network Ltd. has signed a multi-year lease
for C-band transponder service, which will be used to
distribute the SportSouth regional sports programming
service via the recently launched GE-1 communications
     "The new GE-1 satellite allows us to reach our cable
affiliates via the industry's newest and most advanced
satellite to date," said Hunter R. Nickell, vice president
and general manager of SportSouth.  "Plus, it gives us the
flexibility to provide multiple programming feeds when
necessary.  We're looking forward to joining the GE-1
programming neighbourhood."
NewsTalk is all talked out

     Two-year-old NewsTalk Television is going off the air
this year due in part to lack of carriage on cable systems.
MSNBC is trying to persuade cable operators who currently
carry NewsTalk to switch to MSNBC when NewsTalk goes off the
air. The channel is seen in 3.7 million homes, way less than
the 20 million homes experts deem essential for advertising.


     AlphaStar Canada Inc. announced that under Notice of
Public Hearing CRTC 1996-12 and 1996-12-1 it has received
confirmation that its applications for a broadcasting
license to carry on an English and French language national
direct-to-home (DTH) satellite distribution undertaking and
a broadcasting license to carry on an English and French
language national direct-to-home (DTH) satellite pay-per-
view programming undertaking has been gazetted.
     The Commission also confirmed that it will hold a
public hearing on the two applications in Montreal, Quebec
on December 2nd, 1996.

Wegener Selected By Ascent Network Services

     Wegener Corporation has received a multi-million dollar
order from Ascent Network Services, Inc.  Ascent Network
Services owns, operates and maintains NBC's current analogue
Ku-Band satellite transmission service, which is used for
the transmission of NBC network programming to more than 200
affiliates nation-wide.  A significant portion of this order
has been shipped and the remaining portion of the order is
to be shipped by November 29th, 1996.

     Ascent Network Services, has reached an amendment of
its existing network support services contract with the NBC
television network for the partial digital upgrade of NBC's
satellite transmission system.  The amendment calls for the
installation of two Wegener Series DV2000 MPEG-2 digital
video receiver/decoders at all NBC affiliates and Wegener
DVT2000 digital video encoders at a variety of
transmit/receive, portable uplink and transportable earth
station locations that are part of the NBC satellite
transmission system.
     NBC's conversion to a digital satellite system,
starting with this partial upgrade incorporating Wegener
equipment packages, will accommodate expanded transmission
capacity needs of the new MSNBC Network.
     The Wegener DVT2000 transmitter features multiple video
input formats_Serial DI, or composite.  The transmitter is
controlled locally with a front panel keypad and LCD
display, or remotely through an RS232 modem port.  The
DVT2000 transmits one compressed video signal, up to six
mono audio channels, one asynchronous data channel and
network control information.  The audio input signal for the
DVT2000 may be analogue or AES/EBU digital.
     The Wegener DVR2000 IRD occupies 1.75" of rack space
and is a complete L- band Integrated Receiver/Decoder.  It
features composite S-Video, and Serial  D1 video outputs,
and MPEG data inputs/outputs.  It also provides relay
contact closures for control of external devices.

DirecPC at  CompUSA

          Hughes Network Systems announced that CompUSA will
begin retailing DirecPC in all 20 stores throughout
California, effective immediately and nation-wide starting
at the end of November.

     DirecPC offers Internet access speeds of up to 400 kbps
downstream, more than three times faster than ISDN and 14
times faster than a standard 28.8 modem. The
hardware/software is $699 and includes a 21-inch elliptical
dish, 100 feet of coaxial  cable to connect it to a PC, a 16-
bit ISA bus card adapter and Microsoft Windows `95-based
software.  DirecPC is transmitted via the Ku-band from the
Galaxy IV satellite.
     Personal Edition consumer pricing packages are offered
on either an unlimited or per megabyte basis according to
the volume of data downloaded also there is a monthly access
fee of $9.95. Hardware and software requirements are a PC
with Pentium processor, Microsoft Windows `95, at least 16
MB of RAM, 20 MB of free hard disk space, a 9600 modem or
better, and an Internet service provider.

Digital Music Express Tunes Up For Launch

     DMX Canada is beginning trials in several markets
across the country.  "We're tuning up for our formal launch
early in 1997," said Heather Shaw, President of DMX Canada.
     "Starting immediately we will begin national testing of
the residential service in markets across the country,
starting with Calgary, Windsor, Hamilton, Toronto and
Halifax.  We're confident Canadians will love to have access
to non-stop, commercial and talk free digital quality music.
Right from the beginning, consumers have been very
enthusiastic about the DMX concept.  We know there is a
demand for a niche product of this type."  In addition to
playing well known favourites from every music format, DMX
will include music that is not offered by commercial radio.

Canadians And Russians Sign Deal

     Akjuit Aerospace have signed an agreement to form an
international alliance with Scientific and Technological
Centre Complex (STC COMPLEX) of Russia.  This alliance will
combine the SpacePort Canada launch facilities of Akjuit
with the START family of  launch vehicles of STC in a turn-
key launch services package.  This agreement represents the
ongoing development of SpacePort Canada, as the world's
first international commercial polar spaceport.
     The launch of a Russian launch vehicle from Canada will
mark the first time in history that a country has delivered
its orbital launch vehicle to another country's launch site.
     Akjuit Aerospace's President and CEO Ms. Siobhan M.
Mullen says the partnership will allow SpacePort Canada to
provide complete, turn-key services to non-military,
commercial space customers.  "What we are building is an
international airport for international launch vehicles."
     The first launch from SpacePort Canada under this
international alliance is projected for late 1998.

Hungarian Broadcasting Corp. Now  24 Hours Per Day

          After a 3 week test period during which Hungarian
Broadcasting Corporation's M Sat satellite channel broadcast
a six hours evening program, its President Peter E. Klenner
announced the start of the 24 hour transmission.  M Sat is
broadcasting via  Astra IE, transponder 93, and can be
received with a digital decoder all over Hungary, both by
cable operators as well as by individual satellite

          So far, HBC has contracted with 80 cable operators
which gives M Sat a technical reach of 30% of all Hungarian
households.  According to HBC's marketing plans this reach
will be increased to 50% by the end of this year and 60-70%
by the end of 1997.  In comparison, MTV2, the second
Hungarian national terrestrial channel, has a technical
reach of 80%.
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    Digital Decoders for Nethold
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-    NBC will join French digital broadcaster CanalSatellite
 before the end of the year. CanalSatellite will add various
 NBC channels on its DTH bouquet
-    United States Satellite Broadcasting Company, Inc. has
 surpassed 1 million paying subscribers in the recently
 concluded quarter, ended September 30, 1996. The news was
 announced in a letter to shareholders from USSB President
 and CEO Stanley E. Hubbard.
-    Cycle Sat, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with
 Vancouver's Digital Courier International Corp.
-    Multicanal Holdings Inc., a Brazilian cable television
 company, filed for an initial public offering of 6.9 million
 American depository shares representing 69 million preferred
 shares. Proceeds will be used to extend the company's cable
 network, to upgrade network architecture and for general
-    Impsat, the Argentinean satellite communications
 company, has  received a cash advance of US$25mil from its
 sister company Impsat Corp. based in Florida
-    The Argentinean teleport TIBA (Telepuerto Internacional
 Buenos Aires) has purchased and installed a new Standard A
 antenna for the reception  and transmission of  audio,
 video, and broadcasting.
-    Embratel registered a 650% increase in its operating
profits over the first eight months of 1996 to  R$392.3mil.
Net profits over this period were up 116% to R$305.9mil, and
the net income was up 51% to R$1.2bil. Embratel plans to
launch its fourth satellite the B3 during 1998.
-    ACT Networks, Inc. has received new orders from Comsat
 do Brazil worth approximately $2 million. The orders, to be
 shipped during December, consist of a few hundred units of
 CS-9500 NetPerformer and will be used by  Comsat to provide
 integrated satellite network services to a number of large

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