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                         Issue Nine
                       September 1996

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                     World News .......
DVD-Video authoring agreement signed
NB Digital Solutions and The Post Group have agreed to
open a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) authoring facility in
Los Angeles.
NG Digital Solutions (NB), a leading provider of off-
line digital video compression services, and The Post Group
(TPG), a leading Video Post Production House will open a
Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) authoring facility at TPG's new
Post Production facility in West Los Angeles.
Initially the authoring facility will be used to encode
full length feature films for distribution on DVD-Video
NB and TPG anticipate that their new DVD Authoring
facility will be fully operational before the end of this
month.  The installation of the required video and computer
equipment has been completed, and the DVD authorising system
is currently being tested to insure that it will meet all of
the technical and quality standards of the DVD format.
            NASA Selects Nuko Information Systems
NUKO Information Systems, Inc. has been awarded a
contract by the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) Lewis Research Centre to provide a
digital video networking system for testing Quality-of-
Service using ATM transmission technology over Satellite.
Under terms of the award, NUKO will supply NASA with
its Highlander MPEG-2 video networking system. The NUKO
system, with its advanced standards-based encoder and ATM
multiplexer capability, will enable NASA to evaluate the
quality of ATM digital video transmission over a satellite
link for applications such as voice, fax, medical imaging,
teleconferencing, compressed video, and real-time data
Sony Unveils First Full-Featured Digital Still Camera
Sony Electronics announced a digital still camera
offering features including a 1.8-inch, LCD screen, built-in
4MB flash memory, high-speed wireless infrared image
transfer, flash, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, and a
host of recording modes.
The DSC-F1 is the first digital still camera with a
built-in infrared transceiver capable of wirelessly
transferring images to an IrDA-equipped PC or to Sony's new
DPP-M55 digital color printer.  The system transmits images
up to 1.152 megabits per second (Mbps), or about 30 times
faster than typical serial connections at 38.4 kilobits per
seconds (Kbps).
In addition, images stored in the camera can be
downloaded individually, allowing rapid transfer of selected
pictures to be stored in the PC or printed. The camera can
also connect to a PC or Macintosh via a serial port and to a
TV or video monitor via standard video jack for playback.
The digital camera incorporates progressive scan,
square-pixel, charge-coupled device (CCD) that is capable of
capturing high resolution images providing 640 x 480 (VGA
quality, non-interlaced) resolution with 24-bit color.
Up to 108 images are stored onto the built-in 4MB flash
memory in JPEG format. Users may select any of three
different compression levels resulting in 30, 58 or 108
pictures, all at 640 x 480 resolution.
Similar to a 35mm camera, the DSC-F1 also includes a
self-timer. In addition, the camera has a built-in feature
that enables the user to digitally record the date and time
of captured pictures automatically. Instant Playback Clear,
accurate viewing, instant playback and on-the-fly editing
are possible using the DSC-F1's built-in 1.8 inch TFT color
In the playback mode, users can choose to view images
forward, backward or in a continuous loop (Slide Show mode),
as thumbnail images (Search mode) and magnified 2x. The
camera's LCD displays date, time and compression mode.  In
the editing mode, users may choose to delete, protect or
transfer images between the camera and a PC or printer.
MTV Networks and Abril Group
MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc., has agreed to
acquire from the Abril Group 50% of MTV Brasil Ltda., the
production company which programs MTV Brasil.
Launched in 1990 through a licensing agreement with the
Abril Group, MTV Brasil is a 24-hour Portuguese language
music television programming service that reaches more than
15 million television households.  The service features
video music by both Brazilian and international artists and
is tailored to the musical tastes, lifestyle and
sensibilities of young people in Brazil.  Hosted by
Brazilian VJs, the service is distributed mainly through
Abril's UHF and VHF broadcast networks as well as cable,
Under the new agreement, MTV Brasil's existing
management team will remain in place and handle the day to
day operations of the network.  The service will continue to
be run by this team which has been with MTV Brasil since its
launch and has been instrumental in building MTV's brand in
the territory.
North America .......
Zenith Electronics will provide at least 3 million
digital set-top boxes for Americast, the new home video
programming venture of Ameritech Corp., BellSouth Corp., GTE
Corp., SBC Communications and the Walt Disney Co. The set-
top boxes will decode signals from four different sources,
including direct broadcast satellite and wireless cable.
The Americast consortium of four regional telephone
companies and Disney hopes to compete against locally
franchised cable TV systems, either through its existing
telephone wire rights-of-way or through more advanced
technologies such as wireless cable or direct broadcast
Sony's Newest Generation of Digital Satellite
Sony Electronics Inc. has introduced its next
generation of Digital Satellite Systems.
All three new systems incorporate one-button record
with a VCR mouse, Sony's 32-bit microprocessor for fast on-
screen menu operation, and the SignalSeeker LED, another
Sony first which enables an individual to easily install the
antenna dish with the aid of an LED that flashes at 20
advancing speeds as it detects proximity to the satellite
The VCR mouse can control most brands of VCRs to start
and stop timer recording coupled with the ten-event
programmable timer, the Sony-brand DSS receiver will turn
on, select the channel and automatically turn off so
consumers can record shows even when they're not at home.
Sony also features S-Link audio/video integration that
allows remote command signals to be passed through other
infrared controlled A/V components resulting in one-button
system operation and easy system integration.
DSS system owners now choose from 206 satellite channels
In a survey RCA asked DSS system owners recently
whether or not they received local television channels.  68
percent confirmed they still tune in to local news and
weather reports, mostly using a separate antenna.  Other DSS
system owners have kept a cable subscription to accomplish
the same goal.
The DSS system owner profile has shifted from an
earlier rural and early adopter type to a significantly
broader audience, said Michael D. O'Hara, Vice President,
DBS Product Management.  He also noted a shift to purchasers
who have access to cable.  Two-thirds of DSS system owners
in a 1994 survey were located in non-cable areas, but now
only four out of ten DSS system owners lacked cable access.
The demographic profile of today's DSS system
purchasers suggests that, compared with the total U.S.
population, they are more likely middle-aged and have a
higher level of education.  Purchasers also report higher
income levels.
Cycle Sat's Conversion to Digital Transmission
Cycle Sat, Inc. has now completed the first two phases
of their plan to begin delivering television spot
commercials using MPEG-2 technology.
Cycle Sat has installed GI  MPEG-2 digital satellite
encoders and GI's DSR-4400 digital satellite receivers and
tested at a transmission data rate of 19.5 Mbs for initial
transmissions.  In the future, this data rate will be the
benchmark for transmission to the Cycle Sat network
affiliate stations.  In addition to digital video and audio,
Cycle Sat will also implement high speed digital data rates
up to 9 Mbs. Cycle Sat has moved forward with the digital
transmission conversion of their technical service centre in
Burbank, California.
Telesat Renews Support for TCI, TelQuest DBS
Telesat Canada officially signalled its strong support
for new petitions filed with the Federal Communications
Commission by TeleCommunications Inc. (TCI) and TelQuest
Ventures.  TCI and TelQuest are Telesat's U.S. partners in
ventures that will enable the launch of four new direct
broadcast satellites (DBS) and expand competition and choice
on television screens in both countries.
On July 15, the FCC indicated that it was uncertain of
the Canadian government's approval of the plan to use two of
Canada's six orbital positions for the new satellites.
Based on this technicality, the FCC dismissed the original
TCI and TelQuest applications "without prejudice," and left
the door open for the parties to re-file.  The new petitions
include documentation that clearly establishes that Canada
has issued a commitment of approval_thus clearing the path
for the FCC to consider the applications on their merits.
In Canada, recent months have seen growing concern
about the lack of a viable direct-to-home television
service, as well as a clear consensus among opinion leaders
that the future of the satellite business is international.
General Instrument and TCI's Head End in the Sky
General Instrument Corporation announced that TCI's
Head End in the Sky (HITS) has agreed in principle to
support distribution and digital programming to the consumer
C-Band market when HITS begins transmitting at the end of
this year.  HITS is a national television distribution
system providing program transmission utilising GI's MPEG-2
digital video compression technology.
Consumers with new digital C-band receivers will be able to
access HITS programming primarily off G7. Utilising 12
transponders on Ku-band satellite G7, HITS anticipates
providing over 80 video and 40 audio channels, including new
networks, expanded pay-per-view data services and premium
movie services.
Strong Retail Sales Spur RCA DSS System Growth
With retail sales of the DSS 18-inch satellite system
running 50 percent ahead of last year, Thomson Consumer
Electronics expects to end 1996 with sales of more than
three million digital satellite systems since RCA DSS was
first introduced in June, 1994.
Thomson also plans to expand its manufacturing capacity
for DSS systems with the addition of a fifth production line
later this year.  The company began the RCA DSS system
business in 1994 with only two production lines.
Thomson_which manufactures and markets the RCA, GE and
ProScan brands of consumer electronics products_co-developed
the DSS system with DirecTv, Inc.

Another area of growth for the DSS system, is the
potential customers who live in apartment houses and
condominiums.  Satellite operators can now serve this large
untapped market with a choice of system approaches that can
take advantage of existing TV transmission capabilities in
the multiple dwelling (MDU) buildings.
Expected are eight new brands to support the DSS sales
growth this year, bringing the total number of DSS system
brands to 12 and assuring a broad retail presence for the
Battle for Education Via Direct Satellite
The battle to bring a new form of education directly,
efficiently and cheaply into U.S. classrooms and homes by
direct broadcast satellite (DBS) television is being taken
to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Two entities are involved: the Foundation for
Educational Advancement Today (FEAT) and Advanced
Communications Corp. (ACC).
ACC had its DBS license extension request denied last
year by the Federal Communications Commission and then had
its appeal rejected by the U.S. Court of Appeals.  Citing
that no other DBS license has ever had extension requests
denied_before or since_ACC now will present its case to the
U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. in September.
The commitment from ACC and FEAT was to provide
educational programming through this medium, making it
universally accessible to schools, homes, businesses and
anyone with appropriate receiving equipment.  To make this
possible, ACC donated four high-powered transponders,
capable of delivering up to 100 channels each of state-of-
the-art technology to classrooms.
When ACC's license extension request was revoked, it
was put up for auction. The purchaser was MCI and EchoStar.
The price: $735 million.
Fox News Channel selects JVC's Digital-S
Fox Television has chosen JVC's Digital-S as the house
videotape format for its new 24-hour cable service; Fox News
Under an agreement announced between JVC Professional
Products Co.  and Fox News, Digital-S will be installed as
the primary format for all in-house recording and editing
undertaken in the Fox News Channel's new all-digital studio.
The Fox News Channel, a 24-hour all news network, will
debut on Oct. 7, 1996.  Presently, construction of the Fox
News Channel's primary studio on 6th Avenue at 48th Street
in Manhattan, is being completed.  As a part of this
installation, Fox has purchased and taken delivery of its
first shipment of JVC Digital-S recorders and editing
controllers.  "Digital-S operates at 50 megabits per second
(mbps), which is an optimal data transmission rate for our
purposes," noted Richard M. Friedel, vice president of
operations and engineering for Fox News.  "Additionally,
since Digital-S offers 4:2:2 digital signal processing we
are able to do the kinds of layering effects and keying that
our producers demand.  This increases their flexibility, and
enhances their creativity."

Another consideration in making the selection of a
digital studio format is concatenation.  In basic terms,
concatenation problems create visible artifacts that occur
as a digital signal is compressed and re-compressed using
different compression systems.  Concatenation problems are
exacerbated when greater compression ratios are utilised.
With Digital-S, the compression ratio of 3.3:1, which is
considered mild, helps to minimise these problems.
JVC claims that the introduction of its Digital-S line will
revolutionise the broadcast and industrial video industries.
"Digital-S represents a dramatic breakthrough in both
quality and price.  Its 4:2:2 8-bit component digital signal
processing and very mild 3.3:1 compression combine to
produce an astounding picture quality_better than any
analogue system, any 4:1:1 digital system, and rivalling
that of even the most expensive digital systems."
Miscellaneous .......
News IN Brief
u    BSkyB plans to offer access to the Internet via
conventional TV sets when it introduces its digital
satellite TV service in 1997.
                DTH Transponder Charts.......

Galaxy Latin America (Galaxy 3R)
Channel                 Service            Language
AS                      General            Spanish
CineLatino              Spanish Films      Spanish
KID                     Children           Spanish
MultiCinema             Intl. Films        Sp. / Port.
ZAZ                     Family             Spanish
Zeta                    Entertainment      Spanish
Venevision              Superstation       Spanish
Televen International   Superstation       Spanish
Bravo Brazil            Arts               Portuguese
ESPN Brazil             Sports             Portuguese
MTV Brazil              Music              Portuguese
RBN News                News               Portuguese

DirecTv/USSB (Direct 1-3)
Channel  Service         Channel  Service      Channel  Service

100-    Pay Per View    271    Encore       331     Prime Spts
199     Movies                                      West
202     CNN             272    Encore Love  332     Spts Ch
203     Court TV        273    Encore       401     Spice
204     Headline News   274    Encore       402     Playboy
206     ESPN            275    Encore       500-    Format Music
                               Action       529     (DMX)
208     ESPN 2          276    Encore True  960     TV Land
212     TNT             277    Encore WAM   963     All
213     Home Shopping   282    CBS East     965     VH-1
214     HGTV            283    CBS West     967     Lifetime
215     E!              284    NBC East     968     Nickelodeon
216     MuchMusic       285    NBC West     970     Flix
217     BET             286    PBS          973     Cinemax
220     Turner Classic  287    ABC East     974     Cinemax 2
222     History         288    ABC West     975     Cinemax West
223     Disney          289    FOX Net      977     The Movie
224     Disney 2        298    TV Asia      978     Movie Channel
225     Discovery       303    NewSport     980     HBO
226     TLC             304    Golf         981     HBO 2
227     Cartoon         305    Classic      982     HBO 3
        Channel                Sports
229     USA Network     306    Speedvision  983     HBO West
230     TRIO            307    Outdoor      984     HBO 2 West
232     Family Channel  309    Spts Ch New  985     Showtime
233     WTBS            310    MSG          986     Showtime 2
235     Nashville       311    NESN         987     Showtime West
236     CMTV            312    Spts Ch  NY  989     MTV
240     SCI-FI          313    Empire       990     Comedy
                               Sports               Channel
242     CSPAN-1         314    Spts Ch      995     Sundance
                               Philly               Channel
243     CSPAN-2         315    KBL          999     USSB Preview
245     Bloomberg       316    HTS                  
246     CNBC            317    SportsSouth          
247     America's       318    Sunshine             
        Talking                Network
248     Weather         320    PASS                 
250     Newsworld Itl.  321    Spts Ch              
252     CNNI / CNNfn    322    Spts Ch              
254     Travel Channel  323    Spts Ch              
258     Bravo           324    Mid West             
266     Independent     325    Prime Spts           
        Film Ch                SW
269     STARZ-E         326    Prime Spts           
                               I-M W
270     STARZ-W         330    Prime Spts           
                     Hotbird (Eutelsat)
    Channel      Frequen    Audio
EBM              11.262   H 7.02     PAL
VH 1 Germany     11.242   V          PAL
Rai Uno          11.363   V          PAL
Rai Due          11.446   V          PAL
Canal Horizons   11.408   V          PAL
Eurosport        11.387   H Various  PAL
Dubai TV         11.513   H          PAL
TV5 Europe       11.323   V 6.60     PAL
MCM              11.304   H          PAL
TV Polonia       11.471   H          PAL
Polsat           11.428   H          PAL
Sci Fi           11.283   V          PAL
TVE Int.         11.222   H 6.60     PAL
TM3              11.345   H          PAL
CLT              11.492   V          PAL
ART 5            11.534   V 6.60     PAL
                   AlphaStar (Telstar 402)
Channel  Service         Channel  Service      Channel  Service

        Alpha Preview          HBO                  Showtime
        Arts &                 HBO 2                Showtime 2
        Cartoon                HBO 3                Showtime West
        Comedy Central         HBO West             The Movie
        Country Music          HBO 2 West           Movie Channel
        TV                                          West
        Disney (E)             Cinemax              
        Disney (W)             Cinemax 2            Sundance
        E!                     Cinemax              Golf
        Entertainment          West
        Family Channel                              Encore
        Lifetime                                    Encore +
        MTV                    C-SPAN               
                               CNBC                 ESPN
        Nickelodeon            CNN                  ESPN2
        Sci-Fi                 CNNfn                Liberty
        The Nashville          Court TV             Classic
        Network                                     Sports
        Turner Classic         Discovery            Regional
        Movies                 Ch                   Sport Ch
        TNT                    Headline             
        TV Land                History              
        USA Network            Learning             
        VH-1                   NewsTalk             
                    Echostar (EchoStar 1)
100 Preview Channel      241 WNBC, New York      700  Showroom Channel
                           (NBC -E)
102 USA Network          242 KNBC, Los Angeles   900  Business TV
                           (NBC -W)
104 Comedy Central       243 WRAL, Raleigh       901  Business TV
                           (CBS -E)
106 TV Land              244 KPIX, San Francisco      
                           (CBS -W)
108 Lifetime             245 WJLA, Washington          DISH CD 
                           (ABC -E)
110 TV Food Network      246 KOMO, Seattle       950  New Country
                           (ABC -W)
112 Home and Garden      247 FOX                 951  Country Classics
   Network                  (National)
114 E! Entertainment     249 PBS                 952  Country Currents
   Television               (National)
118 Arts and                                     953  Jukebox Gold
120 History Channel      260 Trinity             954  70's Song Book
122 Sci-Fi Channel       261 Eternal Word TV     955  Adult Favorites
132 Turner Classic                               956  Adult Contemporary
138 Turner Network       300 HBO - E             957  Adult Alternative
140 ESPN                 301 HBO 2 - E           958  HitLine
142 ESPN2                302 HBO 3 - E           959  Classic Rock
160 MTV                  303 HBO - W             960  The Edge
162 VH-1                 304 HBO 2 - W           961  Power rock
166 Country Music        310 Showtime - E        962  Non-Stop Hip Hop
168 Nashville Network    311 Showtime - W        963  Urban Beat
170 Nickelodeon          312 Showtime 2          964  Latin Styles
172 Disney Channel       320 Cinemax - E         965  Fiesta Mexicana
176 Cartoon Network      321 Cinemax 2 - E       966  Eurostyle
178 Learning Channel     322 Cinemax - W         967  Jazz Traditions
180 Family Channel       330 The Movie Channel - 968  Contemporary Jazz
                           E                        Flavors
182 Discovery Channel    331 The Movie Channel - 969  Expressions
200 CNN Cable News                               970  Contemporary
   Network                                          Instrumentals
202 Headline News        401 The Golf Channel    971  Concert Classics
204 Court TV                                     972  Light Classical
206 CNN International /  500 PPV 1               973  Easy Instrumentals
208 CNBC                 501 PPV 2               974  Big Band Era
210 CSpan                502 PPV 3               975  Contemporary
214 Weather Channel      503 PPV 4               976  KidZone
220 Travel Channel       504 PPV 5               977  LDS Radio Network
222 HSN Shopping         505 PPV 6                    
226 QVC Shopping                                      
230 TBS, Atlanta         600 RAI (Italy)              
232 KTLA, Los Angeles    602 ART (Arabic)             
234 WPIX, New York       604 ANTENNA                  
240 WGN, Chicago         605 MTV-L (Spanish)          
                         606 PDP (Spanish)            
                         607 TMNDO (Spanish)          
                                  by  Steve Rubie ASC Satellite

                          DVB News
                      Volume 1 Issue 9

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