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                          OLYMPIC SPECIAL

North American OLYMPIC feeds
Full Coverage

C1/08 NBC East
Morelos 2 /22 TV Azteca
Anik E2 1/9/11/13 CBC
Multiple wild feeds

World Feeds
Intelsat: Atlanta Ocean Region 512, 515, 601, 603, 605, 705, 707, 709
	      Asia and the Pacific region 701, 703, 511
  		  Eastern Europe and the Middle East  604, 602

PanAmSat: All satellites
Columbia / TDRSS: All satellites

World broadcasters using Panasonic video equipment

Panasonic has equipped more than 20 rights-holding broadcast
organisations from around the world with digital broadcast
video equipment.  Among the world broadcasters utilising
Panasonic equipment are Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting (AOB),
the Games' host broadcasting entity; NBC (U.S.A.); BBC
(Great Britain); NHK (Japan); Televisa (Mexico); ARD/ZDF
(Germany) and Channel 7  (Australia).  The Centennial Games
are the second Olympic assignment for Panasonic.
Panasonic is the systems integrator and prime contractor for
the Olympic Games broadcast facilities, responsible for the
design, installation, testing and maintenance support of
these extensive audio-video systems.  The company's systems
integration efforts are concentrated at three locations_the
500,000-sq.-ft.  International Broadcast Centre (IBC) at the
Georgia World Congress Centre, Olympic Stadium and the
Georgia Dome.
In total, Panasonic has supplied more than 1,100 Digital
VTRs (more than 1,000 D-3, 100 DVCPRO and 40 D-5 recorders),
more than 210 digital cameras, more than 5,200 professional
monitors, 600+ pieces of Ramsa audio equipment (including
DAT recorders, mixers, amplifiers and monitors), 40 digital
switchers, 30 digital optical video disc recorders, and 30
Digital Slow Motion systems to the AOB and world
In addition to new D-3 digital composite products (the AJ-
D360 D-3 VTR and AJ-D300 D-3 camcorder) and the new AQ-23W
16:9/4:3 digital camera, Panasonic introduced these
broadcast products exclusively for the Games_the AU-A960
multi-event editing controller, AJ-A7 slow-motion controller
and the AQ-2000 Digital Slow-Motion System.
As the host broadcaster, the AOB is responsible for covering
every second of the competitions of the Olympic Games in an
unbiased fashion and delivering around 3,000 hours of live
programming to the world broadcasters.
Panasonic digital broadcast equipment is also at the core of
NBC's Olympic Games broadcast operations at the network's
facilities in Atlanta and New York. Panasonic's D-3
equipment is NBC's main recording format, and the Panasonic
D-5 digital component equipment serves as the medium for
graphics creation and storage for the Games.
In addition, NBC is using 80 Panasonic digital cameras and
camcorders for acquisition, more than 1,200 Panasonic
professional video monitors for viewing the sports
competitions, and a wide array of Panasonic/Ramsa
professional audio equipment to meet the network's audio

Tabloid newspapers via satellite

More than a dozen, up-to-the-minute, full-colour, tabloid-
size newspapers are being delivered via satellite from 10
nations will be available at multiple walk-up kiosks for
printing within two minutes of a customer order.  In some
cases, the newspaper will be available in Atlanta even
before the press run is complete in its home country.  The
cost is just two dollars per paper.
The service is provided by PressPoint, a subsidiary of
Scitex Corporation Ltd. using high-speed, high-quality
colour laser printing technology from Xerox Corporation.
After the Games, PressPoint plans to market the solution to
hotels, airports and other travel-related businesses, to
serve travellers who want to stay in touch with news from
The newspapers available are: The Daily Telegraph (UK), The
Daily Mail (UK), Die Welt (Germany), The Star & SA Times
(South Africa), Jornal do Brasil (Brazil), Tages Anzeiger
(Switzerland), Asia Times (Hong Kong/Thailand), Aftonbladet
(Sweden), Liberation (France), Joong-Ang (Korea) and Bild
Each participating paper provides an abridged, 10-page
version of its daily paper, formatted for printing as a
tabloid.  The electronic versions are being transmitted to
PressPoint headquarters in Israel and then via satellite to
the PressPoint locations in Atlanta.  The company expects to
sell as many as 2,500 editions per day during the two-week
run of the Olympic Games.
In addition to printing newspapers as customers order them,
pre- printed editions are available at many Atlanta-area
The papers also contain advertisements targeted at the
Atlanta audience_editorial content runs on the front side of
each page, advertisements on the back.
The newspapers are printed on Xerox MajestiK Digital Colour
Copier/Printers, which print at speeds of up to six colour
pages per minute.

BBC And TVNZ Utilising Teleglobe's Video Lease

According to Bill Daly, Associate Director of Teleglobe
International Corporation's Broadcast Services Division, the
BBC and Television New Zealand (TVNZ) are utilising
Teleglobe's Video Lease service.
"Our Video Lease service offering provides digital or
analogue full- time circuits tailored to serve broadcast,
cable television and business television markets," said Mr.
Daly. "We are proud to be involved with the BBC and TVNZ in
the coverage of the 1996 Olympic Games. We look forward to
meeting and surpassing their expectations."
Teleglobe in partnership with British Telecom and Vyvx,
provided a leased 45Mbps digital circuit to the BBC for
their coverage of the Games.  Teleglobe's intercontinental
cable system, which links North America and Europe through
fibre-optic submarine cables, is being used as the
transatlantic portion of the link.
Teleglobe is backhauling multiple digitally-compressed video
signals from Atlanta to its Pacific Coast earth station for
TVNZ. From there, Teleglobe is uplinking  to INTELSAT 511 on
a TVNZ transponder.

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