I'm sorry and must apologize to all you who subscribed: the basic
idea behind this mailing list was to distribute my sat observations
once a week in an Excel file covering the whole sat range, and a
cuple of times in smaller Excel files covering only the actual updates.

Until now I haven't been able to send anything as Majordomo (the
mailing robot) bounces all my messages stating they are longer than
40,000 charachters. There is a procedure that should allow me to
force it to post the messages anyway, but the corrected messages
bounce as well.

I have tried to ask for help to Majordomo's administrator, but haven't
gotten a reply yet.

So, I wont send anithing until this matter is sorted out, and invite you
all, if you wish to do so, to downoad the actual file from "The media
page" on my site at http://www.sente.it/magic.

If anyone has suggestions (considering that a number of subscibers
operate mailing lists as well), please send me e-mail.


Ciao from Milan, Italy!

-- .\\agic .\lex

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