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LAUNCH INFORMATION, http://www.satcodx.com/launches.shtml
Sirius 3 is scheduled to be launched with Ariane on 15 August. This
satellite is solely constructed to cover the northern European
hemisphere, and does NOT feature an European wide beam as does the
Sirius 2 .

Ariane Flight 107 with Spot-4 has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, March
24, with a launch window opening at 03:46 CAT (Kourou spaceport: Monday,
March 23rd, 10:46 p.m.). French Space Agency (CNES) said in a statement
that "an anomaly has been detected in the back-up electric pyrotechnic
command designed to release the Pastel telescope during its launch.
Pastel is one of the instruments aboard the Spot-4 satellite."
(SME, source CNES)

The French company Alcatel Espace will be supplying the payloads for
three russian EXPRESS-K satellites. The contract was awarded on February
10th by the Russian Government to the "TROIKA" consortium, constituted
by NPO-PM, AEROSPATIALE and ALCATEL ESPACE, and was officially announced
on the 13th March. The contract covers initially the construction of
three EXPRESS-K craft, the series could eventually stretch to ten
satellites ! 

The first Express-K1 will be based on the Spacebus 3000B platform. The
two others, K2 and K3 will see a gradual transfer of technology from
Aerospatiale to NPO-PM, which will use an improved version of its own
platform being used for Eutelsat's SEASAT program, to which Alcatel is
already contributing. Alcatel Espace is also involved with NPO-PM in the
Express-A, three satellite programme.

The payloads on this Express-K series will include 32 C-band and
20 Ku-band repeaters provided by Alcatel Espace. With onboard power
reaching 9kW, the Express-K will be at least five times as powerful as
the existing Express craft they will be replacing. The satellites will
have highly configurable antennae with five-zone coverage, capable of
serving, from three Russian orbital slots, not only the Russian
territory and CEI states but also establishing links with western

This contract confirms the increasing cooperation between French and
Russian firms in the space sector and bolsters the role of the
Aerospatiale and Alcatel satellite activities, in the process of being
merged. Aerospatiale-Alcatel are proving that they can effectively
counter rivals Hughes whose proposals to the Russians considered NPO-PM
only as an eventual subcontractor with no transfer of technology. The
Express-Ks will represent a considerable workload for the Alcatel
facilities in Toulouse.

The first of the Express-K satellites will be launched at the end of
1999 or start of 2000 using Proton launch systems.
(SME, Copyright 1998, go-Ariane)

American Vice President Al Gore has proposed launching a 24 hour a day
video image of the planet Earth, beamed from a satellite 1.6 million
kilometers away (at the so-called Lagrangian point or L1) over the
Internet and via television. Gore told an audience at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology that the images would have the same effect as
the earlier missions to the Moon. The satellite would be so far away
from the Earth that it would provide a full view of the planet, unlike
geo-stationary satellites.

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin says Gore approached him with the idea
of building the satellite, called "Triana" after the sailor on Columbus'
first voyage who first spotted New World, a month ago. The satellite
would be launched from the space shuttle, and Goldin says that if
Congress approves the funds, it could be in orbit by the year 2000.

Of course, right now you can watch the Earth from space over the
Internet, now that NASA TV is running 24 hours in RealVideo. Check out:

(SME, source AP)

The Motorola-led IRIDIUM consortium has been assigned a country code by
the ITU - International Telecommunications Union, giving it national
status in the telecommunications industry: +8816. The low-earth orbit
satellite system is expected to become operational by September 1998.

Copyright 1998, Peter C Klanowski

SME Comment: This means that when you will be calling your neighbour
using an Iridium phoneline, it's an international call. But who is crazy
enough to do things like that ? ;-)

ASIASAT 1, 105.5, http://www.satcodx.com/asia1.shtml
Star Sports on 3.860 GHz, V, has switched to Starcrypt encryption,
starting 17 March, 01:00 CAT. A future digital MPEG-2 service will only
be available in India, probably starting from May 1st.
This Start Sports press release updates the March 6th SME report. 

ASIASAT 2, 100.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/asia2.shtml
Japan Telecom transmitts occasional feeds on 3.765 GHz, H and 4.185 GHz,
V, MPEG-2, SR 5632, FEC 3/4.

APSTAR 2R, 76.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/apstar2r.shtml
On 4.188 GHz, V, the Galaxy Channel (TVB 8) featured on Thursday only a
MPEG-2/encrypted signal, with SR 13237, FEC 3/4 and following line-up:

	0488{1160}/0460{1120}	CHANNEL ONE
	04EC{1260}/04C4{1220}	 CHANNEL TWO
	0550{1360}/0528{1320}	 CHANNEL THREE

On Friday testing as before, with the Galaxy Channel promo starting on
the top of the hour, in PAL/clear(SME)

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.shtml
The ART feeds on 11.521 GHz, H, MPEG-2, SR 7029, FEC 3/4, PIDs

INSAT 2DT, 55 East, http://www.satcodx.com/in2dt.shtml
Occasional feeds on 3.922 GHz, L, PAL/clear for Doordarshan 1: ORIYA (in
Roman type set)

SME Comment: the whole audio spectrum of this frequency is heavily
on both 55 and 57 east (Doordarshan & Ethiopean TV): a heavy, pulsing

At the same time on 3.810 GHz, L, PAL/clear Doordarshan 1: ????? (in
Hindi type set)

For some assistance in further search, here the previous used
frequencies and occupation on Arabsat 1C at 30.5 East: 

3.814 LC CFI-France
3.834 RC CNNI
3.924 LC .
3.870 RC UAE Feed
3.964 LC EDTV-Dubai
3.xxx LC .
4.064 LC OMAN
4.111 LC MBC
4.128 RC ASBU Feed
4.xxx RC . 

COUPON 1, 55 East, http://www.satcodx.com/coupon1.shtml
Informed source were quoted as saying the satellite, Russia's first own
commercial spacecraft, may have already become "unable to function as a
result of malfunctions in one of its systems."

A spokeswomen for the Central Bank confirmed that she had "information
on some malfunctions." The bank is so far "not ready to estimate how
grave they are, and what could be the consequences." A commission of
bank and space industry representatives will gather on Friday to discuss
the situation.

Launched in November 1997 the geostationary Coupon is according to the
Central Bank still performing in-flight tests and has not been put into
operation yet. It was designed to provide what probably could best be
described as VSAT data transmission services to the Central Bank and its
its 1,000+ regional branches, which would be linked to an accounting
centre in Moscow so that money transfers could be made almost in

Copyright 1998, Peter C Klanowski

SME COMMENT: Various test carriers have been received (see also the
SAT-MidEast reports of the last weeks).

INTELSAT 511, 38.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/
Intelsat 511 is scheduled to be located at 29.5 West at the end of June,
taking over the services from Intelsat 506 at 31.4 West.

The satellite is slowly moving west, from 180 East to 29.5 West,
currently at 38.5 East.
(SATCO-DX, source: Intelsat)

HOT BIRD 4, 29 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb4.shtml
A mix of EuroSport and BBC World was transmitted Saturday on 12.303 GHz,
V, with video from BBC World and audio from EuroSport.
EuroSport returned with the complete service late evening, through-out
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday until late Wednesday, March 18th.

The reason for the video absence on Saturday could have been the lack of
programming rights for the extended beam for certain transmitted live

On 12.360 GHz, H, a mixture of Fashion TV, ESA and Eutelsat videos have
been transmitted constantly, as in the previous two days, until late
Wednesday, March 18th. 

The signals strength on the hi-band frequencies 12.360 GHz, H and 12.303
GHz, V, (and other observed test carriers in the high band) dropped
considerably from March 17th, probably due to a switch from wide beam to
super beam.
It was reported almost 15 dB lower in Bahrain. (see also TPS report

On March 16th, at 17:50 CAT, an Eutelsat promo was seen on transponder
110, 10.719 GHz, V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 27500, FEC 1/2, PIDs
1000{4096}/1001{4097}, whereby the PCR had to be set to 1000{4096} to
achieve reception.

On March 18th, a series of inerts for La Cinquieme was seen with SR
27500, FEC 1/2, PIDs 0300{768}/0301{769}, later in the day the MPEG-2
transmissions switched back to the earlier used PIDs
1000{4096}/1001{4097} for a promotional video for the EBU (European
Broadcasting Union).

SME Comment: Personally I was a little dissapointed about the number and
quality of the displayed material during these tests. It is in my eyes a
waste of airtime to repeat a few videos so frequently, whereby not even
the full potential of the free-to-air ESA - ARIANESPACE - EUTELSAT
advertisement is used. Various archives of interesting science and PR
material are available at commercial enterprises or universities, so why
not use them ?

Problems with broadcasting rights ? I don't think so...I believe that
Dr.Dish@TV would also be delighted to have this month's live broadcast
last Friday uplinked to the Hot Bird 4; I guess even the German Telekom
wouldn't mind to have some advertisement at 29 East.

Is this little bit of coordination and good-will so difficult to achieve
in our -so-called- multi-national society ? A lot of professionals have
been watching!

On March 19 and 20th, (most of us had already the satellite seen moving
to 13 East), still signals were received from transponder 122, 10.949
GHz, V, and 111, 10.727 GHz, H. Transponder 95 at 12.284 GHz, H and 96
at 12.226 GHz, V, could also be observed with very strong empty carriers
on the widebeam.

Thursday evening two analog hi-band transponder on superbeam 12.360 GHz,
H and 12.303 GHz, V, were activated again, as was a digital transmission
on the widebeam at 10.719 GHz, V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 27500, FEC 1/2, PIDs
0300{768}/0301{769}, named "BPS" with the series of new La Cinquieme

Friday evening saw some change: EuroSport is now using transponder 96,
12.226 GHz, V, and the Fashion and ESA videos are on transponder 95,
12.284 GHz, H. MPEG-2 transmissions can furtheron be found on
transponder 110, 10.719 GHz, V.

It has to be assumed that Hot Bird 4 will be put in motion any moment
now, even when Eutelsat says it is in no hurry. On it's way westwards to
the 13 East position it will move with a speed of around 2 degrees per
First signals should be received from the final position around Monday,
March 30th, for official action from midnight March, 31st.

There are several news groups and satellite mailers displaying the
latest channel line-up for the Hot Bird satellite(s). I have also could
receive a few, but are unwilling to put even the most trustworthy down,
as the past has shown that most of these listings are speculation, more
or less educated "guess work".

Facts are that TPS six transponder for digital transmissions has
reserved; Arabsat has received an option on transponder 101 for MPEG-2
transmissions, and Hungarian Duna-TV will start broadcasting on
transponder 115, 10.815 GHz, H.

A Paris based group announced that the Shalom Channel will start
broadcast 13 hours a day as part of the French TPS digital package.

As SAT-MidEast reported way back in July '97, the channel will be the
first general entertainment Jewish Television channel in Europe. It will
be available on both analog and digital satellite systems and partially

Broadcasts are to begin at 12:OO CAT each day and continue until after
midnight. Programs will consist of broadcasts from Israeli Television
and other broadcasts with English, French and Hebrew broadcasts.
Subjects covered will include news and features, culture programs and

The channel says it is targeting its programs at the 350.000 Jewish
households in Europe and is budgeting for an eventual 50.000 subscribers
by late 1998.
Shalom Channel's three main offices will be located in Paris, London and
Jerusalem. It will be operated by Network Television International (NTI)
in Paris.

TPS will actually move its five transponders currently spread among the
various satellites at 13 degrees East. TPS is also leasing one more
transponder on the satellite, making it a total of six. It has to be
estimated that TPS has options on transponder in the hi-band, similar to
those presently used.

There are only a total of seven active transponder in the Ku3 band on
Hot Bird 4; as one of them (101, 12.731 GHz, H) has already been
reserved by the Arabsat Organization, following superbeam line-up (or
similar) should be considered:

from	HB01	61	11.938  H	to	HB04	095	12.616  H
from	HB01	69	12.092  H	to	HB04    098	12.673  H
from	HB03	72	12.149  V	to	HB04    096	12.635  V       
from	E2F1	45	12.542  V	to	HB04    098	12.673  V
from	E2F1 	46	12.584  V	to	HB04    100	12.713  V

and one transponder additional	on	HB04    099	12.692  H       
(SME, initial source: Richard Karlsson "Aftonbladet")

EUTELSAT II-f3, 16 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f3.shtml
Transponder 37, 11.575 GHz, V, carried at 14:30 CAT live test
transmissions from and to the MIR space station for "KAPSCH" with
question and answers from russian children towards the crew.

It has been a dress rehearsal for Friday's "Spring Meeting" broadcast,
connecting Vienna with several east-European cities, e.g. Moscow,
Prague, Budapest, and the Crew of the MIR space station for the Cebit
Exhibition in Hanover, Germany.
Also used was transponder 22, 11.163 GHz, H, on Eutelsat II-f2, 10 East.

TV Romania International, the evening user of 11.575 GHz, V, has started
with a TeleText service.

HOT BIRD 1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb1.shtml
Shopping CHannel "ScreenShop" has left 11.304 GHz, H, which was
transmitted when Animal Planet was off air.

Thai TV 5 Global Network has left 11.248 GHz, H already on March 14th.
They are now only on Hot Bird 3, in the TeleSpazio MPEG-2 package on
12.111 GHz, V, SR 27500, FEC 2/3, PIDs 00F0{240}/00F1{241}

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.shtml
Occasional feeds on 11.026 GHz, H, MPEG-2, SR 3563, FEC 3/4, PIDs

On Thursday morning an IBM Corporational feed from the German CEBIT
exhibition could be followed on transponder 39, 11.659 GHz, V.

Test transmissions of an unknown new package could be observed every day
from Wednesday on transponder 33, 11.595 GHz, H, SR 21971, FEC 2/3:
Chan_1, Chan_2, Chan_3, Chan_4 & Chan_5. No PIDs transmitted yet, no
video, no audio.

SIRIUS 2, 5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/sirius.shtml
Cartoon Network Italy on 12.303 GHz, H, is now unfortunately encrypted.

INTELSAT 707, 1 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i707.shtml
The test card on 11.015 GHz, V, at the Israeli beam has ceased and made
place for an MPEG-2 package of EHA 1 and EHA 2, with SR 10848, FEC 3/4
and following PIDs:
	0101{257}/0102{258}	EHA 1
	0201{513}/0202{514} EHA 2

The channels were tested on Wednesday with mostly Israeli commercial
Channel 2, without audio. Transmissions could not be observed at night
to Thursday.

On Thursday transponder 111XU, 11.015 GHz, V, carried an MPEG-2/clear,
SR 5925, FEC 3/4, named EMEQ HALA (yes, without middle "E"), No PIDs, No

On Friday the MPEG-2 transmissions of EHA 1 and EHA 2 returned to the
transponder, using the above mentioned data.

The Egyptian package on 4.135 GHz, L, SR 26950, FEC 3/4, has a changed
line-up, with an additional channel: An advanced search with a NOKIA
MediaMaster 9200 loads now sequential P5, P4, P3, P2, P1.

P5      0023{..35}/0024{..36}   New Channel (no logo, no name, movies)
P4      1022{4130}/1023{4131}   Nile TV International
P3      1024{4132}/1025{4133}   ESC 2
P2      0022{..34}/0021{..33)   ESC 1
P1      1026{4134}/1027{4135}   Nile Drama Channel

Only ESC 1 and Nile TV carry audio left and right, all other only right.

INTELSAT 605, 27.5 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i605.shtml
Canal Select has left 3.650 GHz, R (MPEG-2).

BOP-TV changed its frequency slightly to 3.898 GHz, L, South East beam,
PAL/IRDETO with empty audio on 6.60 and stereo Radio BOP on 7.20:7.38

INTELSAT 806, 57 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i806.shtml
The recent launched Intelsat 806 is now located at 57 West and expected
to start testing soon. As the present beam configuration of this
satellite is not receivable in the Middle East, reporting through SME
will be discontinued. For further updates follow the SATCO-DX links.

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