SAT Observations 97.03.13

A news release from Cairo, Egypt, located at 30.3 North - 31.15 East,
sponsored by tele-SATELLIT INTERNATIONAL, SATCO-DX and TBS Internet.
- Satellite and Transponder Observations in C- and Ku-Band,
- Commented from the Middle Eastern perspective.
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- SHOWTIME Free Weekend
- Filmnet Hellas coded
- Palestinian TV
- Dr.Dish TV
- Bits & Pieces

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.html
The Showtime channel started its first BIG MOVIE Weekend today. The
Showtime channels are from 13-15 March in the clear and receivable for
owners of a DStv DVB compliant IRD, without smartcard. (I tried it
myself, and took the card out; everything runs fine, even after
switching off and on the IRD). It should surely work on other types of
IRD's also, as they are much more flexible as my Panasat 520-D.

Try out frequencies: 11.464, 11.584 GHz, H, with SR 19638 and FEC 7/8
and find The Movie Channel, the Paramount Channel, Nickelodeon, TV-Land,
MTV Europe, VH-1 UK, Bloomberg Information TV UK, Style, and the
Discovery Channel UK.

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.html
After the Multichoice Hellas MPEG-2 package on widebeam transponder 55,
11.823 GHz, V, is now scrambled, following pricing details are released:

Receiver/Decoder: 55,500 Greek Drahmas
Monthly subscription: 9,900 Greek Drahmas (Filmnet, SuperSport and K-TV)

Anybody interested can contact their Athens offices under these numbers:
	+30(1)679-1557 (General info number)
	+30(1)677-5000 (Subscriptions)

The package is receivable with a valid smartcard, SR 27500, FEC 3/4.
	FilmNet Hellas	VPID 0200	APID 028A
	K-TV &			VPID 0201	APID 0294
	Supersport		VPID 0201	APID 0294
	Promo Channel	VPID 0202	APID 029E

Subscription info courteously supplied by Andreas Mavrides

HOT BIRD 1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb1.html
All channels in the Viacom package on transponder 2, 11.238 GHz, V, are
this weekend in the clear, including the Sci-Fi channel and MTV3, Italy,
in order to celebrate the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany. ;-)
(MTV3 uses VPID 0131 and APID 0132). 

The earlier reported signal of the Discovery Channel UK, testing on
transponder 3, 11.248 GHz, H, is strong compared to other SCPC on Hot
Bird 1. Additional reception data: Symbol Rate 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 0488,
APID 0460.
Info courteous submitted by Ghassan Tabet & DXStefan

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.html
The B-MAC transmissions of AFRTS (AFN) have ceased already today on
transponder 27B, 11.178 GHz, V. They are additional transmitted, since
March 10th, on transponder 39, 11.659 GHz, V, and are still active
From the afternoon a, not further identified, digital carrier could be
observed on transponder 27B, on a frequency around 11.178 GHz, V.

INTELSAT 707, 1 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i707.html
Transponder 111X-A, 10.967 GHz, V, (early morning without subcarriers)
was used for news feeds from the Israeli/Jordanien border. In the
evening a sports feed for Channel 5 was transmitted. Subcarrier in both
cases on 6.60 MHz.

On transponder 111X-B, 11.1015 GHz, V, have all subcarriers ceased
today, with the exeption of the TV sound of Channel 2 on 6.60 MHz.

On transponder 73B, 11.176 GHz, V, TV sound for Channel 2 on 6.60 and
7.02 MHz (two times Mono) and Radio Kol on 7.38 MHz.

Transponder 73A, 11.136 Ghz, V, with a subcarrier on 6.60 MHz, was used
for feeds during the evening, while transponder 111X-A was used for a
sports feed for Channel 5.

AMOS 1, 4 West, http://www.satcodx.com/amos1.html
From the early morning transponder 4U, 11.510 GHz, V, has been utilised
for a feed for the Palestinian TV Organization. The PTV logo was at
times in the upper left corner of the screen, underlined with the word
"live", in Arabic. Subcarriers were available at 6.60 (TV sound) and
7.20 MHz (empty).

Transmitted was a live broadcast, from Bethlehem, with Palestinian
President Yasser Arafat.

In the late afternoon a news feed on transponder 4L, 11.468 Ghz, V, from
the Israeli/Jordanian border could be observed with a subcarrier on 6.60
MHz for TV sound.

DR.DISH TV, DFS-II, 28.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/k2.html
On Friday, March 14th, 1997 a new drdish@tv transmission, three hours
live, starting 20.00 CET, ending at 23.00 Uhr CET.

Following programming contents are prepared:

Sat-News, Inmarsat-Report, Chaparral-Tuning, Digital Receiver
Media News, Space News, Digital News, World Space Radio
Data-Decoding, MPEG-Modulation, Dr.Dish Live

You can watch drdish@tv via:
DFS-II (Kopernikus), 28.5 East,
Transponder B1, 11.548 GHz, V
Audio: 6.65 MHz (300 kHz audio deviation)
and also via several ATV-stations of Ham operators (Thanks!)

Commercials in drdish@tv ? Contact for slot availability:
drdish@tv, P.O.Box 1153, D-52532 Gangelt
Fax: +31-45-5273615

SME Comment: unfortunately still no reception possible in 
the Middle East! Dr.Dish promises, it will be better soon...

Best regards,

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