SAT Observations 97.01.18

A news release from Cairo, Egypt, located at 30.3 North - 31.15 East,
sponsored by TELE-satellit, SATCO-DX and TBS Internet.
- Satellite and Transponder Observations in C- and Ku-Band,
- Commented from the Middle Eastern perspective.

- Astra news, DF-1 reports and Skandinavian reports.
- Regular feeds and news transmissions are not listed.

- Multichoice Africa
- Jordan TV
- AB-Sat promo
- Bits & Pieces

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.html
A new development on channel 22 and 23 of the Multichoice Africa DStv
Viewers are requested to watch these "Research Channels" from January 27
onwards for 4 weeks regularely. Multichoice will present a selection of
possible future channels, whereafter the viewers will be requested to
make their choice of programming added to the present package.

This information is presented in the info pages of the on-screen menus
from these channels.

The previous by the Showtime Promotional channel used transponder
frequency of 4.120 GHz, V, is added to the Multichoice package for this
Tuning the IRD into this frequency gives automatically acces to the
other by Enterprise CDTV used C-Band frequencies of 3.716 GHz, V, and
4.086 GHz, V.

INTELSAT 707, 57 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/i703.html
No changes on the new appeared Kazakh frequency, 11.648 GHz, H, still a
black & white test card (24 hours).

Arabsat 2A, 26 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/a2a.html
Jordan TV did not appear today on the announced transponder 4, 12.578
GHz, V. It seems they run a couple of days late.

Egyptian Nile TV on transponder 5, 3.802 GHZ, Rc, is now increasingly
showing serials and movies in the original language with undertitling in
(depending on movies language) Arabic, English & French. The afternoon
break seems to have dissappeared during Ramadan.

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.html
The analogue AB-Sat promo broadcast on transponder 52, 11.766 GHz, V,
has been interupted timewise during the early evening.

Here some original comments from Nicholas Dandalis, Greece:

AB-Sat is about the same in quality over here as Polonia 1, maybe even
slightly better.  You are probably receiving Polonia 1 through a
side-lobe [in Cairo].
Keep in mind that these two frequencies are on opposite polarities.

If it's not a side-lobe, my second guess would be that it's actually on
the wide beam in one of those "Ethiopia-TV" situations.  You know where
the signal is kind of weak but shouldn't be. 

I first tested Polonia 1 on my 3 meter dish, I can't say that it was
perfect, not rock solid at least. I then tried the 1.20 cm and it wasn't
much different, just a little worse with mild sparklies.  I then went
down to a 85 cm dish, only then did I start to get drop out quite
noticeably, about 5-10% loss.

I also notice that the signal varies, often it deteriorates and then
gets better again. In any case I believe that Polonia 1 still has work
to do until they get it right.

Side lobes are quite common here with Astra, in Athens they receive
different channels with good quality than we receive here.  Here we
generally receive the horizontal channels better. In Cyprus it is the
vertical polarization.
A good example of a side-lobe is the South African directed Ku-band beam
which I receive (in poor quality) from Panamsat 4.

Other helpful comments were received from SadBugger:

Polonia 1 is saturating the transponder (i.e transmitting at exactly the
right level). 
There is a problem with the analogue transmissions on transponder 52.
All transmissions on this space (analogue and digital) come from the
same uplink.

Thanks to Nicholas and SadBugger for their comments!

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.html
The Worldcup Ice Skating feeds from Italy, for the NOS (Nederlandse
Omroep Stichting), are receivable via FT transponder 22, 11.163 GHz, H.

Later on the same transponder the usual Paris Dakar ralley reports.

INTELSAT 601, 27.5 West, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/i601.html
The announcement on transponder 101L, 3.747 GHz, Lc, is still available,
however the dia's background has slightly changed from greyish to a
diagonal fade from black to white in small cubes, resembling a digital
The taped music with M-Net and the new M-Net Radio promotions has not
changed. The dia is sometimes during performed tests not available, the
sound on 6.60 Mhz however remains.

Algerian TV had an interuption in transmission on transponder 24, 4.002
GHz, Rc. Only an empty carrier remained.

PANAMSAT 3-R, 43 West, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.html
Also today various feeds over the 12.701 GHZ, H, frequency, e.g. a
Spanish spoken live sports feed (unfortunately in Syster/Nagravision)
and live pictures of the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru. Sounds vary per
feed, try: 6.20, 6.60, 6.80, 7.20 MHz.

Best regards,

Henk C. Room / Sat-MidEast / Cairo - Egypt

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