NBC programming and EPG


After emailing them a month ago, today I received a response as to why the
NBC Asia program at weekends sometimes doesn't match the EPG or the NBC Web
site ( http://www.nbcasia.com ). If you're wondering why, here's the answer:


>From: "NBC Programming (NBC, HK)" <WNBCP.CHAIWAN@nbc.com>
>To: Martyn Williams <martyn@mars.dti.ne.jp>
>Subject: RE: NBC Asia
>Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:35:00 -0500
>Dear Martyn,
>There is some CNBC programming on the DirecTV schedule for the weekends,
>---this is where programming rights are not cleared for the Japanese market.
>We have been replacing CNBC shows where possible,  and at times this means
>that the programming guide is not quite up to date . However, this should
>have stabilized by now,  so please do let us know if you are still finding
>discrepancies  the
>Following the launch of CNBC Asia ( today ), CNBC programming will be from
>this new channel, but NBC programming will remain the same.
>Many thanks for your positive feedback on our shows, we're glad you are
>enjoying them .
>Emma Fung
> ----------
>From: Martyn Williams
>To: NBC Programming (NBC, HK)
>Subject: NBC Asia
>Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 10:11AM
>I've been watching NBC Asia for a month now on DirecTV Japan and have a
>couple of questions. Even though the DirecTV electronic program guide agrees
>with your Web site, I have recently been finding the weekend full of CNBC
>programming, not NBC Asia. This has happened several weekends in a row and
>DirecTV insist they are providing the NBC Asia feed so is there a special
>schedule for Japan?

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