SAT-ITALY 02.01.1998

SAT-ITALY - EDITION 1/98 - January 2nd 1998 -
Italian Satellite and Media news edited by Branislav Pekic

According to the latest available data, there are currently around 240,000
digital decoders in Italy. Out of this number, 156,000 are digital boxes
intended for the reception of Telepiù's digital service D+, 40,000 are
cable boxes (produced by Pace) for reception of the Stream TV package,
while the remaining 30-40,000 are digital receivers used for reception of
free-to-air Italian channels (i.e. RAI, Mediaset) or foreign digital services.
However, the various digital boxes in use have different conditional access
systems. The Stream cable decoders and around 100,000 of the Telepiù boxes
use the Irdeto conditional access system, while more than 50,000 Telepiù
digital boxes (those arrived in the shops back in June) use the Seca
proprietary standard owned by Canal Plus. In order to enable all
subscribers, independently of what type of digital box they own, to
continue receiving the digital package, Telepiù was forced to adopt the
Simulcrypt system, which is both Seca and Irdeto compatible.
- In Italia ci sono piu di di 240,000 ricevitori/decoder digitali. Da
questo numero, 156,000 sono per ricevere Telepiù D+, 40,000 per i abbonati
via cavo di Stream e il resto, 30-40,000 sono gli utenti TV che si usano
per ricevere i canali italiani free-to-air (RAI, Mediaset) o altri servizi
digitali stranieri. I decoder di Stream e 100,000 dei decoder di Telepiù
utilizzano il sistema di accesso condizionato Irdeto. Ci sono circa 50,000
abbonati Telepiù (quelli arrivati a partire di giugno) che utilizzano lo
sistema Seca di proprietà di Canal Plus. 

High audio quality, the possibility to transmit news, fixed or moving
images, traffic information - these are only some of the major technical
innovations Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is able to offer. Additionally
it will eliminate any interference or other problems in receiving radio
broadcasts. Technically speaking it can transmit 1,5 Mbytes (million bits
per second) of data, enabling the 7 stereo radio stations to broadcast on a
single FM frequency. The DAB receiver is in fact a powerful multimedia
terminal, which besides audio can also receive other data, textual
information, and fixed or moving images.
DAB is still in an experimental phase in which many public and private
radio stations all around Europe are taking part. In Italy, DAB was first
introduced by RAI back in 1995, as part of an experimental project in the
Valle d'Aosta region. Recently, DAB transmitters have been installed in
Milan, Venice and Bari and RAI is still waiting for approval on 4 DAB
frequencies, which would extend the service to the Piemonte region and the
city of Torino. Initially there will be 6 radio services available - 3
Isoradio, 2 classical music as well as a pop music and contemporary music
The main problem for expansion of the service seems to be the lack of DAB
car receivers. It seems that the first DAB receivers are to appear on the
market in spring and they will be priced at around 1,000 DM.
- Le caratteristiche principali del Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), la
nuova tecnologia di radio digitale sono: qualità audio in alta fedeltà, la
gestione di notizie, dati, informazioni sul traffico, immagini fisse e in
movimento. Il DAB è stato introdotto in Italia dalla RAI nel 1995, con un
progetto sperimentale per la Valle d'Aosta. RAI sta aspettando le
concessioni per i primi 4 impianti DAB in Piemonte e Valle D'Aosta che
copriranno in banda H da Saint Vincent a Torino citta'. Un altro impianto
e' installato a Milano, uno a Venezia ed uno a Bari. Sono 6 i canali
previsti: 3 isoradio, 2 di musica classica ed uno di musica pop e
contemporanea.  La disponibilità di autoradio DAB è uno dei principali
problemi per la diffusione in massa della radio digitale in Italia. La
prossima primavera, i primi ricevitori dovranno apparire sul mercato -
prezzo circa un milione di lire.

Nokia has announced that it's new digital receiver, the Mediamaster 9600S
will appear in the Italian shops in the next few months. This model is
already available in Spain and Scandinavia and will cost around 1,400 DM.
It can be used to receive free-to-air services as well as pay-TV channels,
because it will come equipped with a common interface and the customer will
only have to add a CAM (needed for reception of a pay-TV package),
smart-card and modem.
Nokia is in fact the leader in the Italian digital market - it has already
sold more than 70,000 boxes. A new software for this model will soon be
released which will update its technical capabilities. More information on
Nokia's Web site - http://www.nokia.com
- Nei prossimi mesi, sarà in vendita un nuovo ricevitore digitale Nokia, il
Mediamaster 9600S. Consentirà la ricezione dei canali free-to-air, ma anche
i canali a pagamento. Basterà aggiungere il modulo di accesso condizionato,
il modem e la smart card. Costerà circa 1,400,000 lire. 

- Still no confirmed date for the start of Telepiù's PPV movie service. The
new service (on 20 channels) will probably start in the first half of this
year and will charge around 10 DM per movie. Movies will be shown 3-6
months ahead of their normal PPV window.
- In the past week, unscrambled Telepiù D+ feeds (including movies!) have
been noted on the EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 1 satellite (13 degrees East). The
frequency is 11,283 GHz/Ver and the PID's are  00A0-00A7 (first channel)
and 0050-006C (second channel)
- RAI digital feeds have been noted on the EUTELSAT II F2 satellite (10
degrees East), transponder 33, frequency 11,595 GHz/Hor. The technical
details are as follows: Symbol rate 21.973 and FEC 2/3. 

(All times Central European)
RAI UNO, 20:45h - Hostile hostages (USA-1994), starring: Judy Davis, Kevin
RAI DUE, 20:50h - Con gli occhi chiusi (Italy-1994), starring: Stefania
Sandrelli, Deborah Caprioglio
RAI TRE, 20:50h - Spill (USA-1996), starring: Brian Bosworth, Ashok Amritraj
RAI DUE, 00:05h - Golden Gate (USA-1994), starring: Matt Dillon, Joan Chen
RAI UNO, 20:50h - Andre (USA-1994), starring: Keith Carradine, Chelsea Field
RAI DUE, 00:50h - Fine dell'intervista (Italy-1994), starring: Pino
Colizzi, Barbara Scoppia
RAI DUE, 20:50h - Persons unknown (USA-1996), starring: Joe Mantegna, Kelly
RAI TRE, 22:55h - Much ado about nothing (USA-1993), starring: Emma
Thompson, Denzel Washington, Kenneth Branagh
RAI DUE, 00:25h - Un cantante a quattro zampe (Germany), starring: Tali
Rinski, Roy Nathanson
RAI UNO, 20:50h - The governor (U.K.-1996), starring: Janet McTeer, Derek
RAI TRE, 22:55h - Singles (USA-1992), starring: Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon
RAI DUE, 00:30h - In Calabria (Italy-1993)
RAI TRE, 20:30h - Un genio due compari un pollo (Italy-1975), starring:
Terence Hill, Robert Charlebois
RAI DUE, 20:50h - Hostile force (USA-1996), starring: Andrew McCarthy,
Cynthia Geary
RAI TRE, 20:45h - Consenting adults (USA-1992), starring: Kevin Kline, Mary
Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Kevin Spacey
RAI TRE, 22:55h - Codice segreto desiderio (USA-1996), starring: Mark
Singer, Shannon Tweed
RAI UNO, 23:00h - Il profumo della papaya verde (France-1993), starring:
Tran Nu Yen-Khe, Lu Man San
RAI UNO, 20:40h - Gone with the wind (USA-1939), starring: Clark Gable,
Vivien Leigh
RAI DUE, 20:50h - Mit Verbundenen Augen (Germany-1995), starring: Ursula
Buschhorn, Herbert Knaup

Note:	All movies transmitted in the prime time slot are subtitled on RAI's
teletext pages 777 (Italian) and 778 (English)

RAI DUE, 19:00h - Basketball: Italian league
RAI TRE, 09:25h - Alpine skiing: World cup, super G (women), Ofterschwang,
I run
RAI TRE, 12:20h - Alpine skiing: World cup, super G (women), Ofterschwang,
II run
RAI TRE, 09:10h - Alpine skiing: World cup, special slalom (women),
Ofterschwang, I run
RAI TRE, 10:10h - Alpine skiing: World cup, super G (men), Hinterstoder, I run
RAI TRE, 12:10h - Alpine skiing: World cup, special slalom (women),
Ofterschwang, II run
RAI TRE, 12:55h - Alpine skiing: World cup, super G (men), Hinterstoder, II
RAI UNO, 14:25h - Football: Italian cup, LAZIO-ROMA
RAI TRE, 15:40h - Presentation of the new Ferrari Formula 1 
RAI DUE, 20:40h - Football: Italian cup, PARMA-ATALANTA
RAI TRE, 15:35h - World swimming championships 
RAI TRE, 16:30h - Basketball (women): European league, LAVEZZINI
RAI DUE, 17:55h - Alpine skiing: World cup, special slalom (men),
Schladming, I run
RAI DUE, 17:55h - Alpine skiing: World cup, special slalom (men),
Schladming, I run
RAI TRE, 15:30h - World swimming championships
RAI TRE, 11:55h - Alpine skiing: World cup, supersuper G (men), Schladming
RAI TRE, 15:15h - World swimming championships
RAI TRE, 16:20h - Volleyball: Italian league
RAI TRE, 00:05h - Volleyball (women): World championship qualifiers,

RAI UNO, 09:35h - Music: Concerto dell'Epifania'98, live from Naples 
Taking part: Albano e Romina, Cecilia Gasdia, Teresa de Sio, Enzo Gragnaniello

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