Sat-Hungary: Job offer / Munkalehetoseg!

+++++++++++++++ Job Offer ++++++++++++++++++++

HTML Editor/Designer Needed

SATCO DX is in need of a full- or half-time Web editor and designer for
the various sites which are maintained by SATCO DX (TELE-satellite.com,
sat-city.com, sat-address.com, satcodx.com etc). Work involves frequent
update of pages, and overlooking the internal structure of those sites.
Good design and lay out feelings are required, some basic knowledge of web
technology (cgi script editing etc) would help.

Work can be done at home and/or at the offices of SATCO DX in Budapest
(near Nyugati station). Anyone interested should contact aw@satcodx.com
together with URLs of html pages created by applicant (f.i. own Home


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