SAT-HUNGARY 11/04/97

SAT-HUNGARY  11-April-1997


     The following Press Release has been posted by the Rendez-Vous
Television several days ago:



From Rendez-Vous International Television S.A. the Luxembourg holding
company to Rendez-Vous S.A. France, the International explicit adult
entertainment TV network.

Total reorganisation of our transmission system has been decided. This is
not all the end of our operation. (Far from it contrary to persistent
rumours entertained by self proclaimed << insiders >> and reprinted in a
certain press). Moreover, Rendez-Vous Television will have at the end of
this reorganisation a broader international coverage, the largest of all
explicit adult program across the world.

On top of the K.U. Band on Eutelsat 2F3 and on C Band on Gorizont
Stationar 12, Rendez-Vous will broadcast in the next few days from EKRAN
99o East. As a result Rendez-Vous will offer the largest international
coverage from the West of Europe to Japan and from the Siberia to Central

This total rearrangement of Rendez-Vous Television transmission is the
consequence of number of various technical problems related to the
up-link, the D2MAC transmission format and related software. The whole
issue being worsened by the significant increase of the number of pirate
cards. Pirates using more << professional >> methods have lead
Rendez-Vous Television to substantially modify its relevant software and
subscriber access system. A free exchange of << unofficial >> Rendez-Vous
cards against a 6 Months new Rendez-Vous cards will be offered.

It will take a couple of weeks to Rendez-Vous Television to implement
those new measures (while the C Band will maintain normal transmission).
During this period a << Soft >> replacement program will be broadcasted
in clear on the K.U Band, three hours per day within the normal time
period on the same satellite (Eutelsat 2F3, TR 20 H.)

For the short time prejudice suffered, Rendez-Vous subscribers will have
their subscriptions extended for a whole month. All distributors dealers
and cable operators will receive the present release by fax.  ...or email


The following is the answer of Antenna Hungaria to the above Press

The press information about Rendez-Vous International Television S.A.
Luxembourg holding company published at this place of the Internet is not
all together in accordance with the facts.

The editing and uplink for Rendez-Vous TV has been provided by Antenna
Hungaria Rt. for 7 months. Rendez-Vous TV has payed off only a part of
this service after prolonged negotiations - there is still USD 100 000
depth left - this is the reason why the transmission is suspended. They
have not reached to this step until present. The technical problems
mentioned were caused by the faulty and outdated equipment and software
provided by Rendez-Vous TV.

We were suprised to read on Internet that Rendez-Vous TV is planning to
start transmission again from another uplink station. We are drawing the
attention of any potential new partners and subscribers to the
perspectives with Rendez TV, i.e. what they can expect after for
approximately half a year.


This is the answer provided by Antenna Hungaria to the Press Release of
Rendez Vous TV. If you are wondering why I am the person who is posting
this answer: Antenna Hungaria has only some limited Internet access, but
the person on this matter can be reached at cefi@ahrt.zene.hu.

If the above address fails somehow, please send it to me and I will
forward it to Antenna Hungaria.

SAT-HUNGARY  1997. aprilis 11.


     A Rendez-Vous televizio nehany napja egy sajtokozlemenyt tett kozze,
mely fent, az angol resznel olvashato. Az Antenna Hungaria Rt. erre a
sajtokozlemenyre valaszolt, melynek eredeti (angol) valtozatat szinten
feljebb olvashatjak.

     Mivel az eredeti valasz angol nyelvu, ezert az alabbi szoveg csak az
altalam keszitett forditas, amennyire lehet, megprobaltam pontosan


Az Internet ezen reszen a Rendez-Vous International Television S.A.
Luxembourg holding company-rol kozolt sajtoinformacio nem egeszen felel
meg a tenyeknek.

A Rendez-Vous TV osszeallitasat es feladasat az Antenna Hungaria Rt.
biztositotta 7 honapig. A Rendez-Vous hosszu targyalasok utan csak egy
reszet fizette ki ennek a szolgaltatasnak - meg mindig van 100 000 dollar
adosaguk -, ez az oka annak, hogy az adas szunetel. A mai napig nem
tettek lepest a kiegyenlitesre. Az emlitett technikai problemakat a
Rendez-Vous TV altal biztositott elavult es hibas berendezes es szoftver

Meglepodve oldastuk az Interneten, hogy a Rendez-Vous TV az adas
ujrainditasat tervezi egy masik feladoallomasrol. Szeretnenk minden
lehetseges uj partnernek es elofizetonek felhivni a figyelmet a
Rendez-Vous teve jovojere, azaz arra, hogy mire szamithatnak kb. fel


Ez volt az AH Rt. valaszanak forditasa. Az ok, amiert en postaztam ezt a
levelet az Internetre az az, hogy az Antenna Hungaria csak limitalt
Internet hozzaferessel rendelkezik, de a fenti temaban illetekes szemely
elerheto az alabbi e-mail cimen: cefi@ahrt.zene.hu.

Ha a fenti e-mail cim valamiert nem mukodne, akkor a leveleket nekem
kuldjek, en majd tovabbitom azokat az Antenna Hungarianak.

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