LIST: (11/23-12/05) Movies in original language on German/Italian satellite tv

List of movies on German and Italian satellite tv that come at least
on one audio channel in the original version:

November 23 - December 5 (time is Central Europe Time)

Su, November 23:

09:30   Buongiorno Musica!: Symphony No. 6 in Bmin. "Patetique", Op. 74
RAITRE  by P.I. Tchaikovsky; orchestra conducted by Vasilij Sinaiskij;
        stereo; 45 min.

18:00   Rock music: The Doors; 50 min.

Mo, November 24:

00:30   Nick's Movie - Lightning over Water; Ger/USA, 1980; drama
RAITRE  starring Wim Wenders, Nicholas Ray; directed by Wim Wenders;
        Original version with Italian subtitles; 91 min.

02:10   The General; USA, 1926; B&W silent masterpiece starring Buster
RAITRE  Keaton, Marion Mack; directed by Keaton & C. Bruckman; 74 min.

We, November 26:

20:50   "Journey of the Hearth" (I viaggi del cuore); USA, 1996;
RAIUNO  drama starring Cybill Shepherd; directed by Karen Arthur;
        SUBTITLED in English on RAI Teletext page 778; 96 min.

Fr, November 28:

00:35   Umbria Jazz '97: Bobby McFerrin; stereo; 45 min.

02:10   Le Silence est d'or; France, 1947; B&W comedy starring Maurice
RAITRE  Chevalier, Marcelle Derrien, F. Perier; directed by Rene Clair;
        MIGHT be in original language with Italian subtitles; 100 min.

23:00   Aida; opera by G. Verdi, with Paata Burchuladze, Maria Chiara,
RAIUNO  Nicolai Ghiaurov, Ghena Dimitrova, Luciano Pavarotti; staged
        by Luca Ronconi; performed at La Scala in 1986; stereo; 165 min.

Sa, November 29:

00:20   SWF 3 Livetime; Rookes Night; stereo; 60 min.

01:20   Leverkusen Jazz Days 97; stereo; 60 min.

01:25   Space Night

05:20   Rave Around The World; dance night

10:00   Babylon; tv magazine for foreigners; 60 min.

13:00   Classic music; stereo; 60 min.

13:00   Monitor Italia; for Italians in Germany; 30 min.

13:15   Clip: Un-4-Gettable Songs; stereo; 45 min.

17:30   ZDF inside report; 30 min.

18:00   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind: Strasbourg's
DW      Old Town; 15 min.

18:15   Museums of Industry; 15 min.

19:00   KYTV, part 14 of 18; UK, 1992/93; comedy with Angus Deayton,
arte    Helen Atkinson Wood; original version with subtitles; 30 min.

20:15   Tristan and Isolde; opera by Richard Wagner; Bayreuth, 1995;
3sat    with Waltraud Meier, Siegrfied Jerusalem, Matthias Hoelle,
        staged by Heiner Mueller, conducted by Daniel Barenboim;
        stereo; 235 min.

22:40   "Lipstick On Your Collar, part 6 of 6" (Lippenstift am
arte    Kragen); UK, 1993; comedy starring Giles Thomas, Douglas
        Henshall, Louise Germaine, directed by Renny Rye; 60 min.

Su, November 30:

02:05   Yol; Switzerland/Turkey, 1981; drama starring Tarik Akan,
RAITRE  Halil Ergun, Necmettin Cobanoglu; directed by Serif Goren;
        MIGHT be in original language with Italian subtitles; 109 min.

02:10   Rock Palace; Bryan Adams (Essen, 1983), Joe Jackson (Essen,
WDR     1983), Huey Lewis And The News (Essen, 1984); stereo;
        245 min.

02:35   Space Night

03:10   Leverkusen Jazz Days 1997; Full House; Bill Evans & Push,
3sat    Joe Zwawinul Syndicate; stereo; 70 min.

03:35   Rave Around The World; dance night

03:45   Falsche Bewegung; Germany, 1975; drama starring Ruediger Vogler,
RAITRE  Hanna Schygulla, Marianne Hoppe; directed by Wim Wenders;
        MIGHT be in original language with Italian subtitles; 103 min.

09:30   Gustav Mahler: symphony no. 2 c-minor (11/29/1997); solo
WDR     singers: Hillevi Martinpelto, Jard van Nes; stereo; 90 min.

11:30   Two Stars In The Milky Way (Zwei Sterne in der Milchstrasse);
3sat    China, 1931; black and white silent movie; stereo; 90 min.

12:45   Heinrich Schiff plays Bach; stereo; 15 min.

13:00   Video Timeline; 15 min.

13:15   EXPO 2000 - The World Exposition Hannover; 15 min.

17:30   Video Timeline; repeat; 15 min.

18:00   H.E.A.T. - Hits, Entertainment and Topics; 60 min.

19:00   Funny Cinema, part 1 of 6; German silent movie series,
arte    1908-1919; 30 min.

21:30   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind: Strasbourg's
DW      Old Town; repeat; 15 min.

23:45   That's Life (So ist das Leben); Germany, Czechoslovakia,
NDR     1929; black and white silent movie drama starring Vera
        Baranowskaja; 60 min.

Mo, December 1:

00:10   Rock Archives: Spliff (1982); 45 min.

00:30   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; guest: Chris Rock; 50 min.

00:55   Space Night

04:55   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

19:30   Feature: The Designers from BOSS - Fashion Made in Germany;
DW      30 min.

20:45   Carmen; France, Italy, 1983; directed by Francesco Rosi;
arte    original version with subtitles; 145 min.

23:20   The Secret Nation (Die geheime Nation); Bolivia, 1989;
arte    drama starring Renaldo Yujra; original version with
        subtitles; 120 min.

Tu, December 2:

01:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:55   Space Night

05:20   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

14:00   Country Music; stereo; 60 min.

19:00   Bookmark - Reports for Readers; 30 min.

19:30   Close-up: The Current Feature Report; 30 min.

23:30   18th Leverkusen Jazz Days; stereo; 90 min.

We, December 3:

00:45   Slaughterhouse In Concert: Vidid; 45 min.

01:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

02:00   Space Night

03:35   Rave Around The World; dance night

14:00   Disco, 1977; 45 min.

19:00   European Journal - The European Magazine; 30 min.

19:30   Feature: Keeping to the Centre - The Konrad Adenauer
DW      Foundation; 30 min.

22:40   Leonard Bernstein conducts Mahler: symphony no. 10;
arte    30 min.

Th, December 4:

00:00   Music City USA; stereo; 45 min.

00:05   Lost In Music: From Disco To Disco; documentary film; 55 min.

01:05   Space Night

01:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

06:25   Rave Around The World; dance night

19:00   Arts Unlimited - The cultural magazine; 30 min.

19:30   Feature: The Fire Fighters - Professionals in Emergency;
DW      Frankfurt's Fire Department; 30 min.

23:00   See You... (Auf Wiedersehen); The Netherlands, 1995; drama
WDR     starring Johanna Ter Steege, Guy Van Sande; original version
        with German subtitles; 110 min.

Fr, December 5:

00:35   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:15   Space Night

01:20   Music City USA; repeat; stereo; 45 min.

04:15   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

14:00   SWF 3 Livetime: Vivid; stereo; 60 min.

19:30   regarding - The Story of the Week; 30 min.

20:15   Pop Explosion, Best of 1997, part 1; with Funky Diamonds
SuperRTL and Touche; 60 min.


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Frequencies of the tv stations:

ARD                    Astra 11494 h
ZDF                    Astra 10964 h
WDR (West 3)           Astra 11053 h
SWF (Suedwest 3)       Astra 11186 v
NDR (Nord 3)           Astra 11582 h
Bayern (Bayern 3)      Astra 11141 h
MDR (MDR 3)            Astra 11112 h
3sat                   Astra 11347 v
RTL                    Astra 11229 v
Super RTL              Astra 11391 h
tm3                    Astra 10936 v
SAT1                   Astra 11288 v
RTL2                   Astra 11214 h / Eutelsat 11095 h
VOX                    Astra 11273 h / Eutelsat 11593 h
arte                   Astra 10714 h / Eutelsat 11080 v
DW                     Eutelsat 11163 v
RAIUNO                 Eutelsat 11363 v
RAIDUE                 Eutelsat 11449 v
RAITRE                 Eutelsat 11532 v


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