Major Atlantic Satellite Moves!!

> INTELSAT Announces New Deployment Plan to Accommodate Satellite Anomaly
>      _________________________________________________________________
>    INTELSAT announced the adoption of a new satellite deployment
>    plan to accommodate an anomaly experienced Sept 11th  on the INT.
>    605 satellite located at 335.5 degrees East. The 605 spacecraft
>    experienced a deficiency of telemetry which may eventually affect
>    INTELSAT's ability to monitor the satellite in a normal
>    operational manner. There is no effect on the traffic carried on the
>    satellite and none is anticipated. The new deployment plan noted below
>    has been developed as a precautionary measure to ensure that
>    INTELSAT's high quality of customer service remains unaffected.
>    The 605 spacecraft will continue to be operated at the 335.5 degrees
>    East location until the new deployment plan is implemented. Customers
>    on the 605 spacecraft will be transferred to the INTELSAT 603
>    spacecraft when it assumes its operational role as noted below.
>    An INTELSAT VIII will be deployed to 332.5E to release INTELSAT 601.
>    INTELSAT 601 will be relocated to 325.5E to release INTELSAT 603.
>    INTELSAT 603 will be relocated to 335.5E to replace INTELSAT 605.
>    INTELSAT 605 will be relocated to perform a new operational role.
>    In announcing this action, INTELSAT Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
>    Gary Smith, stated "our ability to continue meeting our customer
>    service requirements while accommodating a satellite anomaly such as
>    this is a testament to INTELSAT's engineering expertise and
>    unrivalled system operations. We'll continue to
>    ensure that INTELSAT's 24-satellite fleet remains the most
>    reliable communications system in the world," he added.
>    INTELSAT owns and operates the world's most extensive global
>    communications satellite system. With 1996 revenues of over US$910
>    million, the INTELSAT system provides voice/data and video services to
>    customers around the world.

Lionel Remigio

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