The Digital Revolution reached the mexican uplinkers. If you go now and
tune to Morelos 2 satellite (116,0 West) you must find 8 analog signals.
But after 1997 analog channels must dissapear. Two important customers
in Morelos 2, Televisa and TV Azteca are ready to the digital change but
advertisers in both networks are delaying this transition. Important
advertisers signed contrats asking analog signals for all ads thru the
end of contracts..... and both TV networks must comply with all
agreements already signed. Mexican advertisers know that Mexican TV can
be seen in all the Caribbean region,California, Texas, and  Southeast of
US, Colombia and Venezuela and they can reach big markets outside the
country for the same price they paid just for the mexican market. Smart
advertisers ah!!! They know that. And this is why they make a lot of
pressure and put some delays to the digital switching.

At this time, Televisa is using CLI Spetrum Saver to uplink some signals
back and forth from regional affiliates. Televisa already have in use
Digicipher 1 in some channels and satellites and TV Azteca use
Digicipher I for some private channels in Morelos 2 and Solidaridad 1.

We don,t know exactly when this change will happen but all the networks
are sending letters to CATV companies in Mexico announcing the change
before the end of 1997. Letters said that they must be ready to change
and our sources said that the equipment to be used is the DSR-4200
Digicipher II by General Instrument.

For more details....tune to : http://www.satcodx.com and check for


Segun nuestras fuentes, los programadores usando el satelite Morelos 2
estan avisando a las companias de cable que bajan sus senales del citado
satelite, que a finales de 1997, todos estos canales usaran compresion
digital Digicipher II y que el equipo a usar sera el DSR-4200 de General
Aunque la fecha exacta no se conoce, si se sabe que enormes presiones de
los anunciantes ha impedido que TV Azteca y Televisa hayan hecho los
cambios ya, porque clausulas en los contratos de los anunciantes
especifican que sus anuncions solo pueden ser transmitidos en ANALOGO.
Estos anunciantes saben que las senales de Morelos 2 son vistas en
paises tales como USA, El Caribe, Colombia, Venezuela y Centroamerica y
alcanzan un mercado vasto, pagando solamente por el precio del anuncio
Actualmente Televisa usa CLI Spectrum Saver para transmitir y bajar
senales entre sus afiliadas mexicanas y algunos enlaces en los que usa
Digicipher 1. Lo mismo sucede con TV Azteca que usa Digicipher 1 para
algunos de sus canales privados.

No sabemos exactamente cuando estos canales cesaran, pero si estamos
seguros que antes de que 1997 termine, las senales analogicas
desapareceran dando paso a muchisimos canales digitales.

Para mas detalles chequee http://www/satcodx.com y vaya a la seccion de

Lionel Remigio

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