Re: VIACCESS & Mediamaster 9500S

> Avi Goldstein@IET
> 11/03/97 09:40 AM
> Dear Sir,
> I would like to know if it is possible to make the Nokia Mediamaster 9500
> VIACCESS-enabled i.e. add a VIACCESS module (if such exists) and smartcard,
> similar to the way it is done with the IRDETO cam and DSTV card. Or, must I
> buy the new Mediamaster 9600 instead?
> I need this capability since I would like to subscribe to the MCM package
> but am reluctant to buy a special decoder for this purpose.
> Thanks,
> Avi Goldstein
> Israel
I would advice to buy a 9600S, which is available now. The common
interface includes VIACCESS and in the module is the card-slot. We are
running here this new receiver (s/w CI.1.01) in a test and until now, we
feel its the best money can buy (mavbe tomorrow someone else will come
with even a better one...). no problem with packages, scpc and
pid-codes, since this receiver searches for right codes. If you know
them, then seaching goes much faster. No difficult "red menu" is need. A
fine solution is the choice to switch between different soundcarriers
(international broadcasters).
A full story on the 9600S will be published in the january-issue of
TELE-satellite International and we will compare  the Bakker 4.0 (a
converted Nokia from the Netherlands) with the 9600S in my next show of
drdish@tv. Sorry, Israel is a little bit of reach for the

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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