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>City: Stockholm
>Questions: Hello !
>I´m an Italian living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am in the process of buying a
Digital Satellite Receving System. Is it possibile to recieve the Italian
Digital RAI and MEDIASET Bouquet and the TELEPIU Package from the strong
HOTBIRD 2 position, and how?
>The problem is that I can only install a small dish (I was thinking on
Galaxis smaller planar dish 38x38x5 cm = equalent to a 60 cm normal dish) on
my little balcony. My balcony has an southeast direction. Which Mediamaster
box should choose?
>Please answer as soon as possible.
>Thanks for all your help. 
>Zip: s-116 34
>Country: Sweden
>Address_1: Ploggatan 2 , 5tr
Galaxis 500IRD, Nokia/Mascom 9500/9600/9200 and PACE (italan version) will
do the job properly. If you could miss the pay-tv channels the receiver
choice would be greater.
Your dish is just on the edge and during bad weather there could be some
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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